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Protecting your caravan against theft or damage requires the right caravan insurance and security products. Top tips on how to carefully budget a new caravan and expert advice from the Financial Ombudsman Service. Some of our favourite caravan blogs from around the internet - all written by Caravan Talk members you can find on our forums.
Whether you're looking for used caravans for sale or want to sell your old towcar, our listings are there to help and are free to members.
Our caravan specifications tool lists over 10,000 caravans, providing technical specs in both metric and imperial.
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Caravan advice, reviews, reports and diaries from some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Providing power and heat for your static caravan are essential elements of your day to day comfort. Modern caravans, from touring right through to static, are built to meet high standards, with domestic quality power appliances.
It is also worth noting that while for touring caravans and motor homes, a Caravan Industry Training ACoP qualification is sufficient, it does not cover engineers working on caravan holiday homes and park homes. Your annual gas safety inspections should also be carried out by registered professionals, and as well as being a common requirement for your static caravan insurance to remain valid, your caravan park may also require you to have an annual gas service too. While prevention is much better than cure, should a small fire take hold in your static caravan, having safety devices close to hand can help to keep the worst at bay.

Fire extinguishers – it is recommended that at least one fire extinguisher should be located within your static caravan at a point of easy access. Fire blankets – when resulting from fats and cooking oils, minor fires should be covered and extinguished with a fire blanket.
Smoke alarms – often the first alert for fires happening at night, smoke alarms are a must. In the event of an accident, while it can’t protect your assets from the fire itself, your static caravan insurance can protect you against its financial implications, allowing you to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Rio's Olympic village looks nice on the outside, but the inside is a whole different story. Rio’s Olympic village looks nice on the outside, but the inside is a whole different story. Share advice with our members and keep up with the latest caravanning developments on the forums. With the majority using both gas and electricity, static caravan safety is a serious business and this is backed up by the fact that many static caravan insurance providers require a gas safety inspection every year. As such, many of the requirements in terms of safety apply to protect you and your static caravan against the potentially lethal effects of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. The Gas Safe Register website will allow you to search for qualified engineers with the relevant experience you need – whether you are looking for someone with know-how in LPG, bottled or natural gas, or someone with experience of working with boilers or cookers.
Should your electrics fail when you arrive at your static caravan after a break away, it is a good idea to contact your holiday park’s maintenance team. These should be tested regularly and at least every time you arrive at your static caravan home.

Athletes have been complaining about electricity, gas and plumbing problems and only 12 of the 31 buildings have passed inspection.
With only two weeks to go before the games start things aren't looking good for the Rio Olympics. With only two weeks to go before the games start things aren’t looking good for the Rio Olympics. Non-permanent residents please enquire at the department.The original (blue) Qld Safety Certificate or the original Qld Certificate of Inspection (COI) unless exempt.
For more information about Vehicle Registration Duty Exemptions and the calculation of Duty, pleaserefer to Vehicle Registration Duty on this form.Provide the original (blue) Qld Safety Certificate or the original Qld COI unless exempt.
Transfer Application must be completed in full and submitted to the Department of Transport and Main Roads by the Acquirer.Part B. The certificatemust be current at the date of disposal.Safety Certificate - If a Safety Certificate is required it must be issued in Qld and be current at the date of disposal. The issue date of the certificate must not be more than three months beforethe date of transfer.Exemptions (Items 1, 4 and 11 do not apply to gas certificateexemptions)1.

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