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Lemon law firm representing owners of defective dodge vehicles and covered under the lemon law. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Dodge durango repair : problems, cost maintenance, Dodge durango repair and maintenance 2000 dodge durango. 2000 dodge durango used rear door (genuine oem quality), Safety problems, complaints there are 4 rear door choices for the 2000 dodge durango!!! Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. This is a detailing of the buyback process that we dealt with recently so that others will have a heads up should they have to contend with a big company buyback of any kind. Over the 6 years we owned the truck, and through all the miles, we had continuous problems with the front end handling with no resolution.
Recall notices received prompted us to call the dealer, and the truck was delivered for a warranty seat replacement (seat fell apart in about 25k miles or so), at which time any recalls were supposed to be performed, but according to Dodge in 2015, nothing was ever completed.
The first letter indicated we should make contact with a Dodge dealer ASAP to assess the VIN, which we did. We were told that although it was eligible, it would be a couple of weeks before the process began, so we waited, contacted them in about 2 weeks and was told to go to a website to check the VIN again and then we had to make a formal request for the buyback (by phone). We waited through November, and in late December, we contacted Dodge to see what the holdup was.
At this point, we’re glad that at least things seem to be progressing since they’ve now at least looked at the truck. When they ultimately decide it’s time to come meet with you, be prepared for a more in-depth inspection of the vehicle this time, with clear attempts to knock down what they previously offered by stating that we had not disclosed a minor damage (which was evident in the pictures they took + previously disclosed), potentially putting off the buyback to renegotiate.

Note for a personal truck owner – it could seriously affect your credit to have them take 3 or 4 months to pay the vehicle off, as the bank will continue to show your payments as delinquent, so something to be aware of and discuss with them during the process.
Capturing wonder as we wander MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH, 2016 Maine is rightly known for its art. 2000 dodge durango latches locks linkages dodge durango latches locks linkages problems latch 2000 dodge durango.. After talking to others who owned similar trucks, we reasoned that it was simply the way they handled.
Upon further research, it appears that most dealers didn’t even HAVE the parts to DO a recall repair when we sent it in. Total confusion ensued – no one knew how to check which vehicles were affected and some had not even heard of the buyback. Matt declined to negotiate, indicating they could look at the pictures previously taken which clearly showed the truck’s full condition, so was detained while the rep contacted Dodge for an “approval”.
It was a 4wd flatbed and would allow us to do calls in places we had previously had to call in others to assist, or get stuck trying to do it ourselves.
The truck never drove exactly right (we picked it up at 134 miles), so we contacted the dealer we purchased it from since the vehicle and tires were so low mileage. Frustrating as it might be, we did not believe it was unsafe; it was just the way the truck handled.
2 weeks went by, 3 weeks went by, finally we called in to see what the status was, and also to ensure they actually received the supporting documents we sent. A few weeks later, we contacted Dodge again, and were told someone would be in touch to come “inspect” the vehicle, to ensure it really was compliant with the buyback. From what I have been able to glean from researching it, there is nothing preventing them from reselling it, if they replace what caused the initial recall.

IF they pay it off more quickly, they will give the difference in the interest back, but the insurance you’re out. After many telephone calls, we finally reached someone who agreed that it was a factory problem with the alignment, so they offered to pay for the tires and alignment (first time only), but we had to pay to have them mounted and balanced. I believe it’s their job to try to find reasons to discount more, but don’t let them – as long as you gave full disclosure. It took about a month before anyone had a clue how to even look up the affected VINs at the dealership. Our offer was fair market value based upon our own research + 10%, so we were good there. After beginning the official process in early October, the truck was turned over February 26, 2016. Finally, in mid September, it was confirmed by phone that ours was eligible for the buyback because the repairs had never been completed properly despite going to the dealer. We put in a rather frustrated call to Dodge again, at which point someone was sent up a couple of days later, took a few pictures, did NOT inspect the vehicle in any way and went on his way. An important point to make is to be absolutely SURE to give accurate  mileage and indicate any previous damage to the truck, as it will come back to bite you later on if you mislead or omit in any way.

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