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Whether you board your horse or keep him in a stable at home, you’ll need some basic tools to keep him well cared for and healthy. A halter fits around a horse’s muzzle and behind the ears and is used to both tie up and lead him. The lead shank attaches to the halter, and as the name suggests, is the line used to lead or tie a horse. If your horse lives at home, you will need a few more supplies than if he were boarded, including a broom, pitchfork, shovel, and wheelbarrow, all used for mucking and cleaning out his stall. A mounting block assists a rider in climbing up onto a horse, but it can also be an effective grooming tool. When bathing your horse, you will need a sweat scraper, a long, curved metal or plastic tool that scrapes the water from his body to help cool him down and dry him.
When feeding your horse, you’ll need a feed bin and tub, salt block, water bucket, and water trough. Available at tack and feed stores, the feed tub should be placed at the same height as your horse’s water buckets.
Your horse must have access to a salt block, which replenishes the salt he loses through sweat.
Made of heavy-duty metal or plastic, the water trough should hold between 10 and 12 gallons (38 and 45.5 l) of water for your horse to drink each day.
Both human and equine first-aid kits are essential additions to your barn and horse trailer. If you plan to ride your horse, you’ll need tack, or saddlery, including a bridle and bit and a saddle and saddle pads. Saddles are traditionally made of leather, but those made of synthetic materials are also used. Concussion is a condition in which the brain’s function is impaired after impact without any structural changes that show up on the type of head scans that are currently routine. Concussion’s effects are usually temporary lasting hours or days; though sometimes weeks or longer. In recent years doctors expert in brain injury have become more concerned about the potential for lasting or cumulative injury to the brain from repeated concussion. Many sports have adopted testing procedures for concussion as a result including football and rugby.
Most falls occur away from competitions and it is important for any rider who suffers a blow to the head to be aware of the possibility of concussion and to seek advice from a doctor if they feel unwell.
During WWI (1914-1918), large numbers of women were recruited into jobs vacated by men who had gone to fight in the war.
The high demand for weapons resulted in the munitions factories becoming the largest single employer of women during 1918. These vintage photographs show the incredible range of essential products made by women during the war. A large number of women were employed by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway during the first world war. Five women ambulance drivers of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry during the first world war, pictured at Calais in January 1917. Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her motor-scooter in 1916, travelling to work at offices in London where she was a supervisor. Two women porters at Marylebone station in London in 1914, loading wicker baskets onto a trolley.
Women workers feed a charcoal kiln used for purifying sugar at a refinery in Scotland during the first world war.
A women bus conductor has a warming drink of hot milk beside her south London bus, in February 1916.
Workhouse women watch female workers demonstrate rescuing skills, as part of firefighting training, in April 1917. Women workers assembling artillery shells at a Vickers munitions factory, during the first world war.
Female construction workers push wheelbarrows loaded with earth, in Coventry, during the first world war. In 1950, photographer Gisele Freund embarked on a two-week trip to Mexico, but she wouldn’t leave until two years later.
Joseph Jasgur (1919 – 2009) was a photographer who photographed celebrities during the golden age of Hollywood. The slogan t-shirt has been very important to pop culture and most subcultures around the world. Keeping mini-aquariums, also referred to as nano-aquariums, is of burgeoning interest to many aquarists.

The tanks’ smaller size and reduced weight make them acceptable in small living spaces, like apartments, that may not allow very heavy tanks. The reduced size allows more freedom when it comes to the shape of the tank itself; there are many interesting forms of mini-aquaria, including round, hexagonal, bow-front, and other nontraditional tank shapes.
A single specimen of a species that can’t be displayed with other fish can be displayed in a mini-aquarium. They are more difficult to keep than larger tanks, because stable water chemistry and thermal stability are harder to maintain in a small tank; they are not for beginners.
Proper cycling is even more important in a smaller tank because the margin of error is reduced. Desktop tanks have more safety issues, including lessened stability (they are more likely to be knocked over) and electrical problems (cords are more likely to be out in the open). Halters come in various materials, including leather and nylon (the most popular), as well as rope. The block (or stepstool, or even a bale of hay) can help you reach your horse’s withers, back, and behind his ears. Place it either in his feed tub or in a holder attached to the wall at his shoulder height.
Hang them at his chest height in a corner location that’s farthest from his feeding tub and closest to the water hose.
The full medical definition for concussion is more detailed and has been reviewed and modified in recent years. It is strongly recommended that a concussed person should minimise the risk of further blows to the head until they have recovered fully. All coaches in these sports are guided about recognising concussion and suspending competitors suffering from its effects. In some cases bleeding inside the skull or swelling of the brain builds up pressure after the initial injury. We offer everything you need for Fox Hunting and other English Riding disciplines like Eventing, Dressage, Hunter Jumpers and Pony club. Here, a group pose on a 4-4-2 High Flyer class locomotive, No 1406, at Low Moor engine shed near Bradford, 23 March 1917.
The scooter was a birthday present from her husband, the journalist and Liberal politician Sir Henry Norman. 12, 1978, the body of 20-year-old Nancy Spungen was found in a room at New York’s famous Chelsea Hotel.
Although there is not yet a consensus as to the exact definition of a mini-aquarium, it typically refers to tanks that are less than 15 gallons (60 l) in total volume.
Although they aren’t for beginners, the proliferation of new nano-equipment and the continuing introduction of smaller species into the hobby means that mini-aquariums are safer and easier to keep than ever before.
Both breakable and nonbreakable halters are available: Breakable halters are safer if a horse falls down while tied up, while an unbreakable version is best if the horse tends to pull backward when tied up.
Whatever stepping tool you choose, ensure that it is secure and safe, with no sharp or unsteady parts. Various types are available, depending on whether you’re looking for English or Western styles. Wearing a protective helmet is strongly recommended, a legal requirement for children under 14 years old on roads and mandatory for riders under competition rules for most equestrian sports. It’s important to diagnose concussion so that in simple terms the individual can be protected from themselves until they have recovered. Riders competing under rules in sports such as eventing, racing and pony club activities will be checked after falls for concussion. This is why any deterioration in symptoms or signs after someone experiences a blow to their head should prompt urgent medical assessment. Around this time, the government began coordinating the employment of women through campaigns and recruitment drives.
These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, considering to be in public domain.If any one has any objection of displaying any picture here, just send us an email and we will remove it immediately, after verification of the claim.
A breakable halter should always be used when a horse is turned loose in his stall or to pasture.
The purpose is to help direct the horse by applying pressure to the sensitive parts of his mouth. English types include dressage, saddle seat, jumping, and all-purpose, while Western styles include roping, cutting, and reining. As with all protective wear helmets reduce the risk of injury but cannot remove it entirely. Such protection involves avoiding further head injury – so not riding again – rest and avoidance of activity in which they may put themselves and others at some risk (for example driving a car or making important decisions).

