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Now I know that there are some differences in the type of pulse that is given off by CMP (coronal magnetic pulse) and EMP.  I believe that the damage caused by EMP would be worse than CMP.
I have other faraday cages, but some of them are hard to get into and I use some of these items often, so this can works well.  In the future, I may consider wrapping some of the contents in plastic and then aluminum foil for extra protection. Aluminum tape wrapped around the lid gap adds extra protection at the most vulnerable area.
Can you recycle cans (keep the lid once removed)to store electronics and seal with aluminum tape? Zombie Apocalypse Survival CampFamily friendly environment and knowledgeable instructors willing to help you learn the skills necessary to survive the zombie apocalypse. This seems to be a really good article about the real and imaginary dangers of various EMP events. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is generated usually when a nuclear device is detonated in the upper atmosphere. The most important concept is wave physics, or the frequency and wavelengths of the EMP waves. Incidentally, this also explains why, if you search the internet, you can see government buildings use 1-inch copper mesh. EMP doesn’t correlate with yield – any nuke can generate an EMP, so “rogue states” can do it – and in fact, some have tested missiles apparently optimized for EMP. Our testing has shown that the best materials are copper and stainless steel for shielding purposes. For all practical purposes, material thickness is irrelevant for EMP (almost any available material is thick enough). We also wanted to talk about some of the newest known tactical energy weapons out there and how to counter them. Boeing CHAMP Missile – This missile is supposed to create a high-powered microwave (HPM) that disrupts electronics within a single target building. Active Denial System – This military program is another HPM device, operating on the 95 gigahertz frequency. NATO EMP – This device was unveiled recently – it just made the news within the past two months. As you can see, the major directed energy weapons that are being touted as “next generation” are generally not a material threat – assuming you have done some basic preparations.
This entry was posted in Preparedness 101 and tagged EMP, Faraday cage by paadmin.Bookmark the permalink. The Bushmaster Enhanced Patrolman AR Pistol, with its 10.5-inch stainless steel barrel, is what’s sometimes called a megapistol. Simple to use, lightweight and chambered in 9mm, the Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull is a capable revolver. A great backup option, the Pepper Blaster II emits twin 112-miles-per-hour blasts of super-hot pepper solution—the most powerfully concentrated on the market—to distances up to 13 feet.
The .22 WMR is not exactly a man-stopper, but the Kel-Tec PMR-30 packs 30 rounds in the magazine. Everything that the 1911 platform offers, but with less recoil and in a more compact size, describes the 9mm EMP. The Taurus Judge product line is made up of hefty framed revolvers that deliver lots of firepower. Revolvers are good options since they are self-contained with no removable parts, like a semi-auto’s magazine, and no complicated controls—slide stop, magazine release, thumb safety and de-cocker. Note on the Bushmaster Enhanced Patrolman: you recommend adding a vertical grip to the rail.
We provide protection for you and your family from Tornadoes, Hurricanes, EMP, Solar Storms, invasion and more.
Non-nuclear explosive devices work too but on a smaller scale; even a transformer exploding, as in the movie Small Soldiers, generates a localized pulse.
Our focus is on preventing damage in the range of roughly 200 mHz – 1 gHz, mostly the domain of E1. E1 and E2, have much higher frequencies, so they are basically dissipated in the atmosphere by water vapor over a long distance. Copper is the single best material that is somewhat cost-effective (however, mixed materials, such as silver-coated or copper-coated stainless steel, can perform even better). We will cover the Boeing CHAMP missile, the Active Denial System, Bofors BAE Blackout system, and the recently revealed NATO EMP system. Based on the public video footage (available on Boeing’s web site), we believe counters are relatively simple. The range is reportedly relatively high – up to a few hundred meters – but the machine is bulky. It is a vehicle-mountable device that stops cars by interfering with the electronic control systems.
Utilities have never been tested against a large scale EMP event – the most recent solar flare that caused major damage was in 1989 in Canada. One EMP could cause almost 200 simultaneous nuclear meltdowns if cooling [for the plants and their co-located spent fuel storage ponds] goes offline. When civilization fails and the desperate masses begin looting, they will come for your food, water and life-sustaining supplies.

