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I was a real estate investor before I became a Realtor, and one of the areas that I studied was tax liens.  I was a member of AZREIA, read lots, and took one of those multi-day classes from a seasoned investor and CPA. Some bidders were bidding on tax liens, because of the guaranteed interest rate, and others were hoping to gain ownership of property, which a investor can acquire through the foreclosure process, after purchasing the tax liens on a given property for three consecutive years. The reason for this post is that when I was visiting and confirming the county sites for my post on home ID theft, I stumbled across a new feature of the Maricopa County Tax Assessor’s office.
You may think that the Arizona Tax Lien method is a good and profitable business opportunity but I abhore people like you that itch and scratch at every opportunity to get your filthy mittens on properties, homes, and land because of the misfortune of others.
Most investors who purchase tax liens are looking for a good rate of return on a short term investment. The reason this whole blog post came into being was because I discovered someone living in my area who had two years of tax liens purchased on his property. The other thing to bear in mind is that Maricopa County has a budget based on tax revenues.
Your blog mentioned nothing of researching into the Maricopa County Assessor’s site to help your neighbors identify tax liens.
As for the Maricopa County budget issue: Whatever sooths your conscience and makes you feel better about draining hard-earned cash from homeowners on high interest rates to pay back the tax lien. Char-D, The other thing for us all to bear in mind is that the state governments created the tax lien system to help keep their budgets funded. Janie Cao – Yes, I would suggest legal counsel and would suggest that you contact an attorney that specializes in tax liens.

Jaym – It does seem like there are some situations that one might want to avoid, such as an environmentally contaminated piece of land where remediation would be required to resell and claim your profit.
I stumbled upon your blog while I was trying to look for a good Assessor’s map of Maricopa County. I just purchased my first tax lien and was wondering if they are behind 3 years cant I just pay that or I have to buy a certificatefor each year owed and f so, what are the chances of getting same property next year?
Bloomfield, i attended a conference in which the speaker said that if i waited till after the property isnt bought at auction then i could just get the full percentage of the penalty as well as the money i invested (what he said was that the penalty for maricopa county was 20% of what the person owed in taxes) also that if neither the bank or the property owner paid then you use the escape clause to get your investment as well as the percentage from the county.
I was wondering how I can go about getting the “Act of Foreclose” which they recommended on the Maricopa website?
Your description of your first attendance brought back a flood of memories when I attended my first in your fair state. I am new to tax lien investing and I can see there are many strong comments, pros and cons to them.
One of my favorable states used to be Michigan but since they have become a deed state i guess i really need to fill those voids.

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