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August 23, 2011 by Ted Fickes 2 Comments I’ve always been struck by the different ways old and new organizations approach online communications, fundraising and organizing. Newer groups aren’t beholden to a certain way of doing things, entrenched hierarchies and well-established silos.
Organizations that have been around a while (and let’s say 15-20 years or more) have staying power. Most that work in and around nonprofit organizations these days would probably say that adapting to digital networks and online fundraising has been a challenge for older groups. James Read recently wrote a post called Lessons from Young Charities over on SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (hat-tip to Jeff Brooks for the post that alerted me to Read’s work).
James Read works in fundraising and has been taking a close look at how newer organizations like Charity:Water, Love146 and Invisible Children (among others) are faring well in both fundraising and results.
It is a great list and pretty on target (though it doesn’t much address the internal workings of staff, leadership and boards of directors that makes possible an organizational culture that can nurture these principles).
Rob Morris…says he wants a participant in his organisation to become a fan, then an evangelist who tells others, and finally an ‘owner’ with a sense of responsibility for the cause. Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, Zakat Foundation of America’s (ZF) disaster relief work continues.
Along the East Coast, power in some areas has been out for over 10 days, forcing families to leave their homes to stay warm. Kids at the ZF Center in Delaware even got involved and raised about $300 for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief. At our distribution centers we are collecting new items for hurricane victims including: blankets, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, underwear and socks. For more information about our distribution centers or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at (708) 466-3369. Meet the presidential candidates in election 2016 – lesson, About the author: lisa prososki is an independent educational consultant and instructional design specialist. Constitution day lesson plan - pbs newshour extra, Give students the experience of building their own classroom government using this constitution day lesson plan.. Eight steps to writing a perfect lesson plan, Whether you're working on your teaching credential or being reviewed by an administrator or evaluator, you will often need to write out a lesson plan.
Ks2 lesson plan: rights and responsibilities by, Lesson plan which aims to help children explore their rights and responsibilities and also to consider what is right and what is wrong. Lesson plan: separation of powers and the power grab game, Armed with your copy of the constitution and your own knowledge of the power of your branch, you will race against the other branches to locate where a breach. When it comes to content creation, many people make this simple mistake: they add more visuals just for the sake of it.
After all, everything your audience shares on social media will reflect back on themselves. The text used to accompany the post is short yet effective: providing a hook for the article but letting the image become the compelling factor. The most basic way to understand why visual content is so effective on social media is to consider that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Infographics take this concept to the next level, allowing brands to capture complex pieces of information and turn them into engaging social media posts. Notice how Charity World Vision have created a Pinterest board dedicated solely to its infographics.
By following design guidelines to ensure your infographics are easily readable and visually engaging, this is a great opportunity to increase impact beyond what a single image could achieve. The best way to connect with your audience on a deeply authentic level is to show them that you’re human, no matter how successful you are. To execute this personal element in your visual social posts, add snaps of your CEO or management staff. Not only does this boost interest around the book, it builds the authenticity of the brand. Another way to connect  people to the human aspect of your brand is to show behind the scenes shots of your workplace.
This particular type of imagery is more suitable for Instagram and Facebook, which are often considered the more “social” mediums.
These images give the impression that the team are “real people” and even encourage fans to consider Jen as a friend.

