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What was weird about the process of getting a car is that the individual steps were super intimidating and frightening to think about. Despite what you read in online adverts, not every car has had ’1 lady owner from new’! Your report also includes the last date of sale so you can check this against the details given by the current seller. This means that a potentially problematic vehicle can be avoided before potentially costing you dearly later on. Motorcheck offers the most comprehensive car history reports available in Ireland, including instant warranty checks, manufacturer recall checks, car finance checks and much more. Finding a car owner by VIN Number IS possible, but you will have to jump through some hoops and loops. I live in Kansas, my niece worked for the DMV and she and others there said they can not give out that info nor do they go back that far anymore.
I suggest that you DEMAND the records and if that does not work, file a claim with the BBB and maybe talk to a lawyer. Unfortunately, there is *very* little you can do to the person that sold you the car (especially if he’s in Ecuador)… Were you able to register the car on yourself?
Again, you’d want to check with someone from the DMV or possibly even a lawyer, just to be safe.
When a motorist buys a car using a form of credit, such as hire purchase, they do not gain full ownership of the vehicle until the loan has been paid in full. A full car check will allow you to see whether the vehicle has any finance outstanding on it, and in most cases also the financing company's agreement number and contact details.
In statistics from various car checking services, we see that up to 50% of new cars are bought with finance, and 25% of used cars checked still show some outstanding finance.
However, as with cars with outstanding finance, a written off car could still be a viable buy, as long as you affirm the legal owner of the vehicle, and are sure it is safe to run and operate.
Around 160,000 vehicles are reported stolen every year, and each car taken without consent is stored in the Police National Computer, or PNC. With their level of access, car check services can get any dirt on the vehicle you are interested in.
Despite being a rather old form of attempted fraud, the practise of trying to make it look like a car has done less miles than it has is still, or 'clocking', is still unfortunately in use, with around 1 in 16 of cars checked showing some discrepancy in mileages.
It can help to know how many previous owners a vehicle has had, and when the car has changed hands. Names and addresses of previous owners are featured on the car's Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C), but the name of the current owner is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998, and a car check service will not be able to supply you with this. Car financing companies, as well as the police, maintain a database of high-risk vehicles, which may for example have been stolen or have outstanding finance. But when it came down to it, the actual process of doing each of these things was super easy.

Thankfully your Motorcheck report will include a full used car history, including the number of previous owners that have been recorded in Ireland and (in the case of an imported car) the UK. Before we get started, I would like to clarify that there is no magical online vehicle report online that will crank you the car’s previous owner information and contact details.
Privacy act, my car is a 1967 Pontiac.does anyone have any ideas how to find previous owners. Can you provide me with your VIN so I can check a few databases to ensure that it isn’t a stolen vehicle? The guy did not have any paper work for the bike and he was not the original owner, so he sold it to me for a reasonable price. Unless the owner has paid off the money owed, they are not in a legal position to sell the car. If any finance is outstanding, the person selling the car should be able to tell you how much still needs to be paid off (the settlement figure).
Just because there is some outstanding finance on a vehicle does not mean you shouldn't consider buying it, but you should keep the cost in mind, and make sure you know how much there is left to pay on it.
In many cases there is no obvious sign that the vehicle has been written off, and thus such problems can be hard to spot. This means that the insurer does not think it is economical to repair it, and thus should be scrapped. This means that the car was reported as stolen, and the insurance company has issued a claim payment for it. Many car check services have privileged access to these records and may use them in their reports.
If the car's details are present in the PNC, the company in question will let you know, and they will also get in touch with the police to find the full details pertaining to the legal status of the vehicle. Any dissimilarity might show that the car in question has had it's mileage tampered with - which is a sign that there may also be other points of interest with the vehicle.
If there have been a number of changes of ownership in a small timeframe, this could be a sign that the vehicle has problems, whether they be mechanical or quality issues, and so the previous owner has wanted to get rid of it.
However, contacting previous owners to ask about the quality of the vehicle is a good idea.
If they have you can use it as a bartering tool when you’re haggling for money off of the screen price.In my experience and in most cases, the previous owners issue is not a real problem at all. Now, since we’ve gotten THAT out of the way, read on to find out how you can find the previous car owner. I went to trade my car in and the Carfax showed a huge mileage discrepancy the month before I bought it, when it was transferred from the former state to the current state. However, as with any second-hand purchase, finding the rose amongst the thorns can be a daunting prospect. This amount cannot be given by a car checking service, as the figure is personal data and thus protected by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Bear in mind though that depending on the severity of damage, some write-offs can be repaired safely. Mileage data is not available for all vehicles, but the majority of data suppliers will cover most cars. Nearly 190,000 cars feature in this database, and car check services can access this information for you, to check whether any third parties are attempting to locate the vehicle you are interested in.
After doing some research on the bike I found out it was last registered in NY, and I bought the bike in California where I live.
Some states may hold on to the title for a pre-determined amount of time but allow you to register your vehicle (or Motorcycle, in your case) in your name so that you can use it. And with 1 in 8 checked vehicles being recorded as an insurance write off, 1 in 10 having outstanding finance recorded, and 1 in 16 showing significant discrepancies in their recorded mileage, a vehicle checking service is not just a luxury when buying a used car; is it a necessity. It is best not to buy a vehicle that was written off due to theft, as the insurer in question has the right to repossess it. I also found out the bike had a lien on it, but i was able to get a lien release on the bike. Some car owners like to change their cars regularly and a higher than average number of owner provides very little evidence that a car has anything wrong with it.
I am trying to find the previous owner because I suspect that she had been ripped off just like I have been. The Vin Number can be found on the Driver’s Side Windshield, where the dashboard and Windshield. I had taken the car back to mechanic before I found out the car is salvage because the car kept heating up(three times).
The Vin Number is usually a 17 digit number stamped on a metal plate on the inside of the windshield. Last time I took it back to the Mechanic, he said he knew what was wrong with it but that he wanted to get rid of the car as soon as possible.
They were pretty nice too me when selling the car but total bastards after I had bought it.
At the same time, the person living there might know where the previews owner moved, or better yet, the person living at the address listed on the title MIGHT BE THE PREVIOUS OWNER. You won’t know until you try, so; Good Luck on your search for the Previous Car Owner(s)!

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