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The Olmsted Falls food pantry is one of the most fundamental operations Christians in Action provides. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Use these free clip art images for your collections, school projects, website art and more. Having enough food for a SHTF situation is everyone’s goal, the only problem with lots of food is storage! This is a great project that is relatively inexpensive and can cost next to nothing if you use giveaway pallets or wood scraps found at lumber yards or on Craig’s list often free.

Please be aware some of the sites we link you to could have pop ups and that we have no control over them. If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help. I found a great tutorial which shows us how to make our own canned food storage holder that can be mounted to wall like the one pictured above or add sides and create a free standing shelf pictured below. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. College kids will love receiving their kits and as the school year progresses, you can mail them items to refill their baskets.

These unique food containers, unlike any other, can hold food and other life essentials while adding value by cross stacking up to 4 feet for maximum efficient storage.
Paint several layers to increase the vibrancy of the color, allowing the paint to dry between layers. While shopping for everything they’ll need for college, pick up some supplies for a fun survival kit!

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