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In this day and age, it is more apparent than ever that natural disasters are becoming more troublesome.
A survival food supply can mean the difference between living or succumbing to the disaster, whether it is man-made or the act of Mother Nature. I just started my emergency food storage and discovered it’s more confusing than I thought it would be.
PLEASE READ:     Many people read this post because they have injected themselves with an EpiPen and are looking for information on what to do next.
If you have accidentally injected yourself with an EpiPen or EpiPen Jr., please call your doctor or allergist for direction.
On this day, our daycare was closed, so my 4 year old was spending the day with some friends.
By calling the allergist office, though, I knew I’d be talking to staff who have deep experience with this drug and be able to give me specific advice. By the time I got to work (next door to a hospital, by the way) 40 minutes later I was at the peak of the experience and pulled my boss aside to let him know, just in case, you know, something happened. The reason the EpiPen autoinjector exists is so people have the medicine available IMMEDIATELY in life-threatening situations, because you may not have the luxury of time while waiting for an ambulance or the ER doctor. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is how important it is to get your food allergy advice from a board-certified allergist. On a side note, I was really upset a couple of weeks ago to hear about the 7 year old girl who died at school from a peanut allergy reaction. We get asked the question at least once a week in our AllerTrain Class…what will happen if I inject someone with an epi pen and they don’t need it?
But remember those little finger-pricker things they use on your finger for quick blood tests? Thanks for sharing your experience even if you felt somewhat embarrassed, which I don’t think you should but I get it.
Absolutely no apology needed but I did have a good laugh when I saw my name at the end of your post.
I would like to say just as a point of reference, I accidentally injected myself with the adult EpiPen not the Jr. The effects were shorter lived for me and within 20 minutes I was starting to feel a bit more normal. Very sorry (and shocked and disgusted) to hear your experiences of other moms making light of your peanut allergy.
The major residual effect was that Ollie (dog) avoided Sam (nephew) for a few days after the incident.
I feel reassured by the experience that I will not be causing my son any pain,Although I have a feeling that if he really needs it he isn’t going to care about the pain. Thanks Cris – sounds like you have the typical fear we all do about using the EpiPen.
I have to admit that, having injected myself for fertility treatments, I am not afraid of using the EpiPen on my PA son (i.e. With the recent death in VA, I have become aware of the fact that there are people that would be afraid to use it.
As a Medical Assistant we are taught to always check 3 times before administering medications. Luckily for me, I have never received a shot of epinephrine, either on purpose or by accident. Just to make things worse I had drank a couple of hot whiskeys prior to the accident as off work on holiday for another week and I am not a regular drinker so my experience is one of feeling quite lethargic and light headed. I cannot believe that I was so stupid as not to read the directions but I will try and be more carefull in the future.
I feel very calm and my husband is panicking and if I had another epepen I would like to give him a jag just to keep him relaxed !!
On a different note, I’m a physician who is doing a research study on the usability of Epipens and the effectiveness of training directed towards school staff. I would love it if you could contact me at my email address above and we could talk offline. We took my son to get retested for his allergies after he had eaten a brownie with nuts in it and was ok, we found out he was allergic to only one kind of nut.
Well last night I was cleaning one of the drawers out and found and old epipen, which had expired years ago. Trying to inject my son in a panic, I had the epipen backward and the full dose went in my thumb.
Unfortunately it was not the training pen and when doing the demonstration I felt what I can describe as a punch to the thigh. I so appreciate you sharing this and I am going to share on FB, and then later this week on my own blog.
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Every home should already have the basics needed to sustain a family for a few days, but it does not hurt to be a little more prepared. Many foods are made with survival in mind and are packed full of the nutrients the body will need on a daily basis. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!! Find what works best for you and practice a few times (include your toilet strategy!), so that if a real emergency occurs, you can be comfortable and face whatever comes your way.
Each person’s reaction to epinepherine may be different, depending on your personal health history, weight, dosage of medication and injection location.
But I have become vigilant about keeping them with us and keeping the prescription active at home and daycare (they expire after 12 months). I opened the hard plastic case and popped out the training device and sat there a bit stunned. I remember looking at the clock two hours later and still feeling a bit wired, but by four hours it had totally worn off.
Unfortunately some people do not fill their prescriptions for EpiPens or know enough about food allergies to know that they need to get them.
And if you have a pediatric-allergist in your area, they can be especially great with kids. Of course the answer can be different for everyone – based on the dosage and their own medical condition.
Not everyone who has an allergy even knows it, especially to things like bee stings, which I would imagine to be somewhat common on playgrounds.

I’ve often felt nervous about how I would react the first time I need to use my EpiPen. I’ve been very wary of our four epipens that I carry everywhere ALL THE TIME for my to FA kiddos. The EpiPen people recently redesigned the autoinjector device to make it MUCH more clear which end had the needle because of situations like these. Unfortunately I’ve never had formal medical training like you, so this was not something that I learned. Much of my discussions of EpiPens are centered on food allergy patients so it’s so interesting to learn more about bee sting reactions. So my curiostiy took the pen out of the container removed the cap and next thing i knew, I heard the click.
I was going to cart him off to the emergency but since he is 25 and didn’t want to go and was feeling fine I backed off.
I am terrified of ever having to give my son the epi-pen because he is anxious about his allergy and I imagined that if he ever experienced the (what I thought was) painful injection, he would never eat again. Online access to your account, online TxTag Application, Road and Travel Conditions, FAQ’s.
