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I read a very good article today touching on the food supply chain and its fragility due to over-active efficiencies, much of which rings true with me.
Among other things, the article promotes the idea of growing ones own survival garden to augment ones own food supply, namely using the square-foot-gardening technique (something I will be trying in the Spring, rather than my traditional type garden). More striking however, and something that I have been keenly aware of for some time, is the underlying excessive demand for efficiency which places undue risks on the systems that supply and distribute our food. Rather than repeating words that I’ve posted before, it is refreshing to read the words of others who realize the same risks. Grocery stores may seem like a bounty of goods at first glance, but if freight shipments shut down, or even slowed, those aisles would empty within the span of a few days.
Many grocery chains also function on a line of credit from banks while operating at a loss. Snares, fishbaskets (thats a fish trap),and leghold traps could help put protien in the pot! Ecological community is the collection of individuals belonging to different species, occupying the same habitat, at the same time.
Did You Know?Keystone species are those whose presence has a significant impact on the survival of the ecological community. Food chains and food webs serve as important tools in understanding how every individual of the ecological community, no matter how big or small, plays a role in the maintenance of the community as a whole. All individuals that do not produce their own food, but depend on producers for their own food directly or indirectly are called consumers.
This trophic level comprises individuals that feed on the secondary consumers and are called tertiary consumers.
Only 10% of the total energy passes from one trophic level to the next trophic level, as most of the energy is consumed by the individual to do work.
Although a food chain is a part of the food web, there are a few basic differences between the two. In complex food webs, an individual of a particular trophic level, carnivore C, depends on many other herbivores for its food.

By understanding how a food chain and, thereby, how a food web works, we are trying to understand the fine balance that exists in nature, which is essential for our very own survival. Can European Red Foxes destroy or disrupt food chains in their ecosystems?European Red Foxesare omnivores and eat mostly rodents, eastern cottontail rabbits, frogs, eggs, fish, insects and fruit. The interaction between these individuals for their survival gives rise to various food chains, which ultimately give rise to various food webs.
It helps us to understand how the reduction in the population of one individual causes a reduction in the population of other individuals. It is a chain of interdependence between different individuals of an ecology for their food.
Decomposers grow on dead and decaying organic matter, and convert it into simple inorganic substances. So, the scarcity of herbivore B will not be detrimental to the survival of carnivore C and thus, it will also not affect the survival of carnivore D.
As only carnivore C is going to eat herbivore B, carnivore C does not have to compete with any other individual for its food.
We also get to learn certain concepts like natural selection and behavioral adaptations of different plants and animals for their survival. These utilize energy from the Sun and convert inorganic substances into organic food material, through the process of photosynthesis.
Complex Food Webs✦ Isolated food chains will decrease the stability of that ecological community.
One Individual-Many Trophic Levels✦ In a food chain, an individual will occupy only one trophic level. Red Foxes hunt alone and are nocturnal, so they usually hunt at night.European Red Foxes are able to destroy food chains. In a way, they lock solar energy into a form that is more readily usable by other individuals. For example: In a terrestrial habitat, grass is eaten by a grasshopper, the grasshopper is eaten by a frog, the frog is eaten by a snake, and the snake is eaten by an eagle.

Suppose herbivore B solely depends on producer A for its food, a carnivore C completely depends on herbivore B for its food, and may be another carnivore say D depends solely on carnivore C for its food. For example: In an aquatic habitat, phytoplankton is eaten by a zooplankton, the zooplankton is eaten by krill, the krill is eaten by blue whale, and the blue whale being eaten by Orca is one food chain.
In a world of survival of the fittest, every individual has to adapt to its environment so that it can compete with other individuals for food and mate. According to the desert food chain, if they eat all the snakes, rodents and lizards, the hawk will have no food in return, leaving it to suffer of starvation.
Now, there is a chance that if any one of these die, the rest may starve to death, and ultimately the whole chain may collapse.
When herbivore B is being eaten by carnivore C, carnivore D, and carnivore E, then there is going to a competition between carnivores C, D, and E for herbivore B. This could happen if the foxes have a large population in deserts.In the forest food chain, the fox eats birds and rodents, so if they ate all the birds, there is a slight chance that insects can over populate. The insects could over populate if most of the birds are gone, but the insects might not over populate, as there are oppossums and skunks that also eat them.In the top food chain, the foxes eat mainly rodents and birds.
For example: In a terrestrial habitat, grass is eaten by a grasshopper or a caterpillar, the grasshopper or the caterpillar is eaten either by a frog or a wasp, and the frog can be eaten by a snake or an eagle. The complexity of a food web can be determined by the number food chains that are interconnected.
The hawks and owls will also suffer if the foxes eat all the rodents and birds, leaving nothing for the hawks and owls to eat, which could lead to the extinction of them.European Red FoxesEXTRA!

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