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Remember the adverts for 30mph in urban areas?  You may recall the statistics that referred to chance of fatality at 35mph and 40mph.  Do these still hold true?
If a vehicle is travelling at 30mph and at a point A is subjected to maximum braking it will stop at point B.
At 30mph our kinetic energy will be 30 X 30 = 900.  We can lose this completely at point B and stop. Translating this to a motorway situation, and emergency stop from 70mph may just stop you before a collision.  If you were doing 100mph instead the collision speed would be 71mph!
Braking distance in ft = speed in mph squared, divided by 20 (so divide by 2 and knock the 0 off).  Add the two together for overall stopping distance. According to the National Safety Council, your chance of dying in a crash doubles for every 10 mph that you travel above 50 mph. Kinetic energy, or energy of motion, is the energy that an object, such as your vehicle, has when it moves. Always remember – when you double your speed, the amount of kinetic energy quadruples.
Toyota has been a very consistent automaker with its highly demandable range of cars, including Toyota Yaris and Toyota Camry. The long-awaited Toyota Prado 2016 has been revealed recently to take on rivals such as Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero. The new Toyota Prado 2016 has superior comfort and user-friendly entertainment features for both the driver and passengers. To inspire your trust and peace of mind, Toyota Prado 2016 comes equipped with 7 airbags and plenty of technologically advanced safety systems.
One of the notable things about the Toyota Prado 2016 is its upgraded interior design and features. As it always has been, the Toyota Prado 2016 has a bold, confident stance and rugged elegance, as well as having a rougher ground that its predecessors.

Toyota Prado 2016 international price ranges between $52,990 and $83,490 including on-road costs. Is Apple’s China R&D centre an attempt to show that China is more important than India? According to a report from Slate, Autopilot has saved the life Joshua Neally, when the driver was struck by a pulmonary embolism, while riding his Tesla Model X on the highway.
37-year old Neally who is runs his own law firm had to take a call when he realised that he was facing symptoms of a blockage in an artery.
Indeed this is one of those situations that paints a very positive picture about Tesla’s controversial Autopilot system which is good for the company especially after the recent spate of Autopilot-related  accidents. While many may question the drivers decision to switch to Autopilot instead of stopping the car on the roadside and calling for Emergency Services, Neally had good enough reason to do the same. Had Neally fallen completely unconscious, his Model X would have pulled them to safety to the roadside instead of crossing over to the interstate and slamming into a big rock wall. Turning into a deadly projectile and harming other motorists on the highway is indeed one of the many reasons why systems such as Autopilot could become a mandate in many cars. Mercedes too has its own Drive Pilot system that uses a plethora of sensors to read the road ahead (up to 250 metres). Yu Yureka Review: Micromax delivers a good, affordable 4G-enabled phablet; Should Xiaomi worry?
How to clean off and prevent corrosion on car battery terminals with felt washers and anti-corrosion grease. As you increase your speed, the amount of kinetic energy also increases – exponentially. Thus if you were traveling at 30 mph and then decided to accelerate to 60 mph, the amount of energy in a crash would be four times greater! It has also produced one of the most incredible off-road vehicles of all the time, the Toyota Prado.

After being a top-selling off-road SUV worldwide, the Toyota Prado 2016 continues its heritage of quality, while being updated and improved from inside out, as well as being equipped with new engine and a large host advanced systems that suit the needs of modern drivers.
It is an off-road SUV that was built to conquer all terrains and roads while being attractive. While the negative reports about the same system seem to be increasing, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk may finally have some news that may give him a some relief.
He took a call, and switched to Autopilot that took over the vehicle for over 20 miles of highway before stopping over at an off-ramp close to a hospital in Missouri. Drive Pilot arrives in the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300, which also comes with plenty of other new tech goodies.
To know more about the brand new Toyota Prado 2016, Carmudi has made a full review with detailed information about Prado’s performance updates, new features, updated exterior and interior design, as well as its local and international prices. Maximum comfort is also taken into consideration with 3 rows of seats that can accommodate seven passengers.
While many argue that Autopilot is not good for quick break from taking your hands off the wheel. It was produced for the first time in 1985 and gained a lot of worldwide success ever since, needless to say it is one of the most desirable off-road SUVs in the UAE car market. It was indeed the right choice for Neally who felt that he needed to get to a hospital instead of stopping by the roadside and waiting for emergency services.

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