If the body suffers a severe impact then some of the force will be transmitted to the brain.
Many are self-contained units that include lighting and filtration systems integrated as part of the aquarium itself. They feature miniaturized equipment, such as reef-caliber nano lights, nano power filters, tiny heaters, and miniature skimmers. These include a list of symptoms that should prompt urgent medical review (go to Emergency department or call 999). Traditionally, the red fox is the object of these hunting expeditions and foxhounds or scent hounds are used in the chase followed by the Huntsman, Hunt Master and a First, Second and sometimes a Third Field on horseback all dressed in Fox Hunting Apparel. The same applies to riders who have experienced a severe blow to the head in any circumstances. A simple goldfish bowl (which, by the way, is terrible for goldfish, as they do not thrive in such a small space) just can’t compare to the complexity of a well-kept mini-aquarium. Man is the observer mounted on the back of a horse, the vehicle that allows him to follow the hounds as they hunt across the field.  The scenario unwinds before the foxhunters eyes and ears with the sound of the huntsman\'s horn as the hounds give chase and the hunt explodes. The fox or coyote maneuvers, circles and runs through the countryside evading the fox hounds and the flights of horse and riders as the hunt unfolds.
It has been banned in Wales, Scotland and England but shooting foxes as vermin remains largely legal. In Northern Ireland, fox hunting remains legal while in the other areas, there are legal provisions in the Hunting Act which have to be followed if one is to fox hunt in a restricted.
For example, there are artificially laid trails which hunters ought to follow (sometimes called drag hunting).
In several parts of the world, it is still considered a great aspect of rural cultures and is still widely practiced.
In places like Italy, France, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, fox hunting with hounds still happens in the manner in which it was practiced. The House of Commons will have to decide if the ban will stay in place as it stands or if it will be altered to address the rising Fox population.
Fox Hunting has often been seen as a public service to land owners who raise sheep as fox pray on young lambs. Hounds have often been used to flush foxes from their hiding places out into the open where a huntsman can get a clear shot. There are some who say that the hounds actually kill in a swift attack by breaking the foxes neck. This is seen as more human than once thought since most poeple assume that the fox is still alive when the hound carries the fox around in it\'s mouth.
Some hunts will use some of the foxes blood to initate new hunt members with their first kill. In the US, the bobcat may be targeted during such fox hunts while in areas that enjoyed British influence animals like jackals are also targets. Finding a good partner to ride with can make the hunt more enjoyable and creates a safer riding environment. Your riding partner should have a horse who can keep up with you so that you both have a good enjoyable ride. A ratcatcher is a lady’s riding shirt with a standup collar with either one or two buttons.  A cubbing coat or hacking jacket has slanted pockets with a three-button front. Traditionally, women’s jackets had side vents and gentlemen had a center vent, but today people choose what looks best for his or her body shape. When choosing a cubbing coat or hacking jacket, select a color and pattern that is complementary to your build and coloring. Breeches should be tan or rust in color.  There are several shades of tan that are acceptable. The skirt tends to be longer in length than a traditional riding coat to assist in keeping the rider warm and dry in inclement weather. The frock coats worn by field members and guests have three buttons and round corners at the bottom.
Field Masters, huntsmen, and whippers-in generally wear scarlet coats, sometimes known as “pinques,” with their hunt’s colors on their collars and brass buttons.Staff and members of the field who wear scarlet coats should also wear black dress boots with tan or brown tops. At the same time, you need to have an English Saddle Bag or a good Sandwich Case for your comfort food and drink during the activity which can be time consuming and exhausting. Fox hunting is based more on the thrill of the chase rather than the actual killing of the animal.

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