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The Japanese government has pledged $425,998 for provision of safe drinking water for the people in the rural areas of Murree. The project was signed at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Islamabad here on Tuesday, said a press release issued by the Japanese embassy.
The NGO has already implemented a water supply project in another area of Murree through Japan’s Grant Assistance in 2010. The grant will be used for the construction of water supply systems and for the repair of broken water pipes and tanks in Sihanna village, a suburb of Murree. The purpose of the project is to supply safe drinking water for the rural population who has been facing acute water shortage because of inadequate management of the water supply systems. Currently, the residents of the village have to spend several hours to fetch water from far-flung areas.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Japanese ambassador stressed that the water and sanitation sector was one of the priority areas in Japan’s Assistance Policy for Pakistan.
Back in the 80s, NASA conducted a multi-year study investigating the air filtration capabilities of ordinary indoor plants. Spider Plant - Super easy to maintain, this is the perfect "training plant." Just water when the leaves start to droop or crease and you'll see it perk right back up. Peace Lily - This plant filters out more offenders than anything else on the list, plus you get flowers! Mother-in-law's Tongue - I love the variegated leaves on this plant, which grow up from the soil in tight little spirals. Golden Pothos - This is the fastest-growing plant I own, always producing more and more air-filtering leaves.
While pregnant, I started doing a little research and discovered that not all toys are created equal.
This post is the first in a three-part series intended to help you build up a nontoxic cleaning arsenal.
This is the third and final post in a series intended to help you build up a nontoxic cleaning arsenal. Simply suspend the QC Hanging Bucket Waterer at approximately bird head height to provide clean water to your birds. Due to dimensional weight, if ordering more than one of this item, or this item in combination with other oddly shaped items, you will be contacted with an accurate freight quote. Four nipples (#420011) provide enough clean water for up to 50-60 mature birds or 100 chicks under normal conditions. I made a waterer with pvc and cheap nipples from the local feed store that leaked constantly.
I hung it low enough for the biddies to reach it and noticed the hens crouching down to get a drink too. I thing the ideal solution is to have two of these and set one higher for the big birds, one low for chicks or biddies. Chickens love to peck at anything including water giving shinny little things that reward with a drink of water. What better way of breathing new life into your bathroom or indeed any room of the home than by hand-making your very own sublime-quality stone floor mat?
As something of an entrance feature, an addition to the bathroom or even for use in an outdoor living space, you’ll find that nothing does the job better than natural stone. That’s really all you’ll need – no heavy tools, no electrical equipment and really no DIY skills required! It’s also the kind of project that’s safe to get the whole family involved with – why not make a few extra to be given away as gifts? You’ll find all you need to know in the instructional images on this page – good luck and happy crafting!

