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Turkish Draughts offers a simple variation: pieces move horizontally and vertically rather than diagonally.
Players still jump to capture, and pieces become kings on the last row, just like in checkers.
You’ll need to make new boards for this one, but I’ll bet an enterprising student would help you out!
If a piece crosses the board, becomes a king, and then crosses the board back to its original side, it becomes a triple king and gains two abilities. Upon crossing the board yet again, the king becomes a quad king, in addition to jumping two pieces at once, a quad king can jump a blank space and an enemy in one move. Finally, an ultra king that has been upgraded to a double ultra king can make two moves per turn, including teleporting and consuming a piece next to them.
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In Figure 5, the squares marked with an X represent illegal moves since they violate restriction #2 described above.

Only one centering move can be made per turn, and it must be the only move of any kind in the turn.
A checker which has no orthogonal adjacencies with enemy checkers can be moved a single square in any direction to a square which does have orthogonal adjacencies with one or more enemy checkers.
Only one adjoining move can be made per turn, and it must be the only move of any kind in the turn. In Figure 9, Red captures the blue checker, removing both checkers from the board, and wins the game.
Cognitive app and widget Today in history displays the most important historical events and birthdays of the selected day. The object of Peg Solitaire is to finish the game with only one peg remaining on the board, preferably in the centre hole. Cognitive app A«Fine Art WidgetA» will make you acquainted with the paintings of European artists who performed in various styles. Standard pieces move one space forward or sideways and kings can move any number of spaces.

Empty Checkers rules: like a seesaw, a pawn in the middle, both sides have equal space, you can jump directly to symmetrical positions! Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment.
Here are the rules: you cana€™t move and capture backwards, you always must capture if you can, kings may move and jump forward and backward. Also wooden board material, stability is better than plastic structure, the disk is more smooth, print clearer. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. Pay attention : beads are small objects, the children accompanied by adults need to avoid accidentally swallows.

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