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The 2 pen knife blades work wonderful for carving, lasting a long time and taking little space. This little headlamp will do great for a few hours if you get caught in the dark and need to make a quick shelter or fire. The Core Survival Kit is in a tubular bag of tough cordura nylon with a drawstring top, a MOLLE compatible carry handle, 2 D rings (top and bottom), and 2-2 foot double sided velcro straps allowing the kit to be roll bar mounted, handle bar mounted, among many other configurations.
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Extra hats and gloves don’t take up much room but will be appreciated by everyone in the vehicle. If you have to leave your vehicle during a winter storm, attach the paracord from your kit to you so you can easily find your way back during the blizzard. I live and work in Montana and have to travel from Kalispell to Helena to Butte in the worst winter weather.
1)  Money, Money, Money – We all love money, but never more so than when we really need it and may not be able to get it. 2)  Doctor in the House – A First Aid Kit is key to being prepared for any type of emergency.
3)  Food, Glorious Food – In addition to the First Aid Kit, it’s important to have a supply of emergency food and water that will last your family for a full 72 hours.
4)  Entertainment:  Make sure to include things that you can entertain the kids with in your kit.
5)  In a Flash – Of course a flashlight seems like a no-brainer as part of an emergency kit, but did you know that battery-powered or wind-up flashlights are the best in situations like this?
7)  Get Grounded – And despite of your best cell phone charging efforts, doing so just doesn’t cut it sometimes. 8)  Bundle Up – A sleeping bag or warm blanket for each member of the household will come in handy in the event of a power outage or family emergency.
9)   A List of Who’s Who – Scrambling in the dark for phone numbers and contact information is no fun, particularly when small kids are in the mix and possibly panicking. So as you can see, there are some simple things that families can do to assure that they’re prepared in the case of an emergency situation at home. I'm an often frazzled, sometimes funny and always opinionated working mom of 5,000 children. This man’s every day carry backpack is full of useful items for personal defense safety, communication, record keeping, first aid, fire starter  and entertainment.

I wish more men carried an every day carry backpack… being prepared is respected, cool and just a tad bit sexy. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no medical claims, nor intend to diagnose, treat, or heal medical conditions.
That danger  exists for everyone who is away from home when a winter storm hits…even motorists. I like to have wool blankets for everyone in the vehicle  Sleeping bags will work but they can be bulky.
This can store lots of the smaller items and will also serve well to melt snow over a fire for extra drinking water.
It has many uses, but can be a lifeline back to your vehicle if you have to venture outside in a blizzard. Crack a window open a little on the side of the car away from the wind while you are running the vehicle.
It  just requires you gathering a bunch of items that you should already have together in a box. Not only should parents make sure that their kids know fire drills and how and when to act in emergency situations; they should also make sure that kids are well-versed on where certain items are in the home, and where to find them in the event of an emergency. Many of us forget that in an instance of a power outage or similar event, bank machines and access credit are down – often leaving us in the lurch.
In times of crisis, it may not be possible to get medical attention or help as quickly as we would like. While that may seem like a long period of time to be without power or to be in the midst of an emergency, you just never know, so why not be prepared? It’s pretty much a sure bet that after the first hour they’ll start to stir, and complain that there’s nothing to do. Without having to rely on electrical power (or batteries in some instances), these items will prove to be priceless when the lights suddenly go out.
Make sure to have an emergency contact list of all of the people that you may need to get in touch with in the event of an emergency. Have an alternate location to go to in the event that you cannot be without power, even for a short period of time (i.e. Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products. In cold weather you need lots of material to make a cocoon shelter water proof and be insulated.

It isn’t unusual for winter motorists to suddenly find themselves in a life and death situation because of a sudden winter storm.
Doing so will help protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.  Also, whenever you go outside the vehicle make sure the exhaust is clear of snow. Remember that you need to make one of these winter survival kits for each one of your vehicles. Kids can be particularly affected by change and the unknown; for these reasons, parents should assure that they are not only prepared for emergencies, but that their kids are as well. With children in the mix, it’s important to have access to funds, which may be needed to purchase food supplies, medicine, etc. Because of this, having a First Aid Kit that includes some standard items such as bandages and gauze, medication (Advil, Tylenol and related children’s doses) and more is more important than ever. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.  If you’re like me, you might even include some treats to help alleviate the nervousness or to barter for better behavior! Their very survival can depend on whether they stocked survival gear in a winter survival kit in their vehicle.. If you don;t have enough for all of your vehicles it is easy enough to buy a winter survival kit already made. Make sure to always have a supply of cash on hand to cover expenses for a short period of time. While trends have led many to forgo traditional technology for the sake of wireless and mobile phones, a blackout where there’s no access to wireless service reminds us that the old-fashioned home phone line is useful after all.
Have this information compiled in the light of day before anything happens so that when you do need to contact people, you won’t be in the dark – literally – trying to find the numbers. It may be sufficient to have $50-$75; just make sure that the money is broken down into smaller denominations such as $10 bills so that change for payphones and other incidentals is easily attained. In addition, calling 911 with a cell phone might make it difficult for emergency responders to locate you.
I use them extensively and certainly would not recommend something I don’t use myself.

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