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The Greensboro Urban Ministry Food Bank collects and redistributes good, edible food to as many as 110 people a day. Greensboro Urban Ministry strives to fill the gap between individual income and government benefits by providing emergency food assistance through our Emergency Assistance Program. These food assistance bags include fruits and vegetables, grains, and protein, to help ensure that those receiving assistance are eating balanced nutritious meals. While roughly 80% of the families and individuals receiving food assistance are financially stable outside of their food needs, nearly 20% of recipients are in need of additional assistance. Last year, the Food Bank received 1,192,863 pounds of food and provided 22,942 food assistance bags. When you are buying groceries you can do a lot of good by bringing home something to donate. Please help Potter’s House continue to serve those in Greensboro who dine with us daily — we serve some 400 people each day!
Ime beaming as Tyra Clymer from Greensboro Urban Ministry describes her dedication and service.

Funding estimate is based on award information shared with the NJ Deptarment of Agriculture by the federal government. The funding estimate is based on information from the NJ Department of Human Services and the Federal Funds Information for States.
It does not appear that NJ qualifies under two of the three funding catagories based upon current caseload and spending statistics.
Lunch is served to men eat in the dining area at the Atlantic City Mission, a nonprofit Christian social service ministry that assists the poor and homeless on April 29, 2009 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Salvation Army believes that every child deserves to know the joy of a new toy or clothing, and get to share those special moments with family at Christmas. I want to Live United by purchasing $30 worth of school supplies for a needy child in Jefferson County.  My gift qualifies me for a free Live United T-Shirt!
By helping to ebb the pains of hunger, recipients are provided with some peace of mind and the fortitude necessary to focus on other areas of crisis in their lives. Make a local impact by casting your vote each day for the projects in your community that make a life improving difference!

See status and notes columns.DescriptionFunds enable local governments to undertake a wide range of activities intended to create suitable living environments, provide decent affordable housing and create economic opportunities, primarily for persons of low and moderate income. DescriptionThese funds help fund two nutrition programs for seniors: Meals on Wheels and congregate meal programs. To help make the holidays brighter for the less fortunate, The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama provides Christmas gifts to families in need throughout Mobile & Baldwin Counties.
Please stay with us on the front lines of providing help and hope to those who need it most in our community. In recent years, we’ve provided gifts for close to 2,500 local children through the Angel Tree program!

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