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Emergency Safety Goggles offer critical eye protection from airborne objects and particles, chemicals and tools. Use these protective goggles following emergency situations such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, terrorist attacks, floods, fires, search and rescue operations, etc. They are adjustable, ventilated and lightweight for secure, customized, and comfortable fit. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
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Complete with a brightly-colored softcase, this kit includes a prefilled Naloxone syringe, atomizer, gloves, a CPR face shield and detailed instructions on how to administer the medication. The Naloxone Life-Saving Drug Kit offers everything needed to safely and quickly administer Naloxone to a patient in an emergency opioid overdose situation. Naloxone provides a 30-90 minute window where the drug is blocked from brain receptors and medical professionals have time to get the individual to a hospital to receive necessary medical attention.
Designed for use during and after a disasters, terrorist attacks or anytime to protect your eyes against severe conditions. Small enough to travel with so is ideal for travelling or having in your car in case of an emergency.

The number of opioid overdose occurrences grows with every year, and these kits equip EMR professionals and caregivers with the life-saving supplies needed to act fast.
The use documentation card allows you to mark down when and where the drug was used, who it was used by and to note any other important information that may be needed for treatment. After Naloxone wears off, the person may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms and will need immediate medical attention.For opioid drug overdoses only.

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