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Women' 1970s hairstyles: overview - hair makeup, Women's 1970s hairstyles were diverse, from long to short and straight to curled. This circuit turns-off an amplifier or any other device when a low level audio signal fed to its input is absent for 15 minutes at least. You can employ two RCA input sockets wired in parallel to allow pick-up audio signals from both stereo channels. Needing to operate a device not supplied by power mains, use a double pole relay switch, connecting the second pole switch in series to the device supply. The small diagram on the back is an alternate firing setup if the momentary switch with 2 channels is not available.
It would require another relay, momentary switch and 390 ohm resistor, and inexplicably a blue LED. An electromagnetic generator without moving parts includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic core including first and second magnetic paths. When a force F translates through a distance, that is the classical notion of external mechanical work W, by the equation W= $F#dl . We are not out of engineering development of the MEG yet, and to get through it and into full production engineering would require about $10 to $12 million - money we personally do not have. So to go from the business of slow, painful hand adjustment of the phasing to automatic optimization is certainly a “doable”, but it is not a simple EE problem.
But the EEs with venture capitalists (and some of our major national laboratories also, by the way) don’t seem to be able to comprehend something that is already well-known in aerospace, in chaotic systems work, and in dense signal environments work. If one wishes a more accurate grasp of the energy situation, see Matt Simmons’ presentations downloadable from the Simmons International website.
Our fellows do know about scalar interferometers, weather engineering, and the works - but they keep it so closely locked up that most of our decision makers are not aware of it, even though Secretary of Defense Cohen was briefed on it and publicly confirmed such weapons in April 1997. We do continue in our search for the necessary funding, with a financial arrangement we can tolerate, and with a financial partner who can understand that he cannot just run in some good EEs and build a MEG and turn them out like pretzels. We think we are again getting close to obtaining the necessary capitalization for the MEG, but will just have to wait and see how it turns out this time around.
Tom Bearden, proponent of the Motionless Electric Generator, responds to the question: "Can you explain the differences between the MEG v.
My circuit is a general purpose circuit for controlling two independet coils in any direction you want.
I have build one prototype a couple of years ago, but coulden't find a way to dynamical load the output coils vs the input power. Final words, it is importaint that you switch on the correct pairs of transistors in a H-Bridge. This video clip shows the plasma gun causing a nearby light bulb to light up as if it were a plasma globe.
The high frequency, high voltage from the plasma gun causes the Argon gas in the light bulb to become ionized. The device draws about 6 amps from a well charged 12 V battery which makes the total power consumption to around 72 watts.
Such a small Tesla Coil inherently has quite a high resonant frequency which in this case is about 500 kHz. The two ignition coils were stripped of the casing in order to reduce the overall size and allow access to the internal wiring. The HV outputs of the spark coils are connected to a rectifier (D1) made from four HV diodes potted in epoxy resin. With this mini tesla coil the RF ground connection is made by connecting it to a copper pad on the handle. The body of the person holding the device is used as the RF ground and the large area of copper ensures the energy is spread out to prevent RF burns. In most Tesla Coils this would not be safe at all but this device is very low power so there is little risk of electric shock.
The TC part (Tesla Coil) uses the common single static spark gap and flat primary design for simplicity and size. Apart from making cool arcs of plasma, this device even transmits wireless electrical power. The interference created by this wireless energy can cause all sorts of electronic devices to switch on and off or start behaving erratically. There are several improvements that could be made on this design which could result in a greater power throughput and therefore bigger arcs. The spark gap is just a single gap which has been seal inside a plastic case for safety and size. In conclusion this was a fun project and we hope you find this information useful and interesting. Comments and questions for DIY Plasma GunThe information provided here can not be guaranteed as accurate or correct.
When, after a 15 minutes delay, no signal appeared at the input, IC3 ends its counting and pin 2 goes high. A first input coil and a first output coil extend around portions of the first magnetic path, while a second input coil and a second output coil extend around portions of the second magnetic path.
There are some 20,000 physics papers on geometric phase, Berry phase, and Aharonov-Bohm effect.
Outside that region, there freely appears a field-free (curl-free) magnetic vector potential A.