It is also versatile, since 9mm has to be one of the most common calibers in use by civilians, law enforcement and the military. These are single-action revolvers, so they’re slower to shoot than semi-autos, but they’re solidly built and will last through numerous Armageddons.
It is Sig’s first striker-fired pistol, and out of the box it offers ease of use and accuracy with a hail of 15 rounds of 9mm bullets. Built for hard hunting, the Encore pistol is made of stainless steel and features a synthetic pistol grip and forend.
What could be better for a bug-out bag than a polymer-framed version that gives users a five-shot beast that weighs a total of 23 ounces? If you choose a semi-automatic pistol, make sure you have at least three loaded magazines in your bag, and more if you have room and can bear the weight.
EMP is comprised of the fast rise-time E1 component, the lightning-type E2 component, and the solar flare type E3 component. Above 1 gHz, it becomes increasingly more difficult to create damaging waves, although theoretically possible. In other words, for E1 and E2 to be affecting your electronics, your general metro area must have been specifically targeted by an EMP weapon.
Apparently, the logic is that a nuke would have to be targeted at that specific area in order for the building to be impacted by E1 and E2 (which require MUCH smaller mesh hole sizes, which increase the cost dramatically). It is very good for E3, in addition to E1 and E2, but it is also expensive and very fragile. However, if visibility is needed, use many small openings (pinholes) in the material versus a few large ones. However, it may be the case that you can get a call through (if you are very close to a cell tower) but the shielding is sufficient. It’s touted as a way to safely shut down speeding cars (to prevent car bombs at checkpoints).
If these weapons exist and can in fact generate significant E1 and E2 over large regions, they are a major threat.
A perfectly timed solar flare has the capability to fry the power grid – perhaps permanently. To protect these, as well as your family and home, you must be able to neutralize the threat. The Enhanced Patrolman is optics ready, meaning a red-dot scope or reflex sight would be a good fit for this pistol. Since it isn’t pressurized like an aerosol can, the Pepper Blaster II won’t lose pressure over time, and the solution has a shelf life of more than four years. While a combatant may be reloading, you can keep firing to end the confrontation or get out of harm’s way. Different things are vulnerable to different components of EMP, so let’s cover what you actually need to know.
As wavelength decreases (and frequency increases), eventually you get into microwave territory, so the shell of a solid object starts to absorb the energy, not the interior electronics. One cannot make an EMP with an E1 pulse across the entire continent – the power requirement is beyond even nuclear capabilities. That means that particular nuclear device is NOT targeting anywhere else – so short of nuclear war, the loss of any one single facility cannot significantly impact the US. Stainless steel blocks higher wavelength RF energy slightly better and is much stronger and cheaper. 100 OPI (openings per inch) balances visibility and protection – we even use it in our products so we can testify to its effectiveness. For your laptop – disconnect cables connected to USB or serial ports, or all ports for that matter. EMP can be analogized like a gunshot sound – without protection, your hearing will be damaged. The reason for that appears to be that the weapon attacks through the power supply and building wiring In other words, unconnected laptops may well be unaffected .
But, based on the data provided, we believe it can be countered with a literal aluminum foil shield or other metal shield. Therefore, we believe that a shield made out of stainless steel, or copper, with relatively small holes (100 OPI) should prevent damage to enclosed devices. The issue we see is that, given that it does not destroy the electronics of the cars, the strength of the wave transmitted cannot be very high. A full EMP, not just a solar flare, would have an unknown effect because utilities have never been tested to our knowledge on a full system level, only piece by piece. Though relatively uncommon, .410 shotshell ammo can be used for small game hunting and protection—load up or down with slugs or buckshot.
It comes equipped with a Barnes Precision free-floated, lightweight quad rail, which means mounting a vertical grip, laser sight or tactical light are definite options.
The Pitbull’s extractor incorporates a spring-loaded lip of steel that makes full contact with the rim of the rimless 9mm cartridge.
