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Recent updates show that solar energy is being increasingly used in homes to save electricity and also relieve its cost. The solar panels that you have in your roof save that area from getting heated and in turn keep the house from getting heated up. KESC had inked an agreement with a Chinese firm namely Bajil of Hong Kong to convert its two power generation units, each capable of generating 200 megawatts of power, into coal. Well it may be a cost effective idea but it certainly has some advantages and disadvantages. Well these were some of the advantages of solar energy but the disadvantage is that you will not be able to uninstall the solar panels once they are set.
The power company had written a letter to National Electric Power regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and sought approval of tariff and the project.
One of the most important benefits of solar energy is that they can be used for a long time.

Although, the conversion of dual fuel powered generation units into coal would benefit the utility to generate cheap electricity, but on the other hand, two residential areas Gulshan-e-Hadeed and Steel Town would get affected badly due to air pollution.
They do not waste any kind of oil and the process of generating electricity is very silent.
Before awarding the contract for the project, the power company had not sought the approval from the environment department before award the contracting. During the cloudy days it is difficult for the solar panels to generate enough electricity for the whole house.
Per reports, the power giant had mortgaged its two dual fuel power generation units to a Chinese firm Bajil of Hong Kong which would provide $ 400 million to complete the conversion process. The company would provide financial assistance to ensure the timely completion of the project, while another Hong Kong based company, named Bright Eagle Enterprise Limited, had been awarded the project.
On the other hand, KESC would provide $ 100 million and the total cost of this project stood at $ 500 million.

The power company had completed all the necessary arrangements and called a general body meeting. Around 1, 500 shareholders were invited so that all could be brought on the same page regarding the important decision. Per calculation of KESC, the efficiency rating of those power units which would be converted to coal would remain the same up to 20 years, and the cost of conversion would be recovered in 10 years. The cost of electricity unit which would be generated through coal power units would stand at Rs 6 per unit.

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