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The quickest way to know the balance on your ACCESS Florida card is to check your last transaction receipt. The third option is to call Florida ACCESS EBT Customer Service number at (1-888-356-3281). The NOL card is a daily necessity that Dubai commuters use for public transportation – whether it be the Dubai Metro train or the bus.
But what if you simply wanted to check the remaining credits and you’re nowhere near the metro but you can access the internet?

Normally, you will be able to check the balance of your NOL card by tapping it before entering the train platforms.
You can surely visit the NOL Card Balance checker feature in the RTA website. To guide you, here are 3 easy steps to check your NOL card balance online.
The NOL card is an important commodity to conveniently access these transport services offered by the Road & Transport Authority (RTA).
Remember that there is a fine of about 200 AED if the system shows that you did not tap your card in the machine.

Once you do that successfully, the auto attendant will then tell you the current balance on your card.
Otherwise, you will worry about where you’re going to top it up when there is no machine nearby.

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