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One undeniable fact that is left undiscussed by the anti-electric vehicle (EV) crowd is the rate of change in the price of gasoline versus the rate of change in the price of electricity. We used the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for our source, as they have both gasoline and electricity price data for several years. One of the first things to notice about this chart of gasoline price over the past twelve years is the volatility in the price of gasoline. While no one can predict the future, we can look to the past for guidance about future possibilities. The first natural gas-fired turbine for US power generation and one of today’s state-of-the-art designs currently live a couple hundred yards apart on GE’s massive 413-acre Greenville, South Carolina campus. The first gas turbine used for electric utility power generation in the US was manufactured by GE and shipped to Oklahoma Gas & Electric in 1949. National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark: First gas turbine for US utility power generation.
Fast forward over fifty years and natural gas-fired generation has grown to account for roughly 30 percent of US power generation capacity. The H class turbines have an efficiency rating over 61 percent, meaning 61 percent of the energy contained in the natural gas used as fuel is converted to electricity. The degree of efficiency at which a turbine operates depends on numerous exogenous factors including altitude, temperature and humidity levels. And GE is working hard at finding the innovations needed to move the dial toward even more efficient gas-fired turbines. In addition to coating technology, GE is focusing on fuel and combustion advancements that allow their machines to run on fuels ranging from crude oil – common in Saudi Arabia – to natural gas liquids that are currently abundant in the US due to the proliferation of shale gas development. There is strong appetite on behalf of independent power producers in the US and internationally for natural gas generating capacity as pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change increases. And this presents an interesting engineering challenge because higher temperature hydrocarbon combustion generates higher levels of nitrogen oxide emissions, but decreases carbon dioxide emissions. And modern gas-fired turbines are increasingly durable, with intervals between scheduled service growing larger as technology advances. Whereas fuel for gas-fired power generation is anywhere from two-thirds to 80 percent of the cost of producing electricity. GE has already been technically selected for 45 HA units globally, with 19 of these coming from US customers, seven each from buyers in Japan and the UK, and six in Brazil. Some contend that piling too heavily into natural gas as a power generation source exposes consumers to disproportionate risk if commodity prices increase as a result of demand growth. Should the EPA’s Clean Power Plan move forward with resultant coal plant closures, it will be difficult to replace that lost power generation capacity with anything but gas in the short term.
So against that backdrop, natural gas is currently very well positioned in the power generation market and so are GE’s gas turbine offerings compared with other generation technologies. Correct, but having efficiencies that are significantly higher is a damn good thing for now.
Yeah, like depending solely on wires to bring reliable electricity to your house from miles away. This article has opened my mind to the tremendous advances in turbine technology over the last 3 decades. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. We have discussed this previously, but it has been quite some time and the information was buried in the topic of another post.
One thing that we noticed is that the BLS electricity price data is slightly higher than the Department of Energy price data that we used last year.