The difficulty in believing the physical reality of the potentials required 25 years for physicists to overcome before they would accept the publication of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in 1959 {2a}. The potential outside the localization zone has been freely changed, with an extra spacetime curvature and extra energy transferred there by gauge freedom, at no cost to the operator.
The engine exists in spacetime as curvature(s) of spacetime, whether or not it is interacting with mass.
The engine may move or be moved through spacetime independently of interacting with matter.
Note that-classically-mass has been moved, and the “system” engine has performed “external” work on the mass. Hence no external work is done, but internal work is done on the system to produce and continuously maintain this stress with zero translation. Hence supersystem dynamics is analyzed simultaneously between (i) the physical system, (ii) the local active curvatures of spacetime, and (iii) the local active vacuum.
Symmetrical regauging systems can only use their excess free regauging energy from the vacuum to do internal work on the system, changing the stress on or in the system, with the dissipated energy then being returned from the stressing action to the vacuum.
An “open” system is defined as one that has mass transfer across its borders (and may have energy transfer as well).
A “closed” system is defined as one that has no mass transfer across its borders, but may have energy transfer across them. An “isolated” system is defined as one in which no energy or mass is exchanged across its boundary.
The ubiquitous energetic exchange-between vacuum (and curved spacetime) and the system-does not appear in classical thermodynamics. Thus there are two energy inputs: (i) the electrical energy input paid for by the operator, and (ii) the free environmental energy input furnished by the external atmosphere and processed a bit by compressing, etc. It is stated as a decimal, and measures how much “bang for his buck” the system gives the operator. It has one energy reservoir-the localized B-field in the core-whose energy the operator must furnish and pay for. Note particularly that, by adjusting the input pulse rise time and decay time, we can adjust the magnitude of the extra E-fields freely produced in space just outside the core, and this effect is easily measured. Almost all the B-field produced by the output coil is localized in the core material running through it and held therein. Hence the MEG is almost completely using its induced Aharonov-Bohm effect for its energy input-very different from any other power system transformer. For the MEG, a COP = 3.0 or so is readily achievable, and even higher COP can be achieved by special measures.
But we still have an expensive year or more of complex and specialized lab work before we have prototype scaled-up robust power units ready for mass production and world marketing.
The only way that will change is for a huge boot to be applied-such as the economic collapse of the United States.

Resisted Mayer’s original statement of energy conservation; hounded him so much that he attempted suicide and was institutionalized. Uses an EE model that assumes every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe has been freely created from nothing, by their associated source charges without any energy input. Uses an EE model that assumes the material ether, a flat spacetime, an inert vacuum, and creation from nothing of all EM fields and potentials-all long falsified in physics. Ubiquitously uses the closed current loop circuit in power systems, dooming them to COP .. Ridicules anyone who seriously speaks of the active vacuum or active ST curvature as energy reservoirs and environments to be utilized practically-even though all EM power systems and circuits are powered by EM energy extracted directly from the local vacuum by the source charges {22b}. Continues to ruthlessly ignore the impact of the long-discarded Heaviside giant nondiverged energy flow component, for both power systems and antigravity systems. Places an iron muzzle on “out of the box” innovation by professors, grad students, and young post doctoral scientists, particularly in anything smacking of COP > 1.0 EM power systems.
Poynting’s energy flow theory {29} does not account for a huge Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component (30) that is often a trillion times greater than the accounted Poynting component.
Dilip Kondepudi and Ilya Prigogine, Modern Thermodynamics: From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures, Wiley, New York, 1998, reprinted with corrections 1999, p.
The beneficial impact on the environment would be incalculable, and with less coal burned, additional pollution-reducing methods could be afforded and applied. In aerospace, our team (who are all aerospace engineers with substantial and lengthy experience in nonlinear systems) has worked for several decades on such problems, and we do know how to solve it and finish the product so that it’s ready for full production engineering.
That lack of understanding of such systems, and the use of a horribly fouled old electrical engineering model in our power engineering, is why nationally we have a horribly vulnerable centralized electrical power distribution and “control” system that violates almost every principle of multiloop servomechanism control theory in the book. There you get the truth, not political fiction, and by one of the firms that widely funds energy projects worldwide. Meanwhile, our present national power system and national energy policy are just a great disaster waiting to happen.
