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Not only will there be no food on the shelves, but the shelves could stay that way for a long time.
FEMA recommends 3 days’ worth of food and water to last most common emergencies and I would say 30 days is a better goal to shoot for. Storing food can be complicated and costly but it is possible to start with a very simple list of items that you can purchase from your local grocery store or big-box chain like Wal-Mart, Costco or Sam’s Club. I shop at Costco or Sam’s, but you can get all of these at your friendly neighborhood grocery store. Canned meat – Cans are great for fruits and vegetables and anyone can find something they will eat.
Canned Vegetables – you will need about 40 cans of vegetables and again this can be whatever your family will eat. Honey– Honey is a miracle food really as it will never go bad if you keep it dry and cool. Salt – Same as honey, salt will never go bad if you keep it dry and helps the flavor of anything.
Vitamins – I recommend getting some good multivitamins to augment your nutrition in the case of a disaster or emergency. All of the list above will feed the average family of 4 for right at 30 days and makes a great start to your food preparations. Once you have 30 days of groceries in your pantry I would recommend looking into storing larger quantities in Mylar bags or purchasing freeze-dried foods and bulk grains to augment your supplies. Just wondering if there is a calculator or spreadsheet on how much I would need for a family of 7; two adults, 2 teens boys, 11 year old boy, 9 year old girl and a 6 year old girl.
The bigger stored food vendors will give calorie counts on their website for each package so you can compare.
The seeds are all Heirloom quality meaning you can regrow next year from what you plant this year, instructions included. I think I left Flour off because it has a shorter shelf life than most of the other items, but stored in sealed Mylar bags it would last much longer.
Looks like a good list but I would add some meats to it just for the extra protein and for diversity. Rice and beans do require water but I think you might be minimizing the benefits of each as well as their nutritional value. How is this list of supplies you need going to be different than any of the 523 million other lists out there?
Your list may be completely different than mine, but I believe the items contained in this list of supplies will be common to most people and more importantly will be required if you are going to be as prepared as possible if the manure hits the hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device.  This list is not all encompassing either. Bleach – Non-scented or Calcium Hypochlorite is a better long-term option that won’t go bad.
Polar Pure is an iodine based disinfection method that will last far longer than any water tablets. Plastic Nalgene Bottles or Stainless Steel water bottle for each individual if you plan on needing to boil water for individual use. Yard wagon or wheel barrow to haul the water jugs and reduce trips to your water source if it is remote.
Freeze Dried foods would be the last item to stock up on unless you have an abundance of money and zero time. Precious Metals – Investigate this for yourself, but I find the arguments and historical track records against fiat currency and the current rumblings of Government wanting to take care of your investments for you very compelling. Spare wood – Plywood and 2 x 4’s will handle a lot of different repairs until you can get the right materials.
Fish Antibiotics – In a grid down situation a healthy supply of these could save a life. Oil lamps – the right kind can provided plenty of light and last longer than batteries, or should according to use.
I would definitely add honey, vinegar, heavy socks,and a butane stove ( plus fuel canisters) to the above lists. Remember the episode of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers back in November in which a camo-clad moron warned the preparedness community of his impending attacks on their homesteads? Smith, for his 15 minutes of fame, just landed himself back in jail (which, given his desire to steal from preppers in a disaster scenario, might just be the best place for him).
He also said he had a regional map of places he can get supplies by force, and studied medicine, including how to perform a cesarean section on his wife. Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, leaving all links intact, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio. Daisy Luther is a single mom who lives in a small village in the mountains of Northern California, where she homeschools her youngest daughter and raises veggies, chickens, and a motley assortment of dogs and cats.
Daisy is a prolific blogger who has been widely republished throughout alternative media. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health, self-reliance, personal liberty, and preparedness. Most Recent Commentsalfred on Today, I Shot Guns with My Teenage DaughterDaisy Luther on Hey! Have you ever started cooking and realized that you were missing that one ingredient that can make or break your recipe? You might be wondering how you can possibly keep everything and also keep your food costs (and waste) low. Nuts – Pecans, walnuts, cashews and peanuts are used in a variety of desserts or just to eat alone. Spices – This includes all the dried herbs and spices you need to add flavor to various dishes.
