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Our laboratories also have the expertise to develop tailored testing solutions to meet your needs. We help many manufacturers perform cleanliness testing on incoming materials through to finished components and packaging.
Employing various analytical techniques we can help you to diagnose component failures due to contamination and material related issues. We regularly provide sampling and testing of Ultrapure and DI Water in semiconductor and other electronic manufacturing facilities. At ALS Electronics we provide a number of reliability stress-testing for components and materials. According to the recent article by Samantha Murphy Kelly at Mashable, it looks like another tech standard war is brewing on the horizon. Ever since the acquisition of Nest Labs, a home automation company, by Google in a mind-blowing $3.2 billion deal, the IoT world has been on fire.
And because of this enormous consequence of a truly connected world beyond the virtual realm of the Internet, establishing an IoT standard will probably be a tumultuous one. My guess is that while those major tech companies duke it out over a standard, companies will arise to focus on this pain point and offer ingenious services that easily connect various devices through their “intermediary connection environments”.
This mouse served me faithfully for many years and still is awesome :D Couldnt imagine changing it for anything else. It is a fact that obtaining precious metals and minerals through recycling of E waste is much more economical than obtaining those minerals though the mining process. Exigo operates its own fleet of vehicles as well as has logistic partners all across the country. Protecting your confidential information while handing over your data devices poses a serious threat to data security of any organization. In this competitive era, R & D facilities have to make sure that their trade secrets are protected and grey market sales are avoided.

High security and data protection is priority for institutions like banks, financial or governmental institutions. August 22, 2013 by Oyvind Nydal Dahl 5 Comments In electronics we can find both series and parallel circuits. If you have several resistors connected in series, it’s very easy to find the total resistance.
Capacitors connected in series are a little more complicated to calculate, but still easy once you learn it. To calculate resistances in parallel you use the same method used to calculate capacitors in series.
You calculate capacitance in a parallel circuit simply by taking the sum of all the capacitance values. Can you also please guide me on how to design simple circuits like dark sensors, etc…. I'm Oyvind and my website is full of tutorials to help you build your own hardware gadgets – even if you have never built anything before! AKG K 518 LE headphones are a mid-range pair of around-the-ear headphones, inspired by the K 518 DJ mode. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Expands learning beyond the school day and the classroom walls in a safe, secure online environmentCreates a highly interactive, community‐based learning environmentParent Account Upon Request! Although home automation and IoT in general have been advancing steadily in the past, the sheer size of this deal put the IoT world on the map of the general consumer’s mind. IoT is sometimes called IoE, Internet of Everything, because many envision a world where everything is connected to the Internet, thus connected to everything else. There’s so much at stake for all those tech companies, large and small, and they all have their great ideas about it.

You can think of it as “IoT translators” that help devices speaking different “languages” to communicate with one another.
The Logitech G5 Laser Mouse gives you the edge with a 2000 dpi laser engine sending out an astounding 500 USB reports per second* for precision response at blinding speeds. The student will also be able to describe the function of each of the tools contained in the technicians’ tool kit. To make this vision come true, all different types of electronic and mechanical devices from different manufacturers will need to be able to communicate with one another over the Internet, and it requires a “common language” per se.
And unlike a Web standard such as HTML5 that focuses on browsers, this new tech standard has to encompass, well, everything.
A Logitech exclusive, the G5's 36-gram adjustable weight cartridge gives you thousands of variations on balance and weight—including one that?s perfect for your unique gaming style. They have padded earcups that surround the ear and help filter out ambient noise, have a wide frequency response and have a fairly high sensitivity. When the major players in the industry are serious enough to push for a standard, the technology in the spotlight is seen to have full potential, in the realm of billions of dollars in revenue.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gaming feet provide the ultra-smooth glide you want in a gaming-grade mouse, and Logitech?s SetPoint software allows you to customize your mouse with advanced features such as game detection and in-game adjustable sensitivity (including independent x- and y-axis settings). They include a jack adapter, and recommended use is with portable media players and computers.

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