Or in fact that cannot be done with any other legitimate COP>1.0 system, without the proper completion of Engineering Development and then Production Engineering. The switching time, pulse length and direction of current, can be changed in the PIC16F84-04 micro controller. You will also need a trafo core (Metaglass type is best) but you can try out a ferrite or iron core if you like. This drill used an 18V battery and comes with a charger which made it ideal for the project. Unfortunately this low power means the plasma arcs will be limited in size, but since it is hand held that's probably a good thing. This frequency is too high to feel as electric shock but when being zapped you can feel the low frequency component of the spark gap firing rate. The inputs are wired in an anti-parallel arrangement to help keep the charging voltage high when under load. Connected to this is a small smoothing capacitor (C1) which helps to reduce the ripple in the HV DC output.
The primary coil is closely wound around the base of the secondary with several layers of insulation tape preventing flashover.
A pipe from this sphere runs down the inside of the secondary and to the back of the handle where it can be connected to a gas supply. This is because the energy is causing tiny currents to be induced in the tracks and wires in the devices. This sort of switching will have poor performance due to quenching difficulties and oxide buildup.
The input coils are alternatively pulsed to provide induced current pulses in the output coils. Thus a dipolarity (polarization) is required, to produce a vacuum form or “engine” that will interact on mass to produce a force, by a constant “wind of vacuum energy” acting upon it. In that case it is asymmetric regauging, and involves only energy transfer without change of form, which requires no work. They will not even go and learn (and adapt their archaic model) to properly utilize every system’s nonobservable active vacuum environment for energy to do external work. In simple terms, the system must be open to receiving and transducing translational energy from its external environment-in this case, the active vacuum-rather than just stressing energy. Since the early 1900’s, mass and energy are known to be identically the same thing, called “mass-energy”. There exists no such system in the entire universe, due to the universal exchange of energy and mass between vacuum and system. Yet there is no final conservation of energy unless both the virtual and observable state energy exchanges are considered in one’s analysis.
Note that energy is conserved, and all energy output as work is indeed input to the system.
But it also has a second, free, environmental energy reservoir-a curl-free A-potential-freely available in the external environment. However, with scale-up phenomenology, materials variations, and the high nonlinearity of the situation, at least one year’s hard work by a team of multiple specialists in geometric phase, nonlinear oscillation theory, nonlinear oscillations control theory, etc. The naive objection of “perpetual motion machines being prohibited because they would be working systems with no energy input” is utter nonsense, as is easily demonstrated {26}. Prior to the MEG, the AB effect appears never to have been applied for COP > 1.0 from “two-energy reservoir” electrical power systems. These flaws are not pointed out in any EE text or department to our knowledge, and indeed they are hidden from the students. Still largely pontificates in official publications that perpetual (uniform) motion is impossible in machines, which is ridiculous since that is merely Newton’s first law. They must compete for available funding attached to research packages that come down from on high, with the research already specified. That is sad, because the “energy from the vacuum” choice is available, particularly with accelerated development and funding.
Lorentz arbitrarily discarded the Heaviside nondiverged component circa the 1890s {31}, and EEs continue to blindly discard it and ignore it {32}. Fischer, {Comment on “How can a particle absorb more than the light incident on it?’},” Am. Bedini, “Device and Method for Pulse Charging a Battery and for Driving other Devices with a Pulse,” U. A series of 47 sections, published section by section in numerous issues of The Electrician during 1885, 1886, and 1887; (b) - "On the Forces, Stresses, and Fluxes of Energy in the Electromagnetic Field," Phil. When the Heaviside component is accounted, every generator and power source ever built already outputs enormously more energy than is accounted by the mechanical shaft energy input to the generator, or by the chemical energy dissipated by the battery. No one in DoE, any other federal agency, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation, DARPA, the national laboratories, or our universities has even considered it-or apparently even thought of it.
We did sign one financial deal, only to have our last working demonstrator promptly destroyed by the new folks in three days, against all our instructions.
