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We have come across a very interesting story about an elephant playing around with a 4×4 vehicle at a game farm near Worcester. It is however the first time that those on the vehicle were injured when they tried to jump from the vehicle. Pieter de Jager, owner of the Fairy Glen private game reserve just outside Worcester, on Monday confirmed the incident that happened on Friday at about noon. He said they have two elephants on the reserve and that the male had been involved in the incident. A game ranger had taken a group of about 10 tourists, who were at the reserve for a conference, on a game drive when they stopped to look at the elephants.
De Jager said the elephant had not attacked the vehicle, but had been “playing around” with it.
Anrietta Smit, spokeswoman for Mediclinic Worcester, confirmed on Monday that the women had been admitted on Friday. One of them, who was still at the hospital on Monday morning, had suffered a distal femur fracture in the fall and doctors were planning to try to move her to a Cape Town hospital on Monday.
De Jager said he was satisfied with the progress of the female rhino but feared that the male may have suffered brain damage in the attack.
A visitor to the Arrive Alive website shared some fascinating photos of an elephant flipping a vehicle at the Pilanesberg game reserve. Will the science of telematics save young driver from unaffordable car insurance premiums?How long may a pole or ladder overhang from your vehicle? The premium Silverado HD will hit dealerships this summer, likely continuing to drive up the average transaction price of the Silverado.

Besides bringing you the latest GM News, GM Authority also has a great forum where you can post topics, ask and answer questions as well as discuss all things GM. Manny is the lead GM Authority writer and provides on-site coverage of GM events as well as road tests of GM's new products.
I wish Chevy would put the same face on the 1500 with some subtle bumper changes for the smaller chassis. Improvements: Wheels are much better looking than the 1500 High Country, the mirrors are much better looking though they could be more stream lined.
Please consider: Making the painted front and back bumpers an option with the High Country grill for all Silverado models. Thanks for the opportunity to express my frustration with some of the Silverado design changes. This is not the first time we find in the media a story of an elephant causing damage to a vehicle on a game drive. One of them fractured her leg, and may be transferred from a Worcester hospital to a Cape Town facility on Monday.
People did not realise that although elephants were powerful animals, they were not always aware of their power, he added. It has been reported that a randy elephant bull flipped the Volkswagen Passat of Mr John Summers of Rustenburg. These elephant ears can be extended manually for wider trailers, feature power-folding and power-adjusting (with memory) capabilities, and also include heat and turn signals in the glass. Evolutionary changes are good and needed but when design changes only take place every 6-8 years, it allows the compaction to surpass your efforts.

Take the standard mirror and design it to extend as an alternative to the more bulky trailer mirror. Take a look at the ones in any competitor’s crew cabs or current double cab GM trucks. But even before asking, it was easy to sense even that a Silverado HDA High CountryA was imminent. Lastly, the new towing mirrors integrate auxiliary clearance lamps and auxiliary cargo lamps to help make backing a trailer easier. And for the 2014 New York International Auto Show, it seems that The Bow Tie is rounding out its truck lineup with the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty High Country. The dash center stack may be functional, but aesthetically does nothing to advance the dash styling. Be the first to offer a heavy duty transmission with more than 6 gears (Alison with Duramax ) . GM did a better job with the 2015 Tahoe and GMC Yukon dash – similar, but better executed in my opinion. It’s time for GM to break away from the pack and design a HD pickup without caring what the other makers have.

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