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Emergency Accessory Kit to the Home Survival Kit containing the most effective supplies for protection from the spread of the pandemic flu. ER™ Pandemic Flu Kits contain emergency supplies specifically designed for protection against the spread of a pandemic flu outbreak. The risk for a large pandemic outbreak at any moment is an unfortunate but very real possibility. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Our e-newsletter is currently being bombarded with false subscriptions. Emergency Safety Goggles offer critical eye protection from airborne objects and particles, chemicals and tools. Use these protective goggles following emergency situations such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, terrorist attacks, floods, fires, search and rescue operations, etc.

They are adjustable, ventilated and lightweight for secure, customized, and comfortable fit. Luckily recent outbreaks of the Bird and Swine Flu quickly subsided but nonetheless evidenced the danger posed by a quickly spreading airborne virus without a known cure. Toiletries are often overlooked when providing donations, but they are a necessary expense for all families.
Your purchases will directly impact local families by providing them with essentials for daily living. Designed for use during and after a disasters, terrorist attacks or anytime to protect your eyes against severe conditions. So take the time to properly prepare in case another outbreak occurs; you'll be thankful you did.

Please see the list on this page for the Dollar Tree and deliver to the church by youth Sunday (December 15).
If you would like to take an extra step, a few more entertainment items have been suggested for a few more dollars.

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