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If you don’t take immediate action after your vehicle is stolen, it might vanish off the radar for good, hence dismissing any chances of its recovery.
Contact your vehicle’s GPS monitoring system company if your vehicle had been equipped with it. Distribute posters and fliers of your vehicle’s pictures along with details like make, model, year and color. We also asked a car dealer about this program and guess what: not only does he recommend this one, he also uses it on a daily basis!
Every car or truck since the 1981 model year has a unique 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) filled with important details, ranging from its engine type to where it was built. VINs have been used by American automakers since 1954, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but for years, there was no standardization so they were extremely difficult to decipher.
You can find a car's VIN in three major locations: on the driver-side doorjamb, on the firewall in the engine bay and beneath the windshield on the driver side.
Position three, when combined with the first two digits, indicates the vehicle's type or manufacturing division.
Positions four through eight describe the car with such information as the model, body type, restraint system, transmission type and engine code. Position nine, the "check" digit, is used to detect invalid VINs, based on a mathematical formula that was developed by the Department of Transportation.
The letter or number in position 11 indicates the manufacturing plant in which the vehicle was assembled. Although I’m generally not an Olds fan I liked the way the bent grill look of those mid 80s Oldsmobiles. Posted on Wild About Cars and the Olds Performance Club Forums – blast e-mail to 535 members. Just goes to show you, that under no conditions should you leave a prized vehicle unattended. Knowing the engine number and possibly the body number from the trim plate may help because they are less likely to be altered or their alteration is more likely to be a red flag.
Yesterday afternoon, August 29, 2012 I noticed a very shiny black truck parked on the shoulder of the road.
I was traveling east and the vehicle was north of the intersection so I did not see the wheels. And just to be on the safe side, a hidden electrical kill switch and a GPS locator are in that unlocked AMX… Have at it bad guys!

My newly restored ’62 MGA was in a closed, climate controlled cave in Independence MO that cost $30 a month while I lived in an apartment. In order for you to get collector vehicle insurance you need to have it in a locked garage.
Hopefully the truck will be found unharmed and thieves will be found and brought to justice.
Everybody, if you have issues with car storage then rent space so these kinds of low lifes dn’t get in your way. You must take proactive measures and contact law enforcement officials and your insurance agent as soon as you find out about the stolen vehicle. The company will start tracking each movement of the vehicle, and will find out where it is located. For better response from people, you might want to consider offering a reward for anyone who helps trace the Vehicle. VIN CC 1.1.3 is a program which simply tells you everything about the car just by its VIN number!
Things are much easier now, but you still need to know the format in order to make sense of those 17 numbers.
Jan Kunze of Oklahoma City recently contacted us to see if Hemmings Nation can help her get her stolen pickup back. This truck, should have had, at the least, a loud alarm, and should have been left in a locked, secure, garage.
Maybe it’s time they brought that back instead of giving the perps 3 squares a day, full medical, dental and vision care, plus opportunities for a full education in Shangri-la. If your vehicle has never been stolen and you’re just trying to learn how to recover it in case you ever have the experience, you might want to consider taking measures, such as installing a GPS tracking device on it, and noting its VIN and other important details. Include vehicle’s description, model and make, year, vehicle identification number (VIN) and, if possible, pictures of the car.
You have probably seen several websites online which also provide this function but they ask you to pay for them.
You need it when you register your car, buy insurance and bring it in for repairs (so the shop can order the right parts). For example, A is for Audi, B is for BMW, G is for General Motors, L is for Lincoln and N is for Nissan.
In the case of our Cadillac ATS, it was the 125,409th car to roll off the assembly line in Lansing, Michigan.

If I wasn’t putting kids through college I would buy it from her and get it running again. Jan was out of town July 10 when a friend noticed her black 1954 Chevrolet 3100 five-window pickup missing from her driveway on NW 38th Street. This is not only to recover this vehicle but also to create paranoia among would be thieves. In fact, some of us still live in areas where we can leave the door to the house unlocked at night and the ’68 AMX unlocked in the driveway.
On the other hand, there’s no sense asking for trouble, and leaving your pride and joy out there in front of God and everybody is an invitation to thieves.
In fact, companies like OnStar add other vehicle tracking features to their GPS devices; for instance, if a car is reported stolen the GPS device mounted on it slows down the driver by disabling the gas pedal. There have been many variations on the World Manufacturer Identifier as brands have come and gone. She came home right away, but all that the thieves had left was a vent window latch in the driveway, likely broken off when the thieves pushed the vent window in to gain access to the truck.
Of course, in New Hampshire we can still legally shoot trespassers and intruders on our own property with few questions asked and no legal consequences. Also, it combines every information that is possible to find on the four main sources and creates one big PDF report. That tends to have a sobering effect on the criminal thought pattern up here in the backwoods…. All of you soap box preachers might think about what we as neighbors should be looking out for.
It is also segmented very well, so it is easy to find what you want in seconds, despite the loads of information!
Put a video camera mounted on the ouutside of the garage or building focussed on where you park.
Hemmings Motor News publishes stolen collector car reports online and in the pages of Hemmings Motor News as a service to the collector car hobby. To report a stolen collector car please include a copy of a filed police report, VIN, description of the stolen vehicle (including any unique identifying characteristics), and at least one photo of the stolen vehicle.

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