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Interesting article about some academics’ concern about WriteCheck, a product for students made by the same company that makes the anti-plagiarism software, Turnitin, which is used by many universities to check for plagiarism. Chris Baehr on Advice to students about Athabasca UniversityThat's basically what happened to me. I've been reading this article for awhile now because this is something that I've struggled with. Return to top of page This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Many Bloggers work hard on their blog posts and It feels very bad when they find that someone is copying their blog posts word to word and posting it on other website. So Today I'm posting some websites which will help you find Who is copying your posts, So that you can take action against him.
Copyscape is one of the Best online Plagiarism checking tool, And a best thing about copyscape is that it also offers free scan. Article Checker is another free tool available on web, The best feature of Article checker are that it can compare results from Google and Yahoo.

Just like Plagiarism checker, Dupli checker can also search individual posts or paragraphs. Plagiarism Detect offers various features in Detecting copied content, But one flaw is that it requires an account, You can sign-up for free account.
So here are some best and free tools to check plagiarism online, I hope you liked this article.
Beyonce Accused Of Copying Another Artist's Video For Hold Up — Compare The Two HERE! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Check out Sonam Kapoor's fat pictures of her teens, before joining Bollywood,  Sonam was near obese and did not care much about her weight. The ever-confident Sonam Kapoor ever said in the Karan Johar's Kofee with Karan Show that she had 47 samosas in a day. As well as checking grammar and spelling, WriteCheck also checks for plagiarism, and allows students to change just enough to avoid being identified as a plagiarist.

And it explodes you when you find that the copied version of your post is ranking high and receiving more traffic.
The results by this tool are quite accurate and in-depth, in few seconds the results will be displayed and you can find out if the content is copied or original. This tool is best for Blog owners as they can detect if guest authors are really writing articles or just copying for the internet. With basic plagiarism checking tool, it also offers uploading a Doc file for checking plagiarism. Sonam Kapoor's hot picture may lead to believe that she has been this way but no the girl was quite heavy in her teens.

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