NOAA Weather Radio, the NOAA website, or local TV or radio stations will issue flood warnings and reports from the National Weather service. Basements are excellent for emergency food storage because of their low, constant temperatures.
Throw out food that is not in waterproof containers (screw caps, pull tops and crimped caps are not waterproof).

Food in metal cans and flexible metal or plastic pouches can be cleaned by removing labels and sanitizing containers before opening.
Thoroughly sanitize food prep pans, countertops, dishes and utensils with hot soap and water or a bleach solution. As you enter, be aware that wild animals, especially poisonous snakes can seek shelter in flooded houses.
Contact your local or state public health department for specific recommendations for boiling or treating water in your area after a disaster as water may be contaminated. As illustrated by recent events, even if you’re not in a designated flood plain you may be at risk for high water damage in extreme weather conditions.
Simply put, food is one essential you need to live and your family must have a supply of food on hand regardless what the day or your situation is. If you have a month of food stored in your house you can worry about other things like getting back to your family if you are away from home or not going out in the first place to fight the lines of panicked people who waited until the last-minute.
I have compiled a simple list of common foods that you can go get today that will allow you to feed a family of 4 for 30 days. For canned meat, I recommend tuna or chicken because it tastes a heck of a lot better than Spam and you can easily mix that into your rice.
A normal container has 30 servings each so purchase about 4 of these and your family won’t starve for breakfast.
You can buy a big box of salt for around $1 and that will last your whole family a month easily. Granted, rice and beans aren’t the best and you won’t be getting as many nutrients from canned fruit and vegetables so the vitamins help to fill in the gaps and keep you healthy. The meat was the most expensive part but the bill comes to around $500 give or take but this will vary by where you live. You would also need to plan for basic necessities like hygiene (hello toilet paper!) and different food items.
I would recommend several large candles (very cheap at WalMart) or a propane powered lantern, matches or lighters, batteries for flashlights a good first aid kit, radio and plenty of water. Ideally you would be raising your own bees for the ultimate in self-sufficiency, but beekeeping is an expensive and time consuming hobby.
Used empty 2 liter soda bottles and filled them with water, plus have a 20×40 inground, bought several gallons of bleach, with 7 people here, have enough water to provide 8 gallons of water a day per person. I would also recommend 1 gallon sized bags as well for smaller storage, this way you won’t have to break open the 5 gallon bags as often. Seeds are stored in mylar bags and you can store them in a refrigerator to keep them longer.
Cotsco and Sams Club are good bulk places to shop, but if you live in Texas you can also visit HEB. Depending on the vitamin, oxidative degradation can occur, which is why we don’t have a good solution for long term space missions other than growing plants to replenish vitamins. You may not know what events to plan for or you could have a much defined idea of the threats you see, but regardless you recognize a need.
Maybe it won’t be, but I am going to try and go in order of importance so you can follow along at home and let me know what I missed or what should have received priority. I am probably not going to have blacksmith supplies or leather working tools although I can see the use in each of those.
This doesn’t take more extreme climates into consideration but should still provide a base regardless of where you live. The benefit with these are super long shelf life and virtually zero work so even with the added cost, they are a really smart choice if you have the other bases covered first. For me I have chosen several firearms and you can read what I consider are the top 5 firearms you need here, the best gun for home defense if you can only afford one and how to find the best handgun for self-defense in other articles on the Prepper Journal. Gold is easier to transport with the high cost to weight, but you might have problems cashing a gold coin for a tank of gas. If you can shower every couple of days and wash your hands before eating and after touching anything nasty you should be fine. There are a lot of people who don’t live where there are any trees for example and most will not be building their own log cabin even if they do. I had the same thoughts myself but things do not seem to happen as quickly as you think they will. One day something inside of me said ok look, it’s time to start making a list and to get going on this endeavor. The problem I am having is that I live in a mobile home so if something happens I am out of here, I just want to know how much water can I store in my car and how long would it last? All I need is an email address, and a link to the newest articles will come right to your inbox.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). Items that seem out of the ordinary as common pantry staples will occur to you as you create your shopping list. If a flood warning is issued for your area, be prepared to evacuate right away and move to higher ground. Take some time to assemble a kit and familiarize yourself with basic safety information. Be alert. Because of our just in time supply chain model, most grocery stores do not have more than 3 days’ worth of food stocked. If you have more or less people or giants in your family tree then you would need to adjust accordingly. At Costco they have the #10 cans of fruit like pears or apple slices and each of these has 25 servings. The honey will be better for you to boot as the bees will be collecting nectar and pollen from what is blooming near you. The local farmers market is a great place for quality local honey that will be better for you as well.

