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If you’re seeing this kind of smoke, check your oil regularly and watch for consumption issues.
Along with environmental damage, burning oil can cause rough starts, as the process can ruin the car’s spark plugs.
There is another reason for blue smoke, and that’s if the car is turbocharged; the smoke being a sign that the blower is in need of rebuilding or replacement. Gray smoke can also be an issue with your automatic transmission fluid getting burned up in the engine. A faulty transmission vacuum modulator would be the culprit in this situation, leading to transmission fluid getting sucked into the engine and getting burned up. Surely the white smoke you are describing is steam, this should be easy recognised as it will quickly dissapear.
However if we are talking diesel engines only this would indicate unburnt fuel, an inspection of the fuel injection system should be undertaken including the timing.
I’ve used synthetic for more than twenty years and seldom see any exhaust that concerns me.
Hi I have a 1996 Merc sprinter diesel van has started blowing a bit of white smoke on acceleration esp up hills I recently did an oil change any advice thanks. I have a 02 Mustang GT 4.6, when driving it drives fine, but at a stand still it idles really low.
Can the air conditioner cause normal condensation build up in the exhaust which causes white smoke to come from the tail pipe. White smoke can also mean a gas leak where it shouldn’t be leaking, and a very costly repair.
I have a 2000 ford ranger xl and we have replaced o2, fuel filter, battery, camshaft position sensor, and plugs, was starting but you had to hold down the gas petal and turn the ignition, then once got started had a bad gas smell, then was at the stop sing and a big fog of black smoke came up then it would not start is the engine or something else.
I have an 89 model Mitsubishi pajero and have been using this without any problem but recently black smoke started to show, the mechanic says it is problem with the carburetor and when I showed it to the carburetor mechanic he says it Is because of the old vehicle or carburetor should be changed.
I have a 89 chevy caprice that blows out white smoke from the tail,And its idle to high what should i do? I have a 1998 dodge avenger and it just starts to smoke from under the hood and into the vents of my car out of no where, thick black smoke to be more detailed and now my pressure is low.
I rebuilt my Nissan 240sx’s sr20det but has recently started smoking a lot and is turbo charged, I installed new pistons and piston rings but the smoke is still there. I have a 1998 Ford crown Victoria and I just noticed some smoke coming out the tailpipe when I take off… Does this mean the transmission is going? Sounds like the mechanic forgot to put the oil cap on for the engine, or did not reinstall the drain plug. I had the oil changed in my 2006 Honda Civic Dec 19, 2015 and flew out the next day on vacation.

Exhaust systems reduce the amount of noise produced by the engine and channel the high-temperature, poisonous exhaust gases from the engine by safely routing them under the vehicle. The evaporative control (EVAP) system captures any raw fuel evaporating from the fuel storage system. The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system recycles a small amount of exhaust gas from the exhaust system and mixes it with the intake manifold air going into the combustion chambers. The secondary air injection system pumps fresh air into the exhaust system to help reduce exhaust emissions. Even if your vehicle isn’t flashing any warning lights, the smoke coming from your exhaust is a signal that something might not be working properly. What happens is that the valve guide seals or piston rings are worn out, and oil is leaking past from where it should be lubricating the moving parts, to the combustion chamber where it’s being burned up with the fuel.
While an issue that normally should require immediate attention and expensive repairs, including some internal replacement parts, if your vehicle is old and the leak is minimal, it can be carefully managed by topping up the oil on a regular basis. Like blue smoke, it can mean that the car is burning oil or suffering from a bad turbocharger.
The PCV system (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) cuts down on harmful emissions by recycling them back into the combustion chamber.
This can be the result of a serious issue like a blown head gasket, a damaged cylinder head, or a cracked engine block – all of which are costly repairs.
Even a small leak in the coolant can lead to overheating and serious risk of damage to the engine.
The first think you should check is your air-filter and other intake components like sensors, fuel injectors and the fuel-pressure regulator.
The first few minutes the most I see is steam for a few minutes but by the time I get to the first light, there’s nothing to see coming from the exhaust.
The advantage was that the residue did not produce a blue cloud and was considerably more green in its use.
I actually don’t trust the carburetor mechanic maybe he wants us to get rid of the vehicle and sell it to him.
Went to start it and no start, so I let it sit for a couple min and tried again and it wanted to crank so I gave a little throttle and it started but blew out a cloud of smoke, only from driver side tailpipe tho (weird) but it made me a bit nervous so I turned it off and then my dad went to start it again and it wouldn’t start now?? When I push hard the gas at full and instant, car RPM reaches up to 5K rpm and think white smoke came out from tailpipe.
Missing a word or writting an extra letter is fine, but … Just forget this xD this is a dumb thing to disscuss.
The coolant level is fine and so is the engine oil, there has been no warning lights yet, a mechanic advised me it likely to be the seals that is allowing the oil to be burnt however its a costly job and dont just want to jump into this as a repair if there could be other issues.

I’ve been getting heavy white smoke while driving, when trying to start it hesitate to turn over but no coolant or oil loss.
Under precise operating conditions dictated by engine temperature, speed, and load, the EVAP system purges these captured fuel vapors back into the combustion process. The addition of this inert (or non-combustible) exhaust gas limits the peak combustion temperatures to a point before the formation of nitrogen oxide (NOx) is known to occur. I rebuilt the engine myself with the help of a mechanic and am pretty confident i did it right.
When driving from the airport, there was a very loud buring smell about 25 minutes into the drive.
One way the system reduces these harmful byproducts is by making the engine run more efficiently.
Fortunately, PCV valves aren’t expensive, and can be a quick job for a mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer. Black smoke is usually the easiest issue to diagnose and fix, but burning unnecessary fuel will definitely affect your fuel economy, so don’t think of avoiding this one to save money, it won’t work.
So I re-fueled with a litre of clean diesel and drained again several times until clear fuel reached the engine filter, cleaned the filter then re-fueled with fresh diesel. The emissions system also recycles emissions back through the combustion process or converts them into harmless gases. It eventually went away and drove fine ( I just drove a couple blocks to grab my garage sale signs). The next day, the car started with no problem, in roughly 15 minutes it began to smell with very little acceleration, couldn’t go over 10 miles. So there you go, smoke out of your exhaust may just be bad fuel, it’s worth checking before you have a big garage bill, but at least we have piece of mind that our cam chain is new at 69000 miles. All the check engine lights came on and a huge cloud of black smoke started coming from the engine.
Because this happened over the weekend I have to wait until Monday to find out what happened. When I put my car in reverse & began to press the gas , it died but started back up quickly.

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