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We searched the WAMU website using a variety of states and did not see any mention of the high rate.
Like Citibank's e-Savings Account, Washington Mutual is requiring a checking account to take advantage of the offer. AnalysisWAMU is attempting to minimize deposit cannibalization by keeping the offer off the website. I wish I could tell you QuickBooks for Mac had a feature that would reach through your customer’s computer and shake him down for the bucks he owes you and then put some Jedi mind control action on the bank to make them forget about your fee. Step 1: Create two items—one for bounced checks and one for fees you charge your customer for bounced checks.
Step 2: Use the items created in step 1 to reinvoice the customer for the bounced check, plus any bank fees you want to recover. Click Next and create a second item for the fee you charge your customer for the bounced check. For the first line item on the invoice, use the Bounced Check item for the amount of the bad check. For the second line item on the invoice, use the Bad Check Charge item for the amount of any bank fees that you want to recover.

At the top of the window under “Transactions to be added,” enter the amount of the fee in Service Charge. You can also post your own question to the QuickBooks for Mac community.What is Little Square? However, the bank could be using cookies or other methods to serve the banners to select customers (see Citibank, NB May 10). However, WAMU's checking account is completely fee-free regardless of balance and with no direct-deposit requirement.
They are attempting to leverage their free checking campaign by upselling new customers at the point of sale. If the high-rate deposits are credited to the Internet channel only, branches will be up in arms over the 12x rate advantage offered online.
Now, when you get a bounced check, use these items to send another invoice to the customer for what they owe you. Because this item is linked to your bank account, this will reduce your bank account by the amount of the bounced check. In our tests (from a Seattle IP address), users are first introduced to the savings offer on the first page of the online checking account application (click on screenshot below for a closeup).

Current WAMU customers can take advantage of the high rate, which is 12 times higher than the current 0.4% rate, only by opening a new checking account.
But if branches do get credit for the deposits, they will be converting their biggest customers into the new accounts as fast as possible (unless WAMU rewards branches by account profitability).
This “backs out” the original transaction on your books so you don’t run the risk of thinking you have more money than you do.
The offer is only visible after you begin the application process for one of the highly promoted free checking accounts (see NB July 20).
Not only do you not have money that’s due you, but your bank probably charged you a fee for depositing a bad check. The income for the original sale will be recorded when you receive the new customer payment.

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