A throwback to those motivational posters in your school counselor’s office – a quote graphic is still very beloved, and highly sharable. The three things to consider with a quote graphic are the quote, the font, and the imagery. Be sure to find an image that captures the spirit of the quote without competing with it for attention. Branding your images is essential in order to build recognition on social media – a goal that should always be at the forefront of your visual content creation.
Also consider that generic images are rehashed over and over again, so creating unique content gives you a much steadier chance of becoming memorable.
Take a look at how Amanda Fuller, creator of Kaleidoscope Blog, uses a simple yet original design over and over in her posts on Pinterest. If you want to create images that impact your target audience always consider: what made them choose you over your competitors? In the Facebook examples below, you’ll find the distinctive VOSS Water bottle featured prominently as anchor branding.
Charity Water understood how to engage its audience with this vibrant image of clean water and outreached hands.
While you may not be providing clean water to those in need, you can still use this type of visual social media post to inspire your followers to feel good about you and themselves, also, for following you. An easy way to do this is to use a color picker tool to extract colors from your favourite images. Adding visual content to your social media strategy is a no-brainer, but using visual content that reaches your fans emotions and catches their eye is the smart marketer’s approach. Whether you’re creating original content, sourcing photographs or shooting your own always consider how it will impact your audience.
A hack is a clever bit of ingenuity that makes something better, faster, or more effective.
One More great post from Jeff, Thanks for the explanation with nice examples even I follow 3 types posts now I will implement all these techniques to promote my business. They’re likely led and staffed by bootstrapping generalists that are truly passionate about an idea or mission and not much deterred by failures. They have figured out how to get things done and sustain the business of running an organization. A well-established way of doing things is challenged by the speed and apparent loss of control over message and action wrought by online networks.
But technical change is happening fast and the fabric of communities, environment, institutions is fraying before our eyes. Each of these organizations recognizes the power of networks to turn an idea or cause into a movement.
Derek and his father, who contacted ZF about the flooding, were both extremely grateful to ZF for the disaster relief work we are doing on the East Coast. Circle of Hands, a Muslim organization in Delaware has donated relief supplies to ZF worth over $2,000. I’m going to walk you through you ten types of powerful visuals that are easy to create and can double your social media engagement.
Not only will it lead them to discredit your professionalism as a brand, but will deter them from wanting to share your post.
As well as making your brand seem more credible, high quality and relevant images help establish your brand’s reputation and boost engagement. By using relevant and high quality stock photography, the band achieves a “wow factor” which immediately tempts the viewer to click through to the blog.
You can’t blame them for wanting to look good, but you can choose the right images to make it possible.
In terms of visual content, the psychological lesson here is that when people can see something for themselves, they’re more likely to trust the source – which develops its credibility. By doing so, Buffer are able to immediately impress the viewer which intrigues them to read on. When we’re scrolling through hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of posts, tweets and updates – images are simply easier to digest. If your business or brand doesn’t have a human face, people will find it hard to relate to.

In this example taken from fashion retailer Nastygal’s Instagram, the brand’s CEO Sophia Amoruso is seen at a book signing of her recent book #GIRLBOSS. This exclusive insight fosters a personal connection with your fans and strengthens their brand loyalty.
Designer Jen Gotch does this well on her instagram account by regularly featuring quirky shots of team activities. In fact, quote graphics work on every social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. The image should serve as a meditation space for the mind to go while its considering the quote.
Whenever I see a pin from the Kaleidoscope Blog on my Pinterest feed, I know exactly who its from based on this unique calling card design.
By choosing images based around it, you’ll be strengthening the foundations of brand loyalty. Propelled by brand values of purity, distinction, and social responsibility, VOSS Water visual social media posts always reinforce one (or more) of these ideals. There’s a reason why, depending on the brand, beer ads show customers partying at the hottest club or lounging on the beach–that’s the desired experience.
Whether you’re looking to compel or commiserate, colors play a huge role in human psychology.
Before you start designing, you should always set out to limit yourself to four main colors – this will help establish a theme or feeling for your designs and increase their impact. Canva is launching new features to enable small businesses, bloggers and their teams to create more stunning graphics and boost their traffic. Jeff Bullas highly respectful professional network for all he is hart work and encouragement of social media network . Their enthusiasm rubs off on those around them and can stir up a hornet’s nest of much-needed action.
Relationship-building takes time and they have stuck to it – likely carving out strong relationships with the powerful in communities and government. Most any group will tell you that they’re focused, passionate, engage their audience and can tell great stories about their work and impact. It’s not about how to take advantage of social networks, putting the right sharing icon on your emails or how many times a day you should post to Facebook.
What these organizations have recognized is not how to capitalize on social media (though they work it well) but how to engage and empower people to extend the organization into personal networks and communities. On Sunday, six ZF volunteers from the ZF Center in Delaware drove up to Masjid Muhammad in Atlantic City to help out with some of the damage caused by the hurricane. Smart content marketers create visual content that reach people’s emotions – content with real psychological impact. If you’re looking for original content, check out this handy article that lists and rates over 70 free stock photography websites. Consider a font that’s readable on smaller screens because a lot more people are viewing through mobile devices these days. On Saturday, Nov 10, ZF volunteers gathered at the ZF Center in Delaware and headed over to Derek’s home for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief work.
And Islamic Society of Chester County in Pennsylvania has donated a van filled with relief supplies to ZF. ZF volunteers spent the day cleaning up the Masjid and ZF is sending supplies to get the Masjid operational once again.
Underlying that is creating and enabling individuals to become advocates themselves; helping people join others to fight for something big, bold, beautiful and bigger than themselves.
The end goal is not to turn 4% of your new email subscribers into online donors this year so you can pay your staff.

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