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By Peter Chubb - Apr 11, 2013 Just yesterday we looked at an impending recall of the Range Rover Evoque, even though Land Rover has yet to release any details about it, such as when the recalls will begin or the number of models affected. Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota are set to recall several of their models sold between 2000-2004. The defective part supplied by vehicle parts maker Takata Corp could in some could cause the airbag to deploy because of a faulty airbag inflator.
You can run a Toyota recall VIN check here, where you will just need to enter your vehicle identification number. For those of you in the US, then the models include the Corolla, Lexus SC Tundra from Toyota.
While this will come as a blow to all four, it will be particularly tough for Toyota, as they have not had a great few years when it comes to recalls. This is one of the largest recalls in the auto industry we have seen, and this is one of the reasons why Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) shares fell following the news. Toyota had to issue the recall after they had found faults in the wiring harnesses, steering column and seat railings. We are sure many of you will now be wondering if your vehicle is affected by this recall, and so there are many ways in which you can check.

Reuters has more details on this recall, although we can tell you that 825,000 of these affected vehicles are in the EU.
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Honda airbag recall: check your vehicle now, If you drive a honda, then you need to know about this important vehicle recall.
Recall information - honda australia, Product safety recall information will only be displayed for vehicles that were originally imported by honda australia.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Take advantage of carfax's free open recall check for your vehicle based on its unique identifier number--by its vin.
Visit the official subaru vehicle recalls page to see models with particular concerns causing a recall, learn more and check your vin and see available recall remedies.
If you vowed to check this weekend whether your car is subject to the massive airbag recall announced last week, here's some helpful information..

That’s more than we can say for another round of recalls for 2013, which is to affect more than 3.4 million cars. You have been advised to contact your local dealer, although there’s always another way to see if your vehicle is affected by this recall.
In the UK, Toyota is to recall the Corolla and Yaris, Honda the Civic, CRV and Jazz, and Nissan the Almera, Navara, Patrol, Terrano II and the X-Trail. The Civic, CR-V and Odyssey from Honda and the Infiniti FX, Infiniti QX4, Maxima Pathfinder and Sentra from Nissan. The Japanese car manufacturer is no stranger to issuing recalls for its vehicles, and so we are not really surprised of five new Toyota recalls.
The Toyota models affected by this latest recall are certain models of the Cruiser, Hilux, RAV4, Urban and the Yaris. Toyota has yet to announce when the recall will begin, although they should start to contact owners in due course.

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