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Finding the right holster is like finding the right pair of shoes — it takes time to find the one that fits you and your style. The kydex material is perfectly formed to fit your desired firearm and securely hold it in place. The only problem with the leather sides is that they allow the holster to droop a little more than I’m used to.
Nevertheless, the holster still keeps the gun nicely concealed even when wearing tight shirts. While it wasn’t my cup of tea, the Urban EDC Hybrid holster is a well-made and nicely designed piece of kit that would serve well in its designated role.
View Video Delivery Your package will normally be dispatched via the Royal Mail or DPD on the same or next business day after cleared payment. Each one has their benefits and weaknesses, fitting a specific purpose and carry style best.
In the case of my 1911, they went the extra mile to mold in a tab and an indent for the manual safety. Specifically, the holster can rub against your body if you don’t wear anything between your heater and your hip.

When I sat down in my car it needed significantly less adjustment to be comfortable than my other holsters. There were moments when my 1911 flopped around a bit that I worried it wouldn’t be as stealthy as I wanted. They sent me one to review and after a couple months of carrying with it I’m finally ready to voice my opinion . Blue Ridge Holsters, with their Urban EDC Hybrid design, has tried to bring together the best features of each in the hopes of making a superior firearm carrying device and, in general, it works as advertised.
That’s not to say that it flops around like a freshly landed trout, I just prefer my holsters to feel like the gun is welded to my side rather than more loosely attached.
That said, it did have a tendency to rub against me at times and it was a bit loose for my tastes. The real benefit to a rigid holster material like kydex is that the holster retains its shape after the gun is removed, making re-holstering a breeze. There’s a trade-off between holster size and level of retention that you need to make with your choice of rig and for concealed carry kydex hits the nail on the head. It wasn’t bad enough to want to make me stop wearing the Urban EDC, but it was present enough at times that it was noticeable.

Blue Ridge tried to fix this by adding leather panels to the sides of the hard kydex sheath, allowing it to flex like an all-leather holster while still having the rigidity to hold the gun securely. But if this holster sounds like your dream come true, at $55 the price is right to give it a try.
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