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At the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, Toyota revealed that it would be bringing a production version of its stylish C-HR concept to Geneva. Looking more refined and less edgy than the concept model, the C-HR has shifted ground slightly from the Juke rivaling concept we've seen before to a modern day iteration of the RAV-4. The C-HR uses the Toyota New Global Architecture that has been put to good use in the new Prius. A choice of six-speed manual of CVT automatic transmissions will be available, while the latter will be available with front or four wheel drive options. With the family crossover market already becoming crowded, manufacturers have to have a strong offering to compete. We placed it in our Top 10 Green Cars 2016 list and, with the product Toyota has created, it looks as though our prediction will be spot on. Thankfully it kept its promise and has unveiled a compact crossover that is, if anything, better looking than the concept - and importantly it has remained a hybrid.
It looks great, will appeal to a young and eco-conscious audience and is set to create a new benchmark in the rapidly expanding crossover market in terms of emissions and fuel economy. It's light, strong and has been designed from the outset to handle hybrid powertrains as Toyota continues the roll-out of electrified models across the board. Toyota will also offer a non-hybrid model using the 1.2 litre petrol unit first found in the Auris. The likes of Fiat's 500X and the Mazda CX-3 manage to offer a strong product and one that looks good at the same time. It's bulletproof in mechanical terms, sips minimal fuel, looks good inside and out and is practical and relatively comfortable.
Kia didn't make an automatic available for the test drive.On the freeway, the Picanto feels planted for a car that weighs less than a tonne, although one man in a very large van manages to upset the balance with a too-close-for-comfort overtaking manoeuvre. These words sprang to mind at the Australian launch of the new front-drive X1 “sDrive” where some differences to the exisiting all-wheel drive “xDrive” were almost unnoticeable.The X1 is BMW’s smallest SUV and the all-wheel drive versions of the new second generation have been around since September last year.

For Toyota, it has the style, and the C-HR will have an ace card up its sleeve by offering the lowest emissions - and expected highest fuel economy figure - in the class. Steering is accurate and gives good feedback, while the engine revs high but doesn’t buzz too much at the UK speed limit of 70MPH.Some cars at this price level can be a bit spooky on the freeway and less than inspiring through the bends, but the Picanto feels solid and composedAfter three days and more than 1000km behind the wheel of Kia's tiny tot, it's safe to say that the Picanto feels impressively grown up. Now the sDrives have landed, the line-up is complete.The front-drive models’ arrival drops the entry fee into the X1 range by $7000 to $49,500 for the diesel powered sDrive18d. Would be easy on consumables too because of light weight.How does the Vitara RT-S stand up against its compact SUV rivals?
Some cars at this price level can be a bit spooky on the freeway and less than inspiring through the bends, but the Picanto feels solid and composed.It's quite a feat for a car that is just 18 months away from a completely new model. Driving the RT-S around town is a breeze, especially thanks to the large reversing camera image and high seating position.
Add an enticing seven-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty and it should get more than its fair share of the pie in the city runabout class.Unfortunately, that pie is shrinking at the moment. Access to all five seats is easy through decent size doors but the load space is a touch small. Even with the rear pew folded, a pushbike just squeezes in.A big surprise in a base model, the RT-S has climate control aircon, satnav and audio controls on the wheel.
That’s something new for BMW which prided itself on its rear wheel drive machines until 2014 and the arrival of the front-wheel drive 2 Series Active Tourer.BMW decks out its Australian-spec cars with a mountain of standard features - even base models like the sDrive 18d and sDrive20i.
We like the privacy glass that cuts solar penetration but it took a while to get used to the auto gear selector.The audio is OK, the high ride is handy around town and the paddle-shifters are a bonus this far down the food chain. It feels like a class above in its construction, how solid it is and how it sits on the road.
There are no advanced driver aids such as autonomous emergency braking.On the roadOur initial opinion of the new Vitara as a soft-roader was unfounded — it's a good thing for the most part. We’d become fans of the 20d and even took it off road a bit where it impressed us with its hill descent control down a track that would scare the daylights out of a sedan.

Suzuki acknowledges the rise of the SUV in this new model and it's evident in the car's driving feel.The Vitara is easy to park, cruise around town, whiz along the highway, even punch into some turns. The Picanto is ageing well and still looks a competitive package, but a four-speed auto and five-speed manual is hardly cutting edge - even at the budget end of the market.Then there's the fact it will not come with a reversing camera and may not even get reversing sensors. But most of the time we stayed firmly on the bitumen of city streets and country roads.Country roads just like the one we took the sDrive18d and, honestly, within a few minutes in the pilot’s seat I’d totally forgotten I was in its front-wheel drive sibling.
It received four stars from European crash test authorities, but was marked down for having no stability control.
Specification is still being worked on ahead of its local arrival in the first quarter of next year.Hepworth says there will be only one model available in manual and auto, with the manual sliding in at an estimated $13,490 driveaway and the auto at $14,990.
Bluetooth phone functionality was only just acceptable — voice reproduction was at times bad — and the paddle-shifters probably aren't necessary.
The 20i was responsive, the grip was smile-inducing and that eight-speed auto is magnificent. The seat fabric designs on all three models are modern and the seats offer plenty of support on long freeway drives.
Rear knee room is tight, but headroom is good and there is decent space underneath the front seats for feet.
And that’s the point, unless you go looking for trouble and try to provoke the 18d or 20i on a gravel or wet road, you’d never know this car was front-wheel drive.
The rear load area is small – and could get smaller if Kia fits a temporary spare in lieu of the repair kits on our test cars.
And with its ride height, you’ll still be able to head down tracks that you’d think twice about doing in a regular car.All-wheel drive can be an excellent piece of safety equipment in the wet, it will monitor the wheels to ensure all of them have optimum traction.

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