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What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?A FSA (Flexible Spending Account) allows use of the funds an individual has designated to be set aside pre-tax for medical expenses, typically with their employer, when selecting healthcare programs during the previous year. Note: Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs. Survival Seed Vault - Preparedness Vegetable Seeds with Non Hybrid Seeds - Non GMO Seeds from Not Just Survival. I bought these to stash away for the future, I really like that they are good for five years that's a big plus. Monsanto, the company that bankrupted itself by selling hazardous waste for use as a dust-control agent on the streets of Times Beach, Missouri, lost every one of its’ assets in liquidation sales by the US Bankruptcy Trustee, which sale raised funds to reimburse the Government for some of the costs of digging up every street in Times Beach and burying the contaminated soil in a landfill. The very last thing sold, in the bankruptcy sale, was the right to use the Monsanto trademark.
Celgene, a California tech company, bought the name “Monsanto” and launched an elaborate disinformation campaign, disguising it’s Silicon Valley roots behind the trade dress of a bankrupt St Louis manufacturer. Having started out in the disinformation business, it’s not surprising that their business plan involved multiple layers of disinformation. The fact that Monsanto lobbyists have worked long hours at inducing Congress and the Executive Branch to write contradictory sets of laws and regulations, that force farmers to prove they bought all their seeds from Monsanto and allowed none of their GMO crops to re-seed themselves…but force makers of food for consumers, to accept Monsanto-derived crops and treat them as if they were not Monsanto-derived, is disturbing.

Thus, we’ve built a system in which nobody is responsible to tell any of the truths about GMO crops, and we’re drowning in misinformation about them. What’s horrible is not that we will go another two years for the new USDA labeling rules governing GMOs to take effect. Every person who works in the federal regulatory bureaucracy and is promoted to a supervisory position there, has the chance to take early retirement and then take a second job at a lobbyist at a lobbying firm or “political consulting” firm, using inside knowledge to influence the workers they used to supervise. This kitchen garden seed bank was designed by MyPatriotSupply as a collection of natural herbs that are favorites in the kitchen for their uses in cooking!
If it’s absolutely necessary for Monsanto to know, that farmers aren’t planting the seeds that grow from their fields of GMO crops (but instead buy new seeds from Monsanto), then it is reasonable to share this information with consumers who eat the products. Most Americans are ignorant of farming and cannot make sense of common technical terms that every farmer uses to describe farming processes.
Nobody, whether Whig or Federalist, who drafted the US Constitution of 1787, ever intended for the government they created, to have the power to compel farmers to conceal facts from food consumers.
Their lobbyists won, because regulators and Congressmen, already immune from most lawsuits, sold taxpayers out, in hopes of becoming lobbyists themselves…and they cannot be sued for selling us out.
Sprouts contain the highest source of active enzymes and purest form of vitamins and minerals.

Mary Washington asparagus has early, long, straight, dark-green spears with tight purpling tips which are noted for uniform their size! The false information about farming, that circulates online, is quoted and used to create additional false information. Generally, the bureaucrats and Congessmen who created the complex web of laws behind which Monsanto hides, are also immune to lawsuit. So they respond to the pressure, giving the lobbyists what they want, and ignoring their duty to protect consumers. Monsanto hired lobbyists and paid them to create new laws, making a particular form of consumer fraud legal, then used the newly-legalized form of fraud, as the cornerstone of their business model. Consumers now spend extra money buying foods they think are safe from Monsanto-related hazards.

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