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With the Nepal earthquake fresh in the minds of people around the world, officials commemorating emergency preparedness week in British Columbia are reminding the public to plan ahead. Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services assistant fire chief Joe Foster told media at an event Friday that Lower Mainland residents should have earthquake kits at home that can sustain a family for at least 72 hours. With no guarantee of working electricity, a range of lighting is recommended for getting around at night. This will be necessary to receive updates from responders on the state of emergencies and or vital instructions in the case of evacuation orders. Some miscellaneous items, while not necessary for survival, can also come in handy in event of an emergency. The Cascadia subduction zone stretches for 1,300 kilometers from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to northern California. Any time there is an earthquake along the Pacific coast, British Columbians collectively quiver at the thought of the Big One happening here. Communicate with family members about a meeting point if separated and have an out of town contact. Strata corporations can use the Contingency Reserve to pay for damage caused by earthquakes, including the deductible, but it probably won’t cover all damage. Section 149 of the Strata Property Act directs Strata Corporations to carry property insurance on the basis of full replacement cost and insures against major perils as set out in the Regulations and any perils specified in the Bylaws.

The Strata Property Act requires a Report on Insurance be made at each Annual General Meeting. Divide and Prosper Situation: A Strata Corporation sells a strata lot which it had owned, usually used as a caretaker or guest suite.
The Amazing Race Canada takes on CubaOn second thought, maybe picking up the machete was a bad idea. Working flashlights and charged batteries should be included in the kit, along with candles, matches and lighters.
When putting the kit together also consider special items that are specific for yourself or family members, such as prescription medication, infant formulas and necessary equipment for those with disabilities.
These extra emergency kit items include a spare set of keys for your home and vehicles, some cash in smaller bills and change for pay phones and a copy of your emergency plan and contact information.
Subduction occurs when one tectonic plate shifts under another, and can cause large magnitude quakes resulting in prolonged shaking, landslides and tsunamis. To grow the fund, your Strata Corporation can introduce a special levy with an owner vote at a general meeting. Check your policy and your Strata Corporation’s policy and discuss your insurance needs with your insurance company or insurance broker.
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Some small bottles, which are easy to carry, should be filled in case of an evacuation order. Many Strata Corporations will not have a CRF balance that is sufficient to cover the earthquake deductible, so owners should ensure their own insurance policies will cover the cost losses and damage. That 10-foot-long stalk and its juice are the only […]Ottawa River finally gets heritage river designation — but just the Ontario partParks Canada will announce Thursday that the federal and Ontario governments have designated the Ontario portion of the Ottawa River as a Canadian Heritage River, culminating a decade-long campaign to win recognition for the river known as Canada's "original trans-Canada highway. If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse.
As for food, anything that wona€™t spoil a€“ such as canned food, energy bars and dried foods a€“ is best. Move away from unsecured bookcases, windows, mirrors or any cupboards where the contents might fly. The shaking may only last for a few seconds or it could go on for a long couple of minutes.

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