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During some competitions, you are allowed to have a makeup artist do your makeup prior to the competition.
Get a bag that is small enough to tote around competition, but is just as unique as you are so it is easy to locate. Cosmetic Makeup Sponge: Once excess oil is removed with the oil absorbing sheets, take a cosmetic sponge and smooth out your foundation. Pressed Powder and Powder Brush: Take your powder brush, and in a circular motion, press the brush against your makeup compact. Eyeliner: Go over your eyeliner that you have on by following along your lash line on the top and bottom. Eye shadow: I do not recommend reapplying eye shadow, but take an eye shadow brush and blend the eye shadow you currently have to fix any visible creases that form from wearing makeup all day. I WOULD LIKE TO LET KNOW ABOUT THE NEW WEBSITE AND WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO DROP BY IT AND HAVE A LOOK AT. Please select category that most closely reflects your concern about the post, so that we can review it and determine if it violates our Terms of Use or isn't appropriate for viewers. Whether you are headed to prom, down the aisle or out on a date you never know when one of life’s little surprises is going to pop up. You may need a quick pick-me-up at school or even work either way you can’t go wrong with having a beauty emergency kit stashed away in your purse, car or locker.
Those were just a few things that I would want in my beauty emergency kit but there are so many other great options such as hair spray, earring backs, hand lotion, nail clippers, emery board, clear nail polish, safety pins, bobby pins, double-sided tape, pain reliever, tampons, blotting tissues and so much more. This is a great idea for when I’m on the go, and you have some things I hadn’t thought of! It does what it says on the tin and it does it well.  Urban Decay brushes are some of the most under-rated synthetic brushes around. At ?28, I think it leans fairly expensive for what it is and will only really appeal to glitter demons and those under the age of 22.  Of course, there are plenty who will fall into that bracket and I can see this making a spectacular Christmas gift for those who would appreciate it.
Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit is priced at ?28 and available on counter now and online from House of Fraser, HQ Hair, Debenhams and BeautyBay.
I love these colours and the lipgloss, definitely think the shades compliment each other really well too.
What do The Grand Canyon, The Aswan Dam, my blackheads and the Great Pyramids all have in common?  All totally visible from space. I’m of the firm opinion that for the money, French pharmacy brands offer some of the best solutions for diffcult skin-types.
On a recent trip to my local Walmart, I had to stock up on my feminine care products since my monthly present was about to arrive- ugh, the joy. Beauty emergency kits are a MUST have in every girls day to day- you never know when something will happen. LIP BALM– this can help with frizz the hair, stop peeling cuticles in their place, a dry skin lube if needed at the last-minute, and hellooooo- keeping your lips ultra kissable and soft.
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Once you artist completes your full face look, have her spray a bit of sealant over your face. Recently, someone told me that when their foundation dries their skin out, they apply moisturizer over the foundation. If you do not have oily skin, you may not need the papers, but they are good to have just to pat your face down and to feel refreshed eight hours into your competition. Take the sponge and in short, gentle strokes re-blend your makeup in the manner your stylist had initially applied it. When it comes to blush, you have to use your better judgement in knowing if what you have on needs to be touched up.
Covergirl LiquidLine Blast is the best way to go because it goes on with ease after the first glide. THE WEBSITE HAS SOME OF THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD ON IT , AND WE ALL SO HAVE MEN PRODUCTS TO .
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If you are going to be out over night then you will definitely want to keep some facial wipes on hand.
Freshen up your perfume after work or school with a rollerball of your favorite perfume or even an atomizer works great too. So I already mentioned we want to keep our breath cool but we want to keep our pits from stinking too right? These lip glosses by Pixi are great for a little color burst on the lips but even for the cheeks as well. I don’t usually carry my makeup around with me but if you know your going to need a touch up go for travel and sample size products. Midnight 15 is less bad and Midnight Cowgirl is alright too, but whenever I hear the words UD and Midnight together I cringe. I wandered to the personal care aisle at Walmart to stock up on the usual essentials- Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular Pads, Stayfree Overnight Pads {for the heavy duty nights} and a pack of O.B. From a snag in your nylons, frizzy hair, blisters, the dreaded #monthlyperiodproblems, all the way to a last-minute night out with the girls and in dire need of a quick hair change in a flash. A light coat can stop a run in nylons instantly or help give your nails a bit of oomph within seconds. I just have everything thrown loose in my bag and it’s a nightmare to find anything when I need it. The motion of the sponge along the face should resemble how you apply moisturizer, but gentler in pressure against the face.
If you need to touch up your blush, take your blush brush and go over the blush you currently have on in the same manner your makeup artist did prior to competition. Match the palette to the makeup you will potentially use during competition so that you can recreate the same look your makeup artist used on you prior to competition.

You have to have something to keep all your stash in right? I love this turquoise and white striped one from Tori Burch. I don’t care who you are, after waking up in the morning you breathe is not going to be smelling its best. Travel size deodorants are usually small enough you could get away with keeping one in your emergency kit or if you need something even smaller then keep some deodorant wipes on hand. I am notoriously bad about this because I rarely carry cash on me but you just never know when you need cash.
They are much smaller to carry and if they get messed up you can just toss them without bumming yourself out over the $30 blush you just broke. You can always add stuff that you could have used previously and take away stuff you may never use as well. You know the situation- you’re having a wonderful day and then BAM…..Aunt Flow makes her grand entrance- ugh! I have naturally curly hair and live near the beach so those days I straighten it sometimes wind up completely frizzy. The emergency makeup kit is small enough to throw in your pageant bag, but contains all the essentials you need in order to touch up your look.
If you do not have to do anything physical after your makeup is done, then chill out and read a magazine.
If you cannot get a hold of that product, Covergirl has plenty of pressed powders that can give you the same effect. I’m married so lets be honest, I sometimes kiss my husband without fresh morning breath but when we were just dating. Plus, it’s really great to know that you’re protected with Stayfree at the ready! Just have your stylist go with you prior to competition to match the foundation to your skin tone.
Wet the edge of a tissue and stick it under your eyes, kind of like curtains covering your cheeks.
Being ready for the day then out of nowhere cramps of full force and you are literally in need of some serious feminine care.
Then slap your MC and it’s spin-offs on your eyes and it should all fall on to your tissue curtains. Ladies, I am talking wings that stay in place no matter what- gym, work, running after kids, these wings stay in place like glue!

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