Yet the biggest problem is that almost all of the venture capitalists are either EEs themselves, or employ as their second or third in command an EE, often with a Ph.D. Bluntly, electrical engineers do not know how to solve the problem and finish the unit, unless they’ve studied and worked well beyond electrical power engineering. Further, a single scalar interferometer can lay the entire system down at will, and keep it down forever. The output is rectified and used to charge the tank capacitor of a small spark gap Tesla Coil.
The tank capacitor (C2) is charged from the HV DC supply via two RF chokes (inductors L1 & L2) which serve to prevent the RF oscillations of the TC primary circuit from interfering with the rest of the circuit. It is also possible to use butane gas which makes this thing into some kind of flamethrower - plasma gun hybrid.
If a simple circuit had a matching resonant frequency to that of the plasma gun, it would be possible to collect the wireless energy from a greater distance.
A solid state version would be better but it would likely be larger and considerably more expensive.A larger topload would allow for larger breakouts, but it would also need more primary capacitance.
Driving electrical current through each of the input coils reduces a level of flux from the permanent magnet within the magnet path around which the input coil extends.
Instead, they will unwittingly only allow the active vacuum to produce stress in the system, by using only self-symmetrically-regauging systems (the closed current loop circuit).

Hence any “closed” system that has energy transfer also has its mass changed, and actually is an “open” system. Every windmill, waterwheel, sailboat, and solar cell demonstrates that, if the energy input is continuously and freely received from the environment, continuous external work can freely be done indefinitely.
A continuous freely working machine is also possible, so long as it freely receives the necessary energy input from its environment (so long as it operates as a NESS system).
Any professor who really rocks the boat will be either parked or destroyed, as will any grad student or post doc. Bearden, “Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: Production of an Additional Energy Reservoir Freely Furnishing Extra EM Energy Input to the System from Its External Environment,” 10 June 2003 (in press). Leighton, and Matthew Sands, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, Vol. On the same page, several areas that are known to violate present thermodynamics are given.
Accounting its total energy output as an energy transducer of virtual vacuum energy into observable energy, every power source exhibits COP>>1.0. Our national centralized electrical power system is so fragile and so vulnerable that even a small portable EMP weapon (a “shooter”, as commonly known in the trade), really good hackers, and many other simple things can keep it surging out of control and collapsing indefinitely with ridiculous ease.
Since even the Japanese Yakuza have such interferometers and have been using them since early 1990 to engineer the weather over our heads (see Scott Stevens’ website for a meteorologist’s beautiful presentation of the resulting weather engineering phenomena), obviously somewhere along the line they are going to devote one of those interferometers to downing the entire U.S. In an alternative embodiment of an electromagnetic generator, the magnetic core includes annular spaced-apart plates, with posts and permanent magnets extending in an alternating fashion between the plates. The present form of the First Law would rule out gauge freedom-a fact which seems not to have been previously noticed. However, the operator only inputs a fraction of the total input required, and the environment freely inputs the rest.
Scale-up also is highly nonlinear, and requires extensive phenomenology buildups and testing to achieve proper stability and control.
It is certainly doable (just as a home heat pump can be “close looped” for self-powering operation).
Every motion also demonstrates Newton’s first law: an object placed in a state of motion remains in that state of uniform (perpetual) motion so long as an external force does not intervene to change it.
Examples are the windmill, waterwheel, and solar cell-and indeed a hydroelectric power system, if one speaks of the entire system including the river’s flow. In mass units, the energy density of the virtual particle flux of vacuum is on the order of 1080 grams per cubic centimeter. The Heaviside component usually has little or no effect because it is in vector curl form, and the divergence of the curl is zero-in a flat spacetime. And there the problem is that one cannot get across to the EEs that the MEG is not just a transformer, and that E-field radiations really do arise freely from the space just outside the core, re-radiating back into the core with a multitude of absorbed and reradiated signals of all sorts of phases. It will knock out any near by electronics (temporarily) and could melt the wires if they are strong enough.
The system permissibly outputs 3 to 4 times the useful energy and work as the energy furnished by the operator alone.