With its ergonomic grip, the Pepper Blaster II is a point and shoot proposition, and the design’s swing-away triggerguard reduces the risk of an accidental discharge.
It is simply designed in lightweight polymer and steel and is no bigger than any full-size pistol.

If you are bugging out in bear country, this is an option, especially when you are trying snag spawning salmon in a bruin’s favorite spot. This combination of chamberings makes this an ideal defensive weapon with literal point-and-shoot capability.
However, it IS possible to generate a wide-ranging E3 pulse (due to its much longer wavelength). Furthermore, within each E3-shielded building, certain rooms ARE shielded to a much better standard to protect the really mission-critical equipment from E1 and E2.
Our testing showed that striking the USB or serial ports – pathways into the electronics of the laptops – made the laptops much more vulnerable. With earmuffs, you can still hear the gunshot, but it’s no longer able to damage your hearing.
As the wave only penetrates the very outer layers of skin, a very thin metal film should be enough to counter this weapon. In other words, it should be relatively easy to, again, use a metal mesh material or aluminum foil to reduce the effectiveness of the device. Utilities themselves acknowledge that cooling systems and fans are relatively easy to affect.
It is a highly enhanced 1911 with 3-dot night sights, a 5-inch National Match barrel, a Picatinny accessory rail and an ambidextrous thumb safety. The Pepper Blaster II is effective in rain and wind, and its hard-plastic body fully protects its internal components. The controls—ambidextrous thumb safety, slide stop and magazine release—are not overly complicated.
These revolvers also have adjustable sights built-in transfer bars, which means these six-shooters can be carried fully loaded without fear of an accidental discharge.
The short, 4-inch barrel is handier than the long-barrel variants that have an attached sling for a reason.
It is a single shot and slow to reload, but it offers the ability to hunt and protect, which is a good compromise in a rugged firearm. In practice, shielding effectiveness does not always work this way, but this is a “good enough” explanation. The E2 and E3 components are far lower in frequency, with E3 having such a long wavelength that, as long as your devices are not connected to any large conductive lines (like power lines or antennae), and are small, they should not be damaged by E3. With the built-in EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding inherent in most electronics, using any of these materials is sufficient protection. The main issue with protective materials is creating a solid seal around an enclosed object.
Have a few backups inside Faraday cages (electrical insulation, we’ve found, is actually not very important because the nature of a Faraday cage keeps all the energy on the outside surface of the shield, not the inside.
By the same token, no earmuffs will help you if you are standing next to a main battle tank about to fire – you will feel it.
Additionally, enclosing electronics within a Faraday cage should enhance protection even further. Additionally, this system reportedly works only in clear weather – rain or fog apparently reduces the weapon’s effectiveness to merely being a nice warm feeling.
As a side note, EMP testing by the US Congressional Commission on EMP showed that most vehicles are either fine or relatively easily repaired in an EMP event, so vehicle shielding is most likely unnecessary – unless these weapons exist.
Normally, that is not a problem, but if the cooling system for a nuclear power plant was disrupted, it could be catastrophic. Remember, this is a short-range weapon, so wait until you see the whites of their eyes or at least the slithering, forked tongue. The gun’s 2.5-inch barrel makes it maneuverable and light weight, and a fiber-optic front sight sucks up available light for faster target acquisition.
This also means that grounding a Faraday cage is irrelevant – it just bleeds the energy out faster, but since all the energy is on the outside, there’s no damage to your electronics anyway. We actually achieved a similar effect, albeit on a smaller scale, while doing our EMP testing and solved it by grounding.
A metal shield to block the microwaves, or even a body of water, should reduce this threat significantly. Additionally, careful analysis of the footage reveals that many of the computers remain semi-operational even after the strike while being plugged in.
It has hunting applications and the ammo, while not too uncommon, is lightweight, allowing you to pack more of it. It’s possible that the worst damage from this missile could just a simple reset of your electronics. Less common calibers have a specific purpose and can be very valuable, so plan accordingly.

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