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What to Do Before an Earthquake Make sure you have a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, a battery-powered radio, a flashlight, and extra batteries at home prepared.
Places above fault lines are directly affected by earthquakes when they strike because the plates which move are found along them.
April is Earthquake Preparedness Month.  Have you created a disaster-preparedness plan for yourself and your family?  Have you got a disaster kit ready?  Do you know how to protect yourself during an earthquake’s shaking?
Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more. Designed and tested by professional firefighters to be effective in case of any emergency where it is needed. The 4 in 1 Emergency Tool is used conveniently in the home, garage, school, office, business, shop, warehouse, government building, military building, etc.
The 4 in 1 Emergency Tool also pries open doors, cabinets, and other openings to allow you to get into areas that have been damaged during a disaster. It’s been carefully crafted using only the toughest, highest quality materials to ensure safety and reliability. It highly recommended that a tool for turning off gas and water be included in every disaster supplies kit. Thanks to the invention of the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool, you can perform all of these important tasks with one lightweight, heavy duty, easy-to-use tool.
Prepare your home, business and community with 4 in 1 Emergency Tool – be prepared today! In recently thinking about earthquakes, I recalled that the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake did a lot of its damage from the subsequent fires, which day after day burned their way around the city unchecked.  In considering how to be safe from earthquakes and their aftermath, inland and beach communities should prepare for such an eventuality.

We also have to remember that a major part of our water supply comes from the other side of the San Andreas Fault, as does wind, solar, hydro and geothermal electrical power. An earthquake might not only sever power lines, but power plants will be automatically shut down.  It may take weeks to repair and test them, and then to get government approval for them to restart.
On the water side, assuming that electricity is cutoff, are the water tanks filled to the top usually, or what is the policy?  Does the city have trucks carrying emergency diesel generators that could be brought to a local pumping area to keep the water tanks filling in such an emergency?  Is the city capable of supplying diesel fuel through pumps to refuel the trucks without an electric grid?  Do we have city gas pumps to fuel police vehicles that can run off of a generator in case the electric grid fails?  Do we have enough pumper trucks to carry water from a reservoir to fight fires?  Can the city locate a set of emergency generators to power markets to keep food cool and to run lights and cash registers for an orderly distribution of food in an emergency? On the communication front for police and fire emergencies, do we have a central communication system that can be run without external electricity, first through batteries and then through diesel generators? Sometimes, emergency preparation begins at home.  Distant power plants already have forty years of emergency protection and inspection built into them by full time professionals.
For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
It is highly recommended that a tool for turning off gas and water be included in every disaster supplies kit.
This special patented design allows maximum leverage and comfort to allow you to act safely and quickly on most regular gas valves. This tough, heat treated tool, won’t rust or spark, is made of the same high quality compounds used in the Aerospace Industry and tested by professional firefighters.
When faced with an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, severe storm, or other life-threatening disaster, it is essential to be able to perform certain life-saving tasks.
Having a tool to assist you in prying open jammed doors and digging through debris can help you to perform this task more quickly and efficiently.

This affordable, multi-functioning tool is a must for every home, business, and emergency kit.
We specialize in providing a complete line of preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and the best value available for the consumer. Turning off your gas valve may be necessary to avoid an explosion or fire due to a gas leak.
When you or your family are in danger, you can count on the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool to assist you in multiple safety and rescue tasks. Equally important, you must be able to turn off your main water valve in the event of a break in a water pipe, which could result in severe flooding of your home or business. Retired geology professor Pat Abbott believes this earthquake may be a foreshock to something bigger.
Harvey Reed told the Associated Press his department received no reports of damage or injuries.

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