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Within the past few years DPS has migrated all of its radio systems to a conventional P25 digital protocol, which is capable of linking any Comm Center in the state to any other by VoIP, essentially giving any trooper the ability to talk to any other, statewide.
The SCIP has stated, on page 28, that DPS "will migrate toward a statewide hybrid trunked radio system utilizing 700MHz where feasible," accessible by all state agencies. The CLE Chief also oversees the DPS SWAT team which is comprised of 20 commissioned officers from all DPS services. The Division of Emergency Management is the statewide commssion responsible for disaster preparedness.
Otherwise known as "troopers" or "THP," the Highway Patrol is the most visible division of DPS, tasked with enforcing traffic laws on Texas highways.
There are 32 Communications facilities throughout the state as well as one mobile unit, the Communications Emergency Operations Team, which is supported by Command One, a 30 ft. The Rangers are famed as the oldest law enforcement agency in the country with statewide jurisdiction. Recently there have been signs that the Rangers are reorganizing and downsizing to 6 troops.
In October, 2015 DPS reportedly switched to plain language and dropped the use of 10-codes.

The following are listed on an attachment to an application for the 700 MHz State License WPTZ776.
In the late 1980s-1990s the original 8 channel GE mobile radios were replaced and additional repeater channels were added. Notice that these links are subject to change (reducing or expanding the number) at any time, and is handled at the Communication Center. See the Region Map below to see if your closest Communication Centers might be handling different Regions. DPS also has networked 5 facilities into the Harris County Regional Radio System (Texas SCIP p. The THP Strategic Outlook from the DPS website, also shows that this is the current plan, on page 44.
When dispatchers transmit, they may be broadcasting over many linked sites at once, while the trooper is only being broadcasted on their local site. They also ensure hazardous material placarding regulations are followed, as well as commercial vehicle registration enforcement. If you can confirm any of them please submit the information and remove them from this list.

They are the state agency responsible for coordinating the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) and homeland security preparedness drills. There are 41 CVE Offices throughout the state, including 2 at El Paso's Bridge of the America's POE and the Ysleta POE. See the linked press release above, for a list of Comm Centers that will be closing, reducing the number down to 22. In this case, the trooper will broadcast on a "Mobile to Base" frequency, while dispatch listens on this frequency. To respond dispatch transmits on a "Base to Mobile" frequency, while the trooper listens on that same frequency. This may also cause a receiver to only hear the dispatch side, since usually the dispatcher is broadcasting from a tall tower, relative to the trooper broadcasting from ground level.
Reports have indicated that in the future more Base outputs will be rebroadcasting the "Mobile to Base" side of the conversation which has been noted on San Antonio's Base B1 recently.

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