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Locate vin number 1965 ford ford truck enthusiasts forums, I recently bought a 1965 ford f100 flareside (stepside is a chevrolet) and i am having a little issue getting a clear title on it.
1966 vin# decode information ford truck enthusiasts forums, 1966 vin# decode information 1961 1966 f100 & larger fseries trucks.
Been reading lots of these and think I have most figured out: Info is from Warranty Tag on inside of glove box door. Although I am yet to see first hand the 51 F1 pickup I have purchased, I am curious about its origins. F1R1CH21718 This tells me: F1 = half ton model, R = 239 V-8 engine, 1 = 1951 model year, CH = built in Chicago. From other posting I have reviewed concerning VIN coding, I realize that there must be another body tag on the vehicle that can indicate much more on the specifics of the vehicle such as exact production date (J means October, Ford didn't us I for the 10th month), original color, options fitted, etc. This last part is an example of a crazy question, but in my very short time of the FTE forum, I see that there is a wide diversity of issues that list readers reply to. Your identification of the truck is by the serial number which appears on all trucks except the parcel delivery.

On the 51 the "Patent Data Plate" is high onthe firewall just in front of the Passenger seat.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Your vin doesn't match what my 53,54,55 books say it should be like but I do know 4 = Ford (1 = Mercury). If Ontario is anything like Saskatchewan, you just have to go to a place of registration with what you currently have and register it. So, for examples: a utility bed, short flat or stake bed or who knows what kind of 'back of cab' equipment it might have.
Chicago Assembly is still in operation and currently makes the Ford Taurus, SHO and Lincoln.
The consecutive unit portion of Ford truck vins of the era are only 5 digits long, and start with 10001. Post the DSO code from the Warranty Plate to determine what Ford District Sales Office, in what city, truck was ordered from.

Are printed on Safety Standards Certification Label that is glued to the B pillar (door post) below the striker plate.
There should be id tags inside the glove box door and one underhood on the firewall on right side.
In 1955 the first digit just tells if it is a ford or mercury however for 1953 and 1954 they used a three digit prefix that identified the make and series.
The number is located in three places, the patent data plate in the engine compartment, the rating plate on the dispatch compartment door, and on the top of the right frame side rail above the front axel. Having the first digit say its a V-8 was redundant in these years as there was no inline six engines made before 1956 in Canada.

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