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Every car requires an MOT once a year (new vehicles after 3 years) and at MG Laws we try to make your MOT test a hassle-free experience. As we specialise solely in MOT's we have no workshop to furnish so you are guaranteed a fair appraisal of your motor vehicle.
If your car does not pass the MOT test we do have recommended repairers and can arrange repairs at reasonable costs if required.
From October 2011 you may not recognise your MOT certificate as a new style has been introduced.
The benefit of this change is that you will now see the test result and advisory information on the same page.

The MOT is effectively the examination of a motor vehicle's safety-related systems components to ensure that they have not worn to an excessive level which would otherwise render the vehicle unsafe for use on the road.
It is possible for items to pass the MOT inspection and yet still be regarded as past their service life at a routine service. Fortunately garages which do have a current MOT Testing permit and the necessary specialised training will not judge normal wear of a component as being an MOT 'failure', whereas a less experienced servicing mechanic would not appreciate the distinction.
By utilising the services of an MOT Testing Centre you are likely to save time and money and reduce the risk of Appeals to the Vehicle Inspectorate where you car may have been failed on the wrong grounds. If your vehicle fails an emissions test because of defective exhaust components, it may not be necessary to replace the complete exhaust system.

In order to purchase items in our online shop, you should activate this option in your browser settings. Even a small leak in the exhaust can affect test readings so have the exhaust components checked before submitting your vehicle for its annual MOT Test.

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