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For further information on our range of diesel-powered generating sets, close window or click here to return to previous page. This Massey-Ferguson TO-30 TO-20 TE-20 TEA-20 Factory Parts Manual is a reproduction of the original, out of print book. This book is printed in two sections. The first section contains a pictorial and group index plus a numerical index of all part numbers included in this book.
The listing section includes a part number listing referenced to item numbers on the illustrated page directly opposite.

Odd numbered pages will also carry the machine name to assist in identifying the machine to which the parts . Whenever a page of this book is re-issued, the current page listing will also be re-issued. This listing will show the issue number and date of issue of each page as a check sheet covering the entire book. It is imperative that revised parts book pages be inserted into their respective parts books as soon as received.

Indented parts in the descriptive list are a part of the preceding assembly or sub-assembly.
In this case the quantity shown is the number required for the preceding assembly or sub-assembly.

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