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Easy to install and maintain, the LM2500 features the following: a simple modular design, marine corrosion-resistant materials and minimum size, weight and space requirements per horsepower produced. The LM2500 marine gas turbine is frequently housed in a high-shock resistant, thermal , acoustic enclosure on a mounting base. The simple modular design of the LM2500 incorporates many features to maximize shipboard maintainability and parts replacement downtime, such as a split compressor casing, in-place blade and vane replacement, in-place hot section maintenance and accessible external fuel nozzles. Power Transmission and Distribution system (PTD) has been carefully structured with one thing in mind that Innovations in Power Transmission and Distribution are necessary to guarantee the reliable power supply for the growing world economy in the future. A Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) is a system comprised of static equipment used for the AC transmission of electrical energy. This method is used either while charging the transmission line or when there is very low load at the receiving end. The advantage of HVDC is the ability to transmit large amounts of power over long distances with lower capital costs and with lower losses than AC. Endpoint-to-endpoint long-haul bulk power transmission without intermediate 'taps', for example, in remote areas. Connecting a remote generating plant to the distribution grid, for example Nelson River Bipole. Stabilizing a predominantly AC power grid, without increasing maximum prospective short circuit current. HVDC can carry more power per conductor, because for a given power rating the constant voltage in a DC line is lower than the peak voltage in an AC line. Because HVDC allows power transmission between unsynchronized AC distribution systems, it can help increase system stability, by preventing cascading failures from propagating from one part of a wider power transmission grid to another.
The pump is one of the most vital components of your swimming pool’s circulation and filtration system, regardless of whether it is in ground or above ground.
Unfortunately sometimes, even if you have been maintaining it properly, the pool pump can stop functioning properly. Before we actually start discussing about the different pool pump issues, it is essential that you are aware of the basic parts of the pump and have a clear understanding of their functions. Pool filter: This component removes all forms of smaller dirt and debris from water as it passes through the filter before it flows back to the pool.
Strainer basket: Helps by catching large debris and leaves in order to prevent them from clogging the pool pump. Electric motor: Contains an impeller that spins continuously to move water from the drains of the pool by way of the filter and again back to the pool.
Now, read on to know about some of the most common pool pump problems and also the ways to fix the same.
If your pump doesn’t pull water, the first thing you need to check is to see if anything is stuck in the pump and skimmer basket.
Sometimes, it is possible for your pool pump to turn off by itself after a specific timeframe. Another reason for this issue happens to be a blockage in the vent or failure of the motor fan.

An easy way to identify air leak in your pool pump is by spreading shaving foam all over the pump and look for places where the foam is sucked.
Derived from GE' CF6-6 aircraft engines, the LM2500 consists of a gas generator, a power turbine, attached fuel and lube oil pumps, a fuel control and speed governing system, associated inlet and exhaust sections, and lube and scavenge systems, as well as Controls and devices for starting and monitoring engine operation. A six-stage, aerodynamically coupled low-pressure power turbine which is driven by the gas generator's high-energy exhaust gas flow drives the output shaft of the marine gas turbine. The LM2500 delivers high thermal efficiency and low fuel and airflow per horsepower produced. The enclosure attenuates noise in the engine room and provides sensors for inlet icing and fire detection. It is meant to enhance controllability and increase power transfer capability of the network. Whenever an inductive load is connected to the transmission line, power factor lags because of lagging load current.
Depending on voltage level and construction details, losses are quoted as about 3% per 1000 km. While this has minimal effect for DC transmission, the current required to charge and discharge the capacitance of the cable causes additional I2R power losses when the cable is carrying AC. Changes in load that would cause portions of an AC network to become unsynchronized and separate would not similarly affect a DC link, and the power flow through the DC link would tend to stabilize the AC network. The basic job of a pool pump is to create pressure inside the pool, following which the water will be forced by way of the filter. This can cause accumulation of dirt and debris in your pool, making it stink, and also your pool will get a weird texture.
It happens when there is no sufficient supply of water to the pump within a particular timeframe, or simply put, cavitation happens when the pool pump starves for water. It is common for mud and other dirt to get deposited in these areas of the pool pump over time.
Additionally, there are some other causes which include lack of electricity, voltage fluctuations, and a blown fuse. The vents are present under the motor, which can get clogged easily due to leaves and dirt.
However, if the problem persists or is bigger than you expected, seek help from a professional. Series inductance occurs in long transmission lines and when a large current flows, it causes a large voltage drop.
To compensate, a shunt capacitor is connected which draws current leading the source voltage.
High Voltage Direct Current transmission allows use of energy sources remote from load centers. This allows existing transmission line corridors to be used to carry more power into an area of high power consumption, which can lower costs. The magnitude and direction of power flow through a DC link can be directly commanded, and changed as needed to support the AC networks at either end of the DC link.

While you can hire a professional to look into and rectify the issue, many pool pump problems are often easy to fix, so you can first try your hand in rectifying the issue before contacting a pool repair and maintenance service provider.
The impeller will start to spin fast but with insufficient water, thus producing a loud noise. When too much mud or dirt gets accumulated, the flow of water will get affected and as a result the pool pump will stop pulling water. You will be able to identify this cause when your pool pump stops working at high capacity.
Before you proceed to check any of these issues, make sure you are completely dry and wear slippers made of rubber. Generally, pool pumps use a lot of electricity and often require constant supply of the same to function properly. The receiving end voltage may become double the sending end voltage (generally in case of very long transmission lines).
This has caused many power system operators to contemplate wider use of HVDC technology for its stability benefits alone.
A pool pump works well in getting rid of debris, dirt, and other foreign particles from a pool, makes the water clean and clear, and fills the pool with clean and fresh water again.
Take a voltmeter with you, check all sources of power supply and try to identify the exact source of the issue. If you happen to live in a region where the climate tends to be extremely hot, cover your pump with a pool pump cover to reduce its exposure to the sun, which may also cause it to overheat. Some of the most common causes for air leaks in pool pumps include a plumbing break, leaving valves, or bad thread sealant. In simple words, the pool pump is the heart of your pool and has to be cared for the right way. So if you think that the problem with your pool pump is air leak, we’ll be discussing more about it later in the article.
If all the power points, wiring, and power supplies are working just fine, then you may have to consider other possibilities. The chances of power drop are high during summer because you and your neighbors will have ACs turned on in your houses at all times. Sometimes you may find a gap between the base and the pump itself; in that case, use a rubber mat or pad to fill the gap and stop the vibration.
Basically the impeller will be connected to the motor that is responsible for the flow of water.

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