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Safety has always been one of the main concerns for people who are driving on Indian roads.
While planning to purchase a new automobile, it is important that you look into the safety features as well because it is as important as the fuel mileage of your car. Airbags: Unlike cars manufactured in the 80s, vehicles that are available today, are equipped with airbags that will protect you from injuries resulting from any mishap or accident.
Brakes: As technology has advanced, new braking systems have been introduced in the market for automobiles. Seat belts: Seat belts have become a necessary protection feature in every car for Indian roads. Automated Door Locks: With the use of this safety measure, the doors of your car will be locked automatically if it senses excessive speed. Headlights: Even though it is just a normal part of the car, technology has helped it evolve as a safety feature. Rearview camera: Newly launched in the market, this safety feature comes in handy while parking cars.
ESC: Electronic Stability Control is again a new technology that has been brought into Indian cars as a safety feature. This portfolio page features car safety features drawings, illustrations and diagrams showing occupant safety and passive restraint devices, body structural reinforcements, crash bumpers, crumple zones, structural door pillars and door beams, seatbelt tensioners, airbags, anti-lock braking systems, active stability controls, anti skid and traction control, driver visibility and more.
The above illustration shows a passenger car's structural roof reinforcements, door pillars, crash bumpers, and door beams, anti-lock braking systems. The image to the left shows occupant visibility past the car's door pillars, and the image to the right shows headlight high beam and low-beam distance and spread.
The ABS diagram on the left shows the effects of braking on a curve in a car with anti-lock bakes. This diagram illustrates a compact SUV multiple driver and passenger airbags including side impact, and knee protection. This illustration shows a truck's undercarriage ladder frame chassis with fuel tank, exhaust and driveline. These two diagrams show a passenger car's collapsable steering and occupant passive restraint seat belt tensioners.
This diagram shows a minivan's full range of driver visibility and door pillar blind spots in a 360 degree radius.
The diagram above shows a compact economy car's crumple zones and crash impact absorbing capabilities when the collision energy is dispersed through the unibody frame structure. These two illustrations above depict passenger seat construction (left) and a car dashboard console with driver and passenger airbags deployed.
Please contact us for a complete list of automotive stock images and car stock image pricing. Ensure your car offers the best protection in a crash by considering these key safety features. In addition to its economy, feel and price, safety is one of the key things you should consider when leasing or purchasing a new vehicle. From ABS systems and Electronic Stability Control to crumple zones and head restraints, there are so many different elements to car safety that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Seat belts: The most obvious safety feature, seat belts are designed to protect you and keep you inside the vehicle should a collision occur. Head Restraints: Built on to the top of car seats, head restraints are designed to limit head movement and neck injury during a rear-impact crash.
ABS: Anti-lock brake systems are designed to prevent a wheel from locking up during intensive periods of braking.
Electronic Stablity Control: Electronic Stability Control is similar to ABS systems in that it helps to reduce the risk of skidding and sliding off course.

