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An aerial picture taken by the US Coastguard shows the earthquake-damaged harbour of Port-au-Prince. Sodopreca and ARCH temporarily share a compound outside Haiti’s airport, with food and supplies from Dominican Republic, where Sodapreca is based.
Sodopreca told Kinship Circle its disaster plan includes efforts to medically aid horses, pigs, goats or any large domesticated animals found in distress. Rich Crook, head of Best Friends Rapid Response Team, cradles a puppy at a tent clinic in Haiti.
IFAW Emergency Relief Manager Dick Green represents ARCH in a team that works with Haitian vets, techs and volunteers. Haiti images are invidividually credited to ARCH members and represent the joint effort of Animal Relief Coalition For Haiti. A big stray population that struggled to survive pre-quake now faces starvation, wounds, disease. Haiti lacks response resources, such as equipment to move debris, adequate emergency personnel. Witnesses say hillside homes and shanties broke into pieces and tumbled down like an avalanche. TOP PHOTO: Children huddle with a dog in makeshift tents, after a mass earthquake in Haiti.
Specifically, Kinship Circle would deploy responders in stages to assist Sodopreca in the field, manage volunteer flow, and coordinate acquisition/distribution of much needed supplies. Presently, about 100 animals are cared for at the ARCH-Sodopreca basecamp, with a surprising number of cats considering their absence in the streets. ARCH, working with Haitian veterinarians and Sodapreca, has treated nearly 750 animals so far. Kinship Circle is pleased to announce it has been chosen as one of two charities to receive funds raised in the national celebrity event, Hearts For Haiti: An American Dining Relief Benefit.
ARCH works in compliance with the Haitian government to rescue and medically treat affected animals, as well as implement long-term measures to vaccinate animals and prevent disease outbreaks.
At present, veterinarians, vet techs and animal disaster responders enter tent communities offering surgery for dogs with damaged limbs, medications, vitamins and fluids.

ARCH's mobile clinic makes rounds to underserved areas such as Pelerin where Haitians with animals line up for vaccinations. The feisty independent candidate though is the best hope that a dose of reality will be injected in both Democratic and Republican campaigns that mostly have been about stagecraft, cash and cheap political attacks. In contrast to Clinton's high-profile announcement and inch-by-inch orchestrated roll-out in Iowa, Sanders took on hoard of journalists and curious onlookers outside the Capitol yesterday to explain why he's up to the challenge. Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist, doesn't have a fraction of the campaign infrastructure of the Clinton Machine and her $1B to $2B war chest. Sanders, whom the New York Times, referred to as a "grumpy grandfather-type," revels in his reputation for being gruff, bold and honest.
He's already knocked the fund-raising practices of the Clinton Foundation, and will challenge Hillary on healthcare (single-payer Medicare system for everyone), economy, Wall Street reform, income inequality, foreign policy and environment. Sanders will force Clinton to flesh out her positions, which will ultimately make her a stronger candidate.
Joe Honick, GMA International Ltd (May 6, 2015):Bernie Sanders is both a necessity in American politics and a major league question mark.
The state of the port, combined with the small size of the Haitian capital's airport and blocked roads from the neighbouring Dominican Republic have contributed to the decision to begin parachuting in supplies direct from America. In Haiti, confined animals such as pigs and chickens are in more danger post-quake, due to lack of feed and housing.
Sodopreca contacted Kinship Circle before and during its involvement with ARCH, to request support from our animal disaster responders. Kinship Circle is working round the clock with other animal groups to get resources to them. However once committed to ARCH, Kinship Circle was obligated to work within a structure that disallowed independent deployment. Rather than watch Haiti resort to the gruesome dog culls seen in China, ARCH has a chance to educate, vaccinate and support Haiti's young veterinarians so they are better equipped for the next disaster.
We vaccinate as many as supplies allow, and offer surgery for damaged limbs, along with fluids, meds, vitamins. As of March 4, 2010, ARCH has treated over 4000 animals, including many dogs, goats, sheep, cats, pigs, cows, horses, donkeys and domestic fowl.

The 73-year-old politico doesn't plan a formal kick-off of the campaign until May 26 in Burlington, where he once served as Mayor. In contrast to his moneybags opponent, Bernie doesn't plan to set up a "super PAC" to suck in donations. Goats, cows, horses and donkeys, who graze in Haiti and are not reliant upon feed, live in fields away from structures. Initially, an agreement was drafted to rescue, medically treat, temporarily shelter and rehome as many dogs and cats as possible. There are many challenges: the scale of human tragedy, lack of security, limited access. To maintain our organization's integrity and stability, we proceeded as contributing ARCH members and also wired monetary support to Sodopreca. The line blurs between street animals and those with caregivers, as all companion animals roam freely and scavenge for food in Haiti. Sodopreca told Kinship Circle its disaster plan includes aid to horses, pigs, goats or any large domesticated animals found in distress. Kinship Circle and Sodopreca maintained communication throughout acute response stages and we commend the group's devotion to Haiti animals.
Haiti's infrastructure has changed dramatically since the quake, with a large exodus to rural areas. A typical day may include aid for 44 dogs, 15 cats, several goats and pigs… Field teams need at least one to two veterinarians, animal handlers with ACO type skills, and culturally sensitive volunteers.
But the Haitian government lacks sufficient medicines and vaccines to protect farmed animals against common illness such as anthrax and pig cholera.

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