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We focused on external traits- ones you can SEE on the outside, and internal traits- made up of thoughts, feelings, actions, and dialogue. I wanted to share the internal and external character trait anchor charts we created as a class.
The next day was Amelia Bedelia, but I was testing my kids Fountas and Pinnell reading levels, so I had a sub.
This week we’re going to be working on setting- time, place, and environment, so keep an eye out for a post on how it goes! A Bad Case of Stripes– This was a great book start start with since her external traits are so interesting, and her internal traits are also pretty easy to pick out as well. Amelia Bedelia– I had a sub on Tuesday so I could level my students, so I wanted to pick another easy one. After we read the Three Little Pigs on Friday, I’m going to ask my students to choose a book from their book box with an interesting character, and complete this form.

Enter your email address below to Follow this blog via email and recieve updates on FREEBIES, ideas, and so much more! Please don’t judge my terrible handwriting- being a lefty, writing on the right side, writing on an easel and trying to quickly write my kiddo’s ideas= messy handwriting! I had each of my lovelies pick a fiction book from their D5 book box, and tell me about their character’s traits. They really were able to find those difficult internal traits by looking at their character’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and dialogue. I found some great character trait anchor charts on pinterest, and combined my favorite parts of a few to come up with my character trait poster. Not only does it have a great lesson, but the main character Dex is an adorable little pooch on a mission to be a hero. Tacky is a wacky penguin who doesn’t fit in, but in the end, he saves the day with his wacky antiques.

Today, it’s back to reality with lots of grading and making resources for the upcoming week. For thoughts we touched our heads, feelings we touched our hearts, actions, we moved our arms like we were running, and dialogue, we made a talking motion with our hands in front of our mouths. Luckily, when I make anchor charts we’re going to keep, I can take my time and make them look better. I plan to challenge my cuties by asking them to think about what would happen if pig 3 was lazy as well, or if the wolf was nice.

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