It does not receive any additional energy to do so, nor does it perform any external work in so doing. Since its funding is already controlled, our science is already muzzled and constrained with respect to energy research and development. 485-491; (b) - “Further considerations on electromagnetic potentials in the quantum theory,” Phys. 21, 2003 for a rigorous discussion of perpetual motion (which is just Newton’s First Law), and how it differs from purported machines that create energy from nothing. The usual power application is in an approximately flat spacetime, so the Heaviside curled flow component is of little physical significance (using Lorentz’s original argument). Unless this dense signal environment and its phasing is carefully adjusted so that the phases are generally additive, COP > 1.0 is not possible, obviously, since it means no effective NET energy input occurs from the activated external environment, even though LOTS of excess energy is being radiated back into the MEG.
And when that happens, there isn’t going to be any functioning centralized electric power in the U.S. The American military have been doing research into them because an EMP could be used to take out an underground bunker without killing anyone. Input coils extending around portions of the plates are pulsed to cause the induction of current within the output coils.
Even an electrical current in a shorted superconducting circuit will circulate indefinitely (perpetually) without any additional input and without doing any work {27}. Oddly, the greatest-though totally unwitting-proponents of energy creation from nothing, in all human history, are the electrical engineering departments, professors, textbooks, and engineers. One doesn’t seek and cannot use just a “noise” energy input from that external environment! Bearden et al., “The Aharonov-Bohm Effect as the Basis of Electromagnetic Energy Inherent in the Vacuum,” Found.
Heat is not a substance, not a thermodynamic function of state, and should not be used as a noun, unless one risks falling into error. Their standard electromagnetics model assumes that all EM fields and potentials and their energy are freely created out of nothing, by the associated source charges without any energy input at all. One must have some coherence, so that the external environment inputs some usable free EM energy. Easy to surmise the catastrophic economic collapse that then will ensue, paralyzing and defeating the United States without a single missile, nuclear bomber, nuclear submarine, etc. If you think about it though, a nuclear bomb is an EMP, a NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) to be precise, because gamma rays from the nuclear blast knocks electrons out of their orbits.
513-517; (b) - "Explanation of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator with O(3) Electrodynamics," Found. So they unwittingly assume that every joule of EM energy in the universe has been and is created from nothing. The simple funding of a few doctoral theses and post-doctoral physics projects in this area for three years or so would very quickly solve the energy crisis forever, very cheaply.
The electrons form an electromagnetic pulse which has a range varying on how high up the NEMP is. A good technical exposition of the Aharonov-Bohm effect and its topology is given by (c) Terence W. Evans and Rondoni were so shocked at their own theoretical results, that they felt no physical system could exhibit such a negative entropy, continually decreasing toward negative infinity as time passes. All EM power systems already exhibit COP >>1.0, if their arbitrarily discarded Heaviside energy flow component is accounted and if it were deliberately used as an extra huge environmental energy reservoir from which copious extra EM energy were freely extracted. If the NEMP is on the ground the explosion has a larger range than the EMP but in the air (e.g.
Decay time for a current flowing in a closed superconducting loop has been experimentally shown to be greater than 105 years, and theoretically shown to be greater than 1040,000,000 years. Poynting, "On the Connection Between Electric Current and the Electric and Magnetic Inductions in the Surrounding Field," Phil.
87-94; (c) - "Explanation of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator by Sachs's Theory of Electrodynamics," Found. Yang, "Remarks on Possible Noninvariance under Time Reversal and Charge Conjugation," Phys. I would like to make one and get familiar with EMP's cause when I get older I want to design weapons.
I need to know how to make it work.XOIIO, just read your comment, I made it, not as hard as your plans but simpler. The MEG as a NESS system appears to be a prototype macroscopic power system that exhibits such permissible continuous production of negative entropy. So revolutionary was this discovery that the Nobel Committee with unprecedented speed awarded Lee and Yang the Nobel Prize in December 1957-the same year that Wu et al. The power requirements nesisary to even disrupt electronics fro 10ft away are far beyond what is coming into you're house. To distrou electronics (the only way for it to last more then a few seconds) it would need to be many thousands of times stronger.

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