Governments ask that each home keep at least three full days of supplies on hand to be prepared for any emergency. Having an adequate survival food supply can remove one of the major stressors during any catastrophic event. Do you have to have your hot water heater or would you be able to heat up water on a grill or propane turkey fryer? Consider getting some easy meals: boxed mac and cheese, canned soups, cans of beans, rice, dried fruit. Even if you live in a southern climate, don’t underestimate how chilly it can quickly become—and ice storms are a common cause of power outages. Just last week, I had been checking the expiration dates of the pens, at the drive thru of the pharmacy (in the dark).
That morning, I provided plenty of safe food options (as did they), went through the list of what to avoid and then talked about watching for symptoms. This was helpful, mostly from an emotional standpoint, to be able to process what had happened with someone who might understand.
Instead, the nurse was very confident that because it was only a half dose AND I had no other medical conditions, that I should be fine (but, of course, to watch carefully for any other strange reactions). I’ve heard of situations where parents called 911 and let the EMTs decide if the child needs an EpiPen because they were too afraid to do it themselves.
If you stay calm and cool, your child will stay calm. Please believe me, when I tell you from experience, that getting the epinepherine is NOT a bad thing.
It is important to have an EpiPen on you at all times and USE it if you have symptoms of anaphylaxis. Pediatricians, urgent care and ER docs, chiropractors and homeopathic practitioners may know a bit about food allergies, but they are not specialists. Another child on the playground gave her a peanut and she had a severe reaction and went into cardiac arrest. Bee stings is a good one, and shellfish allergies can appear out of nowhere in adults after years of eating shellfish normally. It really is a commitment once you go down that path, and one that most of us would rather avoid. I always pull out our food allergy action plan and use that to guide my decision, hope you have one, too.
Read the label upon removing meds (or anything similar to meds) from its storage place, once before actually drawing up the meds or removing from bottle and once before administering it. This would be more concerning and I hope people will learn to double, or triple check before administering the epipen to themselves or their children or anyone else. Maybe the epi did kick in sooner but I just didn’t realize it because I thought it was nerves? The manufacturer should change the shape of the injector slightly and make other modifications than just the label color. I dropped the pen and looked at my thumb and said to my husband, I just stuck myself with the needle! Recent disasters have revealed the difficulty in obtaining food and water lasts for days and weeks following an event.
A good estimate for water consumption is one gallon of water per day for each family member.
Knowing just how much you can do without power will help make an emergency off-grid situation more comfortable for everyone. A kerosene heater will keep 1000 square feet warm on a tank (about two gallons) for 11 hours. My mind was racing a bit and my body felt jittery, but I could still participate in my work meeting and function okay. I have personally been given bad medical advice and I have heard shocking advice come from these folks to families with food allergies.
That said, the experience gave me a lot more confidence in actually using the device, and I hope that piece of it helps others as well.
I can imagine that injecting it into a thumb would be cause for serious concern (as opposed to a lare muscle like the thigh). Without the proper gear, this could be an uncomfortable circumstance for a day, a week, or even longer. If you need to keep them separated from the family pantry, place them in a large plastic bin with a tight-fitting lid.
A small propane heater is a good space heater and an effective and inexpensive way to warm a small area.
My daughter has been prescribed the EpiPen Jr and we always have two of the units on us and one training device. And this, I think, must be where and how I mixed up one of the EpiPens with the training device. I typically store them with both medicine units in the hard plastic case, and the traning device separate and floating in our emergency kit. Now I’d like it if they would make the trainer a bit more different than the regular devices. I TOTALLY think this will help your daughter (not to mention other kids and parents) feel at ease using their EpiPens! The area should be somewhere that is safe from flooding, extreme heat or cold and moisture.
Whether the outage was caused by a storm or system failure, it’s is essential to have a way to live off grid if you have to.
After you have taken stock of the items you have, consider what you will need to live off the grid for about two weeks at a time. A woodstove is an efficient heater and you can cook on the top—it doesn’t have to be a cook stove, it just needs to have a flat top. On some websites you can even find holiday lights powered with solar chargers, and they are fun and helpful for lighting dark spots in the house.
I didn’t feel anything right away, except feeling nervous that I just gave myself the shot. However, it can make your blood pressure rise and typically people are monitored for safety.
I liken this to having an automatic external defibrillator (AED) available or administering CPR. Thanks again for your comment – you are totally right that we all ned to take time to be sure what we are doing.
If space is an issue, a large stock of energy and protein bars can still be kept without requiring a lot of space to store. Read on to learn how you can prepare yourself if you’re forced to live without power for a while.

If you find yourself in a no-power situation without a lot of water, hopefully you will be in a storm. Get out the cast iron pans from grandma and play “Little House on the Prairie” for a few days.
And yet, I know from practicing on fruit with expired EpiPens that typically all the medicine is released right away. I called the pharm company that makes the EpiPen today and let them know of my experience – their patient safety group was very interested.
Having satisfied him that I was fine at the present time, he advised me that all would be fine and there was no need for me to go on for any treatment but to call back immediately if there was any change.
Also there are options in purchasing emergency survival food in bulk which will help reduce your overall cost and provide you peace of mind, and less stress because you’ll know your family will be safe if an emergency does arrive.
Yes, I said, “hopefully.” If it’s pouring rain, you can set large bins and trashcans (that you’ve cleaned well) out under the eaves of your house and fill them up!
Snow takes a while to melt but it can be done, and that water is pure and good for drinking and cooking. In the bucket system, you simply put a garbage bag in a bucket that’s outfitted with a toilet lid. Remember that EpiPens are not meant for medical professionals, they are meant for average people who have little to no training in how to actually use them.
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