Disclaimer All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
Get My Top 10 Family Read AloudsPlus, get an exclusive bookplate when you sign up to receive our famous Monday book lists by email.Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party.
Emma and Johnny have both recently become superhero-crazed – thanks for this list, and I'll be looking for Zita the Spacegirl, too!
I do have Princess in Black on another list (I wrote this one before it was published), it’s a great book.
The grant will be given to the Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS), a non-governmental organization. The beneficiaries of that project are satisfied with the improved access to safe drinking water.
He expressed his hope that these projects would improve the living standards of Pakistanis and strengthen relations between the two countries. Keep it on top of a tall dresser or bookcase so it is out of reach of both pets and children, who can also get sick from eating it.
Most plants churn out oxygen all day long and rest at night, but aloe vera does the opposite, cranking out fresh clean oxygen all night long for you to breathe while you sleep. Check your regular grocery store, superstores with a garden section, plant nurseries, or Ikea. Grabs more non-visible dirt to clean more effectively with this microfiber wave sponge refill.
When I tried to replace the refill sponge, i realized that the bracket had rusted and it was impossible to get the refill on. I clean my bath tubs and shower walls and it is soo awesome (especially for larger jetted tubs! Granted, you need to actually read the directions to learn how to release the mop head, it's not that big a deal. Avoid dumping dirty water from trough-style waterers with a QC Supply® Hanging Bucket Poultry Waterer. Simply suspend the bucket so the nipples are at approximately the bird's head height and fill with water. Others show concern about freezing (simply install a 75watt aquarium heater into it and the freezing problem is gone).
It was very easy to use and hang I also bought one for my chicken buddy and he totally likes it also. I just laid a longer 2x4 over the corner of the chicken pen and used a rope to hang the bucket from it. Often seen in home improvement stores carrying seriously hefty price tags, you probably won’t believe how easy and affordable it can be to make even BETTER mats yourself! Create a decorative floor mat for the living room or a unique way of setting off the kitchen’s decor – chances are you’ll find yourself putting a few together in various shapes and sizes to use all over the home. It’s the kind of craft project where you really cannot go wrong as the whole idea is to come up with something 100% unique and 100% random every time! But for those of you who’d need a tutorial for this, please check out Sasha from Tattooed Martha for all pictures.
In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. Since I would like them to explore book about non-licensed characters as much as possible I’ve put together as list of mom-approved Superhero books, both picture books and chapter books. Friends engage in some spirited pretend play, making a mess but performing some heroic clean-up. This writing was actually a little to self-congratulatory for my tastes, but I include it because the boys thought it was great, which is what matters in the end, right?

It’s tough when your weakness is bologna, because there is a lot more deli meat than kryptonite on planet Earth. A brand new series Kiddo is enjoying and suitable for readers just beginning chapter books.
One thing that bothers me is that I don’t come across (non-licensed) girl superheroes who are the main characters very often. It turns out that a few plants in particular do a pretty awesome job of cleaning up indoor air quality, with demonstrable results in 24 hours. Next time you have an occasion to buy flowers for a friend, give them a potted plant instead! These chemicals abound in our homes because they are used in personal care products, cleaners and air fresheners, carpets and textiles, wood products and furniture, paint and paint strippers, and dry-cleaned clothing.
The reality, however, is that most of us cannot eliminate all known VOCs from our homes this way - You can pretty easily change your cleaning products and your shampoo, but it is not as easy to rip out your carpet, replace all your furniture, etc.
In the end, it was the bristles on brush and the price that were the leading factors that made me go with the Cedar, Power Scrub. And yes, the head skipped a bit for the first 5 or ten minutes, but it smoothed out beautifully. This 5 Gallon QC Bucket Waterer comes with a handy snap-on lid to keep insects and debris from contaminating the water. I didn't find it necessary to show the chickens how to use it; they figured it out the same day. It'll cost around the same amount but will last much longer and will clean up the air every day. VOCs are known to cause adverse health effects such as headaches and nausea, damage to the kidney, liver, and central nervous system, and even cancer.
I went to youtube, to figure out what I was doing wrong and conveniently, they didn't explain it.
If you think about it like a paint roller (same concept) it's going to need a little break-in time to roll smoothly.
I sweep and scrub up anything stuck on the floors with a kitchen sponge that has a scouring pad on it BEFORE mopping. They still love their big ground waterers but when they are empty they go right for the nipple waterers!!
I'm relieved knowing their source of water is clean & that I don't have to worry about watering them every day since it holds 5 gallons.
They just showed an arrow of the direction it was suppose to go in to put the brush back on the attachment. I do wish it was easier to find refills, it seems everytime I get a new mop, the refills have to be bought en mass at the time of purchase or I'm ordering them online within a few weeks.
I like the idea Tom has about modifying a hose to make refilling easier, but refilling it isn't difficult.
So, I went on their website after two other refills from other brands didn't work and I am sooo glad to see that Home Depot sells them YaaY I'll be there today to pick them up! One word of advice do not hang this in any area your chickens can roost over it or the tip will be nothing but a mess of chicken poop.

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