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A typical Ford Vehicle VIN contains 17 Characters starting from MAJ on which 11th and 12th characters represents YEAR and MONTH respectively. I have got this VIN no allocated to me; the SP hasnt seen the documents etc as the car is physically in another location. I really appreciate the efforts you put in decoding the VIN of the vehicle explaining in detail the way to decode the VIN characters. Typical CHEVROLET Car VIN has 17 Characters starting with MA6 in which 9th and 10th characters represents MONTH and YEAR respectively.
This is printed on the passenger compartment floor bed under the front left seat and carries: Car Model and Chassis No.

Tata Motors, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mahindra, Honda and Skoda share the same month codes and year codes. Effective from February 2011, there is a change in the Month code position of Chevrolet VIN. I asked him to confirm the date of manufacture and he was surprised that I knew it before him.
Your recent initiative of showing where to locate the VIN on different cars through photographs is worth admiring, please keep up the good work. As pointed out by Wildon, this sticker can be removed and alternate locations need to be highlighted.

For all other cars month codes and year codes are listed at the end of each ones detailed desciption.
To locate it, simply open the boot and lift the carpet and boot shelf to uncover the spare wheel well. Automotive manufactures all over the world use a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which can be decoded to get the Month & Year of production.

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