Crumple Zones: Crumple zones are the part of a car which have been designed to deform and crumple upon point of impact. Once your research is done and you are ready to head to the dealership to purchase a new car, call ahead and make an appointment. There is no guarantee you will get a good deal on a new-car purchase, nor is there a set price to negotiate toward with any car; pricing always varies with content, age, supply, and demand. Even the most experienced driver can meet with an accident while driving on the roads of India.
Moreover, by knowing about the top features available, you can get your car customized to ride safely. Today, automated safety belts are available in cars that will stimulate depending on the situation. Today, mostly all the luxurious vehicles in India have automated headlights that work in an efficient manner. Spending some extra amount on the security system of your car is very important, as it is an important safety feature. The speed and movements of the driver is checked and is controlled in an automated manner to avoid accidents. Where ABS assists in reducing the speed of the vehicle, TFC controls the tyres from skids in the event of an accident. The diagram on the right shows the effects of a car on wet pavement with active anti-skid traction control. Whether choosing a new car for city driving or extended motorway journeys, it’s important you choose a vehicle which will offer you and your family maximum protection when on the roads. To help you out, we’ve devised a list of the key safety features you need to consider when acquiring a new vehicle. Although head restraints are required on the front seats, they are normally optional with rear seats. In effect, ABS systems help to prevent skidding and help the driver to remain in control of the vehicle. ESC usually kicks into effect when a wheel sensor detects that the vehicle is about to slide off course – the system then applies small amounts of braking to get your vehicle back on track. In effect car crumple zones help to absorb some of the kinetic energy from the collision, which prevents it from reaching the passengers.
The struggles facing the auto industry are unprecedented and so are the deals available to buyers.
A savvy buyer must always be ready, and the preparation should start before you ever set foot in a showroom.
You might belong to organizations or receive coupons in the mail that entitle you to additional rebates.
There are a number of websites that allow people to post reviews of dealerships, but their coverage is spotty and incomplete. How much that loan costs will depend on your credit history, and knowing your credit history will give you a better idea what to expect from lenders. Dealers contract with banks to get the best rates available but might not actually give you those rates. At the end of the month, many will accept lower offers to reach their goals and qualify for manufacturer bonuses. Gather your information and then leave, and be adamant that you will not be buying a car today.
By calling a sales manager to make your appointment, you communicate that you are serious about this transaction and know what you are doing. But following these rules will start you in the right direction to get the best deal possible on your new car.

Many motorists do not actually know about the traffic rules because of which accidents tend to take place. Nowadays, airbags are not just available on the driver seat or the accompanying seat in front; it is even available for people sitting in the back to keep them safe against accidents. With the use of ABS or Anti Lock Braking system, slipping of the tyres during accidental braking is controlled.
The focus of the light can adjust automatically depending on the situation, like changing lanes. The traction or speed of all the four tires are controlled and brought on an equal level with the use of TFC.
Most cars now come with smart seat belt reminders to ensure your passengers are fully belted up before you set off.
ABS systems can also help to decrease the stopping distance of the vehicle, thus limiting the risk of an accident.
Car dealers need to sell cars in order to stay in business, which makes this a strong buyers’ market. With the exception of all-new or very popular models, you should be able to get a new car for closer to invoice than MSRP.
If you can’t find online reviews of the dealer you are considering, just talk to people. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA) allows every consumer to get a free copy of his or her credit report once a year from each of the three major credit-reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax). If you’re not picky about having the latest and greatest, the end of a model year is a great time to get good deals on remaining inventory. If you come into the dealership on a midweek morning when business is slow, the salespeople are more likely to make a good deal as well.
If dealers know they are being pitted against other stores, it will be easier for you to get their best offer right off the bat, and waltzing into a dealership with a first offer already in hand gives you an advantage in negotiations. You will still be paired with a salesman when you arrive, but your chances improve of getting a straight shooter who knows you won’t be easy fodder.
In addition to this, the bad condition of the roads are again a major reason for accidents.
While using ABS technology, the driver can control the car and stop at an instance with reduced skidding, when required.
Knowing the invoice price of your car will tell the dealer that you mean business and expect a good deal. Dealers are known for not giving buyers every rebate available to them, instead keeping one or two as additional profit.
Your friends and neighbors purchase cars and should be honest with you about whether they were happy with their car or dealer.
They need sales and they want to look busy, which keeps them motivated to give you a better deal and earn your business. Nevertheless, automobile manufacturers in India are offering unmatched safety features for the Indian drivers so that they are able to drive safely. Pay the extra few dollars to get your credit score as well, as it is one of the major factors that banks use to determine your creditworthiness.
You can often get a better interest rate from your local bank or credit union, or you can present the rates you were offered elsewhere to your salesman and challenge him to match or beat them. As technology advances to new levels, many safety features are finding their way into automobiles on Indian roads.

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