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The Honeywell QuietSet Table Oscillating Fan is an exceptionally well-rounded fan that displays all of the strength and versatility reserved for an elite Honeywell product.
A sleek and contemporary finish paired with a relatively small design broadens your installation options considerably. Regardless of whether you're searching for a fan to place on your desk, counter, table or any other sort of platform, you'll find no shortage of practical options to explore when setting up your fan. Perfect for a bedroom near the bed or a bathroom to cool it down after a shower or tub lounge.

Accessibility is increased to an even further extent as this fan requires no additional assembly and is ready for operation right outside of the box. This fan incorporates a series of beneficial features that promote both versatility and safety. The selection of 4 varying levels of speed allows you to customize your cooling experience and achieve maximum efficiency.
Easy Touch Controls have simplified the process of selecting your preferred setting to an even greater extent and remove the hassle of tinkering with the fan's controls.

The additions of both overload safety protection and a fused safety plug encourage safety and promote general peace of mind when operating your fan.

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