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There are two fundamentally different kinds of gas engines that have been used in gas golf carts over the years:  A 2-cycle (also called a 2-stroke, which requires a certain amount of special 2-cycle oil to be mixed with the gas, either in the tank or injected into the fuel by means of a pump) and a 4-cycle engine (sometimes referred to as a 4-stroke and it requires oil in the engine crankcase, just like the oil in your automobile), and although both engines have many similarities, I will present them separately. WARNING 1: For your personal safety always remove all metal rings from fingers, watchbands or bracelets from wrists or any loose hanging necklaces. Local tap water may or may not be suitable to use.  It depends on the quality and trace minerals present in the water. This entry was posted in Seasonal, Tutorials and tagged battery cables, battery care, brakes, carburetor, drive belt, engine oil leak, filters, gas golf cart, ignition, spark plug, spring maintenance, starter belt, starter generator brushes, steering play, tire pressure by Michael Williams. My favourites lets you save items you like, tag them and group them into collections for your own personal use. Lawyer Services and Payments (LSP) has discovered several ways to improve their department in line with the IMPAC Management Strategy and the Value Agenda. LSP's Paperless 2 Project has led to productivity gains, significant cost savings by using less paper, less physical file storage requirements, more effective information management and -- most importantly -- improved service to the Bar. Process mapping helped LSP identify the sources and quantity of paper and information flowing into the department.
As well as using process mapping to identify and reduce paper, LSP also found mapping a helpful tool for evaluating and charting process improvement and performance measurement.

All of this enables LSP to provide a more green, cost-effective and efficient service to the Bar and greater value to taxpayers. Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), an independent but publicly funded and publicly accountable non-profit corporation. If there is a wet looking spot and everything else around the spot is dry, you may have reason for worry. Responsibility for determining the copyright status and any use rests exclusively with the user.
After creating a small committee to engage the department, and recruiting a mapping expert, Nick Roller, QSO, and help from IT, LSP focused on how the department operates on a fundamental level and mapped its paper flow processes.
By brainstorming, examining different options and implementing changes, LSP has created more efficient, cost effective routing and storage of information.
For example, LSP has discovered that the relatively simple concept of processing faxes electronically has not only saved a significant amount of paper - thousands of pieces are no longer used - but one full-time payables representative's time has been freed up to handle other assignments. None of this material may be commercially reproduced, but copying for other purposes, with credit, is encouraged.
If an area on the engine has a lot of oil around it and others areas do not, make a mental note and continue to watch that area in the future after the engine has dried off.

Tent and trailer site, Picnic Area, Pike Pickerel and bass fishing, water taps and sanitation facilities throughout the park. For example, a simple process for converting and storing faxes to an electronic file system (EZ Docs) saves the department a great deal of paper and time - it's much quicker to locate an e-version of a fax filed in an electronic folder and to email a link to the soft copy to the appropriate staff member than to store and find a paper version. If fresh oil or wetness persists then an oil or gas leak may be indicated.  We offer all the necessary parts to repair these problems, and the parts for the tune up procedures that follow. Incorrectly adjusted valves, spark plug wires which are in poor condition or poor quality fuel could also contribute to the problem.  Replace fouled plugs.
These new approaches make the most of modern paperless technology; scanning, converting to Portable Document Format (PDF), e-filing and e-mail. Notice below that the rear portion of the engine is dry and clean, while the forward portion shows signs of oil and dirt sticking to that oil.

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