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Deliver emergency water supply without the need for a specific tanker truck, just fill the 8,000 gallon bladder in the truck and deliver the water to those in need.
TUFF TECH Bags are made with a coated nylon fabric, which makes them lightweight and flexible. We use radio frequency (RF) welding, also called dielectric welding or high frequency (HF) welding, to manufacture our bags.
These flexible closed storage tanks help to maintain and preserve drinking water in quantities quickly and easily.
Quick Tool ElessiaOur tool of choice allows you to quickly find a solution to your needs of treatment and drinking water production. Since 2007,we had been in cooperation for more than 6years and be appreciated for KOPa€™s supporting and perfect after-sale service.

3, World wild customers we have been in cooperation, so we are familiar with the customer’s market and give expert suggestion and recommendation to the customer. We have flexible collapsible tanks to handle potable water (Drinkable water) NSF61 standards. This welding process uses electromagnetic energy to generate heat and bond two parts together under pressure. The houses can be easily assembled and disassembled for several times without damage, not bring out building debris. And we can manufacture water tank of any capacity, any colour, any size according to your requirements. Water bladders are being used around the world with testing results from the Israel Military and US military.

TUFF TECH Bags create a lighter environmental footprint compared to standard, plastic barrels or tanks.Min. RF welding is used to connect polymer films for healthcare, medical, industrial and consumer products, where a strong leak-proof seal without needle holes is needed.
We can produce laminated and coated PVC tarpaulin, for its good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength.

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