Also, make sure the buckets are food grade if you plan to store directly in them and buy some food grade diatomaceous earth to sprinkle over the top of the grains to keep the bugs out. They also may have to evacuate their premises and cannot take their food storage with them. Yes, power bars do not require water, but they don’t have anywhere near the calories. There are many facets to consider and as long as you have all the bases covered, you should be in the best position to do what you have to in order to live. Stored food will not remain as nutritious after about 1 year, where you must consume more to gain the equivalent amount of nutrition.
There are people who come to the Prepper Journal after they read something on another prepping blog or they may have been visiting our site for a year.
This list is going to be for the average person to get by if we have a SHTF event, not start a new life in the wild west. The capacity in only one of these units might not be enough for a family of 4 in the summer though so plan accordingly. This doesn’t prevent a currency devaluation but it does circumvent blank holidays or power outages. PC Things We Aren’t Supposed to Talk Aboutslingshot on Is Civil Unrest Coming to Suburbia? The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. Specialty stuff aside, always make sure the bare necessities are present to assist with a dish you want to create. At a store, you can also throw these into your cart and nobody is going to look at you like you are a deviant.
Each can has about 3 servings and this will be the most costly, but they last over a year usually and your family probably eats chicken or tuna on a semi-regular basis anyway so restocking this should be simple. Honey even has medicinal properties and you can use this to add some flavor to your oatmeal for breakfast.
You will need to get a kids version too if you have children small enough that they can’t or won’t swallow a big multivitamin.
Is this going to be as good as some toaster strudel or 3-egg omelets from your chickens in the morning? Ideally, you can raise your own bees and get the honey yourself, but speaking from experience this is an expensive, time consuming hobby.
A lot of store chains have a local section also so you may be able to pick something up in the grocery store that came from your town or near to it. Definitely need to make sure that you know what was in the buckets prior to storing in them as it can contaminate the food. They may lose track of their can openers and other tools that require opening canned goods and bottles. They also have many more chemicals and additives and won’t store as long as (properly stored) rice and beans. The newer visitors are usually just getting starting in this crazy world of Prepping and if they are anything like I was at the beginning, knowing where to start can be pretty daunting. Please let me know what additional items you would recommend and I’ll keep this list updated so you can print it out whenever you need to purchase items or want to build your supplies out. You will feel the pain in your wallet one time, but the tool should last long enough to offset that. It seems protection is the most important I am taking lessons on the gun’s I have purchased on shooting and care of guns. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader.
It is usually more economical to cook at home instead of buying an already prepared dish that will only last for one sitting.
You do not want to be one of those people who realize you have nothing in the house for dinner and a major snow storm, hurricane or  other event is imminent. If anyone does ask you what you are doing, just tell them you are having a big Chicken Stew or some other neighborhood type of event. I would keep all of these items in your pantry along with your regular groceries and rotate these to keep the contents fresh. It is much easier to visit the farmers market and pay an extra dollar or two for some quality local honey.
Remember that in a emergency situation, you will likely be working more so err on the high side of calorie needs.
Be sure to add items that are in packaging that can be opened with your bare hands, that require no water or cooking. Prepping isn’t the same for everyone but most people eventually look for a simple guideline to follow so I have pulled together this preppers list of supplies.
Also this list is going to be missing the specifics of the amounts because each family or individual is different. You will go to the grocery store and find bare shelves like they did during hurricane Sandy. Running out of food should not be an option for your family at least for a reasonable amount of time.
PC Things We Aren’t Supposed to Talk AboutDavid on Is Civil Unrest Coming to Suburbia?

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