Regional information is also available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics if you wish to track just your region. The fact that both machines convert natural gas into electricity is pretty much where the similarities end. It represented the transformation from early aviation turbines that rarely ran for more than ten consecutive hours to long-life power generation applications. It’s a very technology-intensive endeavor to reach these higher firing temperatures, particularly with such mature technology,” Dennis added.
Part of this effort is directed at advanced coatings for turbine blades, which allow the metals to reliably operate at higher temperatures. Power plant operators in regions of the world with access to comparatively inexpensive natural gas supplies are also motivated by economic incentives. Over the past 20 years, fuel combustion technology has decreased power plant emissions 90 percent, said Combustion Engineering Manager Joseph Citeno. So now there is a push toward what’s known as “lean combustion,” which requires additional air to be injected into the reaction. The company estimates $5 trillion will be spent on new power plants globally over the next 10 years. In the US at current natural gas prices, the fuel cost component of generation is about two-thirds, while Asian markets that rely on imported LNG, face fuel costs that account for roughly 80 percent of the capital spent by a utility to produce power, DeLeonardo explained. Power producers in South Korea, Russia, France, Germany and Turkey have also placed orders for the new machines.
Natural gas is a clear winner today given its commodity price advantage in the US and its emissions advantages over coal. Utilities are some of the first to bemoan over-reliance on any single power generation source and always seek balanced feedstock portfolios. Renewable sources can help, but still need baseload backup until utility-scale storage options can be economically and reliably integrated. Foreign and domestic gas-intensive manufacturers have been expanding operations in the US, shipping companies are looking at LNG instead of bunker fuel, railroads are considering using LNG over diesel and fleet vehicle operators like UPS have already adopted natural gas to varying degrees.
And he added that energy storage is part of the destination point for the bridge metaphor, meaning that it’s hard to say how long a natural gas bridge would need to be until there is more clarity around the emergence of affordable and reliable utility-scale energy storage solutions. Better though if we use the waste heat for industrial processes or distillation of saltwater.
And that is why we need to build lots more onshore wind, geothermal, solar PV, offshore wind, tidal power, hydropower, nuclear, and any other non-carbon system. I don’t believe battery technology will ever be as inexpensive as firing up the gas turbine. This is limited time offer till stock Last So, Contact us on the given below numbers today and grab the opportunity. So let’s take a look at the price of both commodities, using the same source for our price database. It came back down, but then spiked dramatically again into mid-2006 and once again in 2007. Also, there is a general upward slope to the price of electricity over the past twelve years, just as there was with gasoline. Especially when you consider that you can travel three to four times further for every dollar spent on fuel. The unit operated at OG&E’s Belle Isle power station from 1949 to 1980 and helped prove the technology. According to the company, the “H Class” is the world’s most efficient gas turbine, which is helping it quickly gain market share.

All these parameters need to be incorporated into a new design in order to increase total efficiency. And whenever those capital-intensive plants are down for maintenance or service, the owner is usually losing money. GE’s latest F class turbines currently operate for 24,000 hours before combustion system inspections, he added. Of course once wind turbines – or solar installations – are constructed and connected to the grid, the fuel is free. However, given public and political resistance to coal in what’s becoming an increasingly carbon-constrained world, natural gas has a leg up in the current environment. This is why natural gas is often referred to as a bridge to a more renewable-energy-intensive future. Gas basically beats coal across the board on these measures and while it’s not as clean as renewable sources like wind and solar, gas still takes two out of three, winning on price and reliability.
That’s where natural gas has a big grin on its face saying we own the next decade,” Pint said.
There is a difference between having a stoichiometric ratio of fuel-air burning and air added prior to exhaust and a non-stoichiometric mixture of similar fuel-air proportion. Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Surely the days of reading your own meter and waiting for the resulting bill should be consigned to the history books?
These kinds of price fluctuations can have a dramatic influence on a budget, especially if one must commit a portion of their budget to commuting costs.
But if we focus on the past ten years, as we did with gasoline, we notice that the price of electricity has gone from just under nine cents per kilowatt hour to just under thirteen cents per kilowatt hour in January 2012.
These prices are plotted on a weekly basis which is what gives the price chart a jagged appearance. So while gasoline prices more than tripled in ten years, the price of electricity has gone up about 45%.
If we just go back ten years to January 2002 the price of gasoline was just above $1.00 per gallon.
It reached a price peak of over $4.00 per gallon in mid-2008 based on all of the speculation in the oil markets, dropping dramatically over a three month time frame into the end of 2008. One can budget for price rises in summer and price reductions in the winter with a gradual increase in price each year. Also worth noting – while gasoline prices doubled since January 2009, the price of electricity has pretty much remained constant (taking seasonal variations into account). They all work together wirelessly to relay your energy usage back and present that information in an easy-to-understand package.
Courtesy of smart meters and the smart energy monitor, you will be able to see if changing your energy consumption habits leads to very real savings. You can even set yourself targets for how much money you want to spend per day on gas and electricity and see whether you are achieving your goals.

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