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Our professional and knowledgeable brokers are not only attuned to the ever changing international market but also have thousands of bluewater miles under their belts.
Jordan Yacht and Ship Company represents fine sail and power yachts worldwide, both new and used. This is not the time to question your boat.” Jordan Yacht and Ship Company never underestimates you or your dreams.
The defining difference between the EC series and the E series is its extra large pump compartment area within the bund. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. The standard configuration of US-designed locomotives is to have a cab at one end of the locomotive only. Join our email list today to get news, product announcements and specials from Western Branch Diesel. We have the experience and integrity to ensure that your purchase of a boat will be a decision that you can be proud of. The EC series is designed and approved for site storage and transport of diesel, petrol, lubricants and waste oil. It has been designed for applications where the pumping equipment needs to deliver large flow rates, or the pump is petrol driven. Since most the US structure gauge is large enough to allow the locomotive to have a walkway on either side, there is enough visibility for the locomotive to be worked in reverse.

Clairsville service department has a work force of technicians and office personnel with over 135 years of experience and extensive factory training to provide you and your equipment with superior care.
Our experienced field technicians can service or repair your engine, generator, tractor, marine and construction equipment at your location or in our shop.
Designed with operators in mind, the GPU-409 Ground Power Unit’s full-size performance comes in a compact size, allowing for easier handling and better mobility near aircraft while reduced sound levels ensure customer and passenger comfort.
Call or email for an appointment and let Jordan Yacht and Ship Company help you launch your dreams. Our full-service truck shop is comprised of eleven bays, including an express bay for quick diagnosis on trucks. Ideal for use with Large Generator applications, transportation depot's, mining and construction.
Powder-coated aluminum and fiberglass panels that surround a rugged galvanized steel chassis are a durable, yet lightweight alternative to traditional designs. There were no hidden costs and adjusting the price appropriately to meet market conditions proved the importance of having your professional advice. We offer bumper to bumper truck service, and specialized training for generator, oil & gas, coal, petroleum and natural gas equipment maintenance overhaul, repair and replacement. Mobility is enhanced by a rubber torsion axle, tight turn radius fifth-wheel steering, simple direct-acting brakes and a safe nodrop towbar. Tank supplied with 80mm (3") Suction Line including Sch 40 Pipe, ANSI 150# Flanges terminating with Fire Safe Ball Valve.

Bunded Pump Bay Housing features removable side panels to allow for simple multiple tank connection for tank farm applications. Other engines options are available that will meet the specific regulatory needs of your geographic location. The GPU-409-E-CUP is available with an optional 28.5 volts DC power output package, part number GPU-409-E-CUP-28. The 28V option creates dual outputs for a 90 kVA 400 Hz AC and 28 VDC combination aircraft ground power supply. The voltage regulator provides line drop compensation on 400 Hz as well as line drop compensation and current limiting on optional 28.5 VDC transformer rectifier.
The GCM displays the generator output operating parameters such as voltage, current, and frequency digitally on a backlit LCD. Engine protection such as low oil pressure and high coolant temperature are programmed into the ECM.

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