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Monitor Color Test Pattern is very useful if you want to successfully repair a Monitor either the CRT or the LCD type.
In polyphase rectifier we will be discussing in detail the working, the input and the output wave forms of a three phase half wave rectifier and three phase full wave rectifier, along with the connections of an interface transformer on a 6-diode rectifier. A three phase half wave rectifier, as the name implies , consists of a three phase transformer.
The voltage between the cathode and ‘NTRL’ (dc voltage Vdc) will have a value between the peak value of alternating voltages per phase Vsm and half this value ? Vsm.
The arrangement shown above is practised only if 3 phase supply is available.Like in single phase circuits, there is not a single point at which the rectified voltage will drop to zero, even without a smoothing arrangement.
For any polyphase rectifier, the neutral point must be provided by connecting the secondary windings of the transformer as it is considered as the negative terminal of the dc output circuit. When designing a rectifier, the following factors are to be considered to determine the number of .phases. The conditions for using three phase , six phase and twelve phase rectifiers have been explained above. At any particular instant , the potential of two diodes will be equal, and the load will be shared by those two which are effectively working as a parallel circuit.

The load  is shared by two three phase systems operating in parallel at a terminal voltage.
Learning the different kinds of electronics components are not that difficult in this age and time because of the presence of internet. ERC is capable of remanufacturing the old style, aluminum cased Wabco ABS and the new style black, plastic topped Wabco ABS. With the Monitor color test software we could easily detect at where the problem is by looking at the test pattern. Given below is a star connected secondary three phase transformer with three diodes connected to the three phases.As shown in the figure, the neutral point ‘NTRL’ of the secondary is considered as the earth for the circuit and is given as the negative terminal for the load. The voltage ripples are also small when compared to single phase circuits and the frequency of ac supply is three times more when compared with the former.If smoothing is needed, it can be obtained easily. Thus, the current flows only through one phase of the transformer secondaries and primaries, at a particular instant.There will be a line- to-line current flow, with the transformer primary is being connected in delta connection. To create minimum amount of harmonics generated in the output circuit, the number of phases in the rectifier circuit should be high. For good transformer utilization factor (TUF), the number of pages in the rectifier should be low. The advantage of using three phase , six phase and twelve phase rectifiers can be implemented together into a single circuit with use of an interphase transformer. From the waveform shown below we can see that the output characteristics are similar to a six phase rectifier with parameters like low harmonics of twice the supply frequency.

This terminal voltage is equal to the mean of the terminal voltages of the phases operating together. Assuming you found that the display test pattern curved inward, you would know that the pincushion in the Monitor circuit is having problem. At the instant when one diode  out of three is conducting, the other two are left inactive, at that instant their cathodes becomes positive with respect to the anodes.
The circuit will need a zig-zag secondary if dc saturation of transformer core which is caused by the flow of direct current of each diode, is to be avoided. But when the primaries are in star connection, two of three phases are virtually open circuited a t every instant. Each phase operates for ? rd of the cycle and the output voltage is same as that of a three diode rectifier  circuit. What you do next is to go straight head to the pincushion circuit and find out the cause of the problem.
But in this circuit each group will have its all secondary windings and instead of a direct connection, the star points will be connected through an interphase transformer.

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