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Add to EJ Playlist  James Marchington is testing the Crosmasn 2250 Ratcatcher on squirrels. Add to EJ Playlist  Some will say there's no room in the woods for something that moves an arrow at 450 FPS. Add to EJ Playlist  So I did the research, bought this air rifle, it works better than expected, I am happy.
Add to EJ Playlist  I uploaded this video to explain why I think an air pistol makes a great low cost hobby and all the reasons owning one is a good idea. Add to EJ Playlist  Greedy grey squirrels are in the crosshairs as Mat Manning cracks down on an infestation of bushy-tails that have developed a taste for peanuts.

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is great for those who wonder how a typical low-end pump style air rifle works. Add to EJ Playlist  When it comes to shooting, height, age, speed has no bearing - everyone is equal. Add to EJ Playlist  Produced by Lynn House and distributed by Crosman Airguns in 1987. Crosman 1377-C this is the Canadian version which is detuned to 495fps but it reads max about 460 fps on my chronograph only.
It's okay though, the power is pretty good for anything like backyard shooting or whatever you need the pistol for.

I do have a lot of fun with this gun because it is so accurate and so geared toward precision. Crosman continues to build air guns with solid value, but the target groupings are proof